Coach Co-ordinator NEWSLETTER December 2019


I would like to introduce myself. I am David Lokkerbol, a Level 2 coach bowling out of Leatherhead BC (outdoor and short mat) and I have taken over 2 roles from Denise Smith. Firstly I have taken on the role of County Coaching Co-ordinator with Coach Bowls. It is my job to help plan courses for new and existing coaches for Coach Bowls courses and modules in Surrey and to encourage existing coaches to continue their development through activities organised by the Association of Surrey Bowls Coaches (ASBC). Secondly, I act as the membership Secretary for the ASBC. The ASBC tries to stay in touch with all of Surrey's coaches whether they qualified through Coach Bowls/BDA or through the EBCS.
So this is my first "Newsletter" and I would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort that Denise Smith has put into Coaching in Surrey in the past many years. Denise has moved out of the county and is in the process of passing her many roles onto other people. Thank you Denise for all that you have done.
In October, I attended my first Coach Bowls coordinators meeting. There I learned several bits of news that I would like to share with you.

  • Recruitment funding. Make sure your club knows about these funds
    • Play Bowls Package (£250) probably in its last year. Window opens Feb. 2020 to 30th April
    • Play Bowls Development Package: evidence supports that this is very worthwhile pursuing.
    • Women Can! Packages: £250 for first 50 applications
  • WI initiative: Support is available for linking WI groups with Bowls clubs. Bowls Clubs need to approach their local WI.
  • Dementia Friends Awareness: online training is available via  short videos. Bowls is a Dementia Friendly organisation and we are all encouraged to become “Dementia Friends” and becoming Champions.
  • The English Short Mat Bowling Association has joined with the other Bowls codes recognising Coach Bowls. (see below).

We have a number of courses and modules coming up:-

  • Activator Course – 21st March 2020 10am- 2pm at Donyngs IBC. Please share this information with your club’s recruitment committee. The course provides valuable training on running Open Days and hanging onto prospective new members. Booking is via the Coach Bowls website -
  • Level 1 Coaching Course – 19th Jan and 1st Mar 2020 at Donyngs IBC. Please pass this information onto anyone you are encouraging to becoming a coach at your club. There is still space available. Booking is also via Coach Bowls.
  • Since the English Short Mat Bowling Association (ESMBA) has come on board Coach Bowls and since a number of our coaches also coach Short Mat, I have made contact with Brian Baker - the ESMBA Coaching director. We are planning a morning module for all levels focusing on the key points of Bowling Short Mat re Long mat/ Outdoors. It will be held at Wey Valley Short Mat Club: Saturday 8th August 2020 9:30 for 10a.m. start till 1:00pm. Booking via me.
  • A CPD session for L2 coaches is being prepared referencing the psychology of bowling: working title - “Developing a Winning Strategy”. More details soon.
  • 3 CPD sessions at various locations for L1 coaches is being planned on the subject of non-verbal communication. We all know how difficult it is to communicate from one end of the rink to the other. What Hand Signals or other verbal comms do you use? Again, More details soon.
  • A County Markers Course is planned at Donyngs BC for the weekends of 25/26th April and 2nd/3rd May 9:00am to midday each day. Please share this with your club and encourage best practice for your games. More details and Booking is through me. See also the SCBA and SCWBA websites for application forms and more details on this.

Can I just remind you also that the County Coaching team are always ready to put on a Coaching course at your Club. More details are available go the SCBA and SCWBA websites
if you are a coach, actively coaching AND
have not renewed your membership with Coach Bowls, please, please, do so, if only to ensure you are adequately protected. Club insurance alone is unlikely to be enough.
Thank you for your time with this. Have a great Christmas

David Lokkerbol
County Coaching Co-ordinator

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