What’s the Benevolent Fund?

a charitable fund, existing solely to help Surrey bowlers (who are or have been affiliated members of the SCBA) and their dependants who from age, illness, infirmity or any other cause find themselves in difficult financial circumstances.

provides a ‘port of call’ for assistance by means of grants to help in such circumstances.


How does one go about getting more information?

details of contacts are published in the Year Book

contact is on a personal, private and discreet basis

members can contact the Secretary Roger Rashleigh (Mb: 0786 755 1167 ) or Treasurer Graham Robinson (Tel. 01483 422935)

the Trustees welcome new applications, they are individuals with experience of assisting applicants and take every measure to ensure confidentiality.

applications can be received from either Clubs or individuals.


What can Clubs do?!

Club Secretaries, do you know of a member in your club who may need help?

unsure whether members qualify for the Funds assistance?

then please contact the Hon. Secretary Roger Rashleigh (Tel:0786 755 1167) or Hon. Treasurer Graham Robinson (Tel 01483 422935) who will be only too pleased to give you further information and assist in compiling an application.

The Benevolent Fund has ample funds at present to help in suitable cases and the Trustees hope that this will encourage applications for future grants.

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