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The Middleton Cup Manager


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To all players in the Middleton Cup and Home Counties Squads, to all Officials and supporters.

The Middleton Cup trial due to be held on Sunday 11th August 2019 at Croydon BC has been cancelled due to a large number of players unable to attend.  The trial and practice match in May 2020 will go ahead as planned on dates to be confirmed. 

All players selected will be expected to attend

Managers Report - Surrey Vs Middlesex 22/9/19


We arrived for our last Middleton Cup group game at Hendon BC knowing that only a big win would be good enough to set  a target for the other teams to try and catch.  We won by the margin of 50 shots but a point score of 18-4 although very creditable in normal circumstances may prove to be not enough.  Current group standings are Surrey on top with 54 points having played their 4 games Kent are second with 41 points from 3 games concluding with Berkshire at home next week.  Although Kent are now favourite to progress we can reflect on a season which after a defeat to Berks in the first match we have produced some very strong performances to win our next 3 games showing great heart and desire which has been very pleasing.  Awarding 7 new Middleton Cup flashes, this shows how our young and at this level inexperienced team have settled to the task which can only bode well for next year.   We have beaten Bucks last years semi finalists, we have beaten Kent 2016 and 2017 finalists and I am not sure that some of us realised how good these performances have been  We need fear no one and we can hold our heads high knowing that we have a solid base to progress and work from.  And who knows, Berkshire could do us a favour, couldn't they?

Thanks to all of the players that have represented us this year and to all of the supporters that have watched our games.

Thank you




Rink 1 24-21    
Alkesh Vadher   C Ryan
Richard Cushen   A Frankland
Eamon O'Flynn   D Gosnall
Nathan Beeson   C Hill
Rink 2  15-23    
Harry Cushen   J Head
Jeff O'Leary   J Fisher
Craig Baker   C Harris
Dennis Hennessy   J Rowlands
Rinnk 3 30-16    
Terry Friday   P Reynolds
Daniel Capon   R Green
Gary Clarke   B Wheeler
Matt White   T Waller
Rink 4 24-8    
Jamie Tindall   A Tanner
Andrew Richardson   R Hackwell
Mark Bishopp   C Dunkley
Charlie Souter   M Larman
Rink 5 34-8    
Sean Gingell   G Adams
Connor Hayes   A Hill
Callum Sharp   N Worley
Ian Jenkins   N Edwards
Rink 6 17-18    
Myles Clements   R Fortune
Paul Bennett   P Wilshire
Jon Wilson   J Little
Simon Clarke   T Brooks


Saturday 15th June  v Bucks  -  109-104 15pts -7pts.

We were greeted by a sunny morning but with a stong unpredictable wind blowing across the green. A game we needed to win, and with a stirring message to the team the Manager sent them off to overcome the opposition. To be fair the wind seemed to affect the Surrey lads more early on, with the defecit at 10 shots after 5 ends. The outside rinks appeared to suffer more but over the period of the game they rallied. This was a see-saw encounter and to the credit of Surrey the deficits were reduced end on end leaving the spectators on the edge of their seats as the score drifted, by in the most part, single shots in the latter stages. By 15 ends the deficit was down to 3 following some excellent bowling particularly by Rinks 6 and and 1. Single shot advantages were shared over the next few ends and it was left to Rink 4 to secure the game scoring a 4 on the penultimate end, but this was a performance that saw all 24 players contribute over the 126 ends. Well done to everyone and it's off to Hendon next week to play Middlesex.




Rink 2 13-23   Rink 3 21-13
Terry Friday   Myles Clements
Daniel Capon   Paul Bennett
 Gary Clarke   Jon Wilson
Matt White   Simon Clarke
Rink 6 17-22   Rink 4 15-15
Sean Gingell   Harry Cushen
Connor Hayes   Jeff O'Leary
Callum Sharp   Craig Baker
Ian Jenkins   Dennis Hennessy
Rink 5 25-12   Rink 1 18-19
Jamie Tindall   Alkesh Vadher
Andrew Richardson   Richard Cushen
Mark Bishopp   Eamon O'Flynn
Charlie Souter   Nathan Beeson
Reserves - Mark Dunne, Mark Porter

This morning we played our old enemy Kent in the picturesque village of Marden having this season been narrowly beaten in both Home Counties and Balcombe trophy matches.  With Kent winning their first MC match against Middlesex and us losing at home to Berkshire the outlook looked as bleak as the grey skies above us.  But what a difference a week and a team talk can make.  Unchanged from last weeks defeat we were quick out of the stalls and an early lead was maintained throughout the game.  I am not sure how much the bowling improved, as bowlers we all want to be near the jack and get shot but there are always things in the way and they are not always short bowls.  Changing conditions, today a strong wind together with rain, a tricky green, a team playing at home, all these things mean it is not always possible to be near the jack let alone shot.  Which made it even more pleasing to come away with a win.  Everyone kept plugging away with a team spirit and attitude which was first class and if a disappointment came along it was quickly put to one side and forgotten.  We competed hard all through the game up to its completion.  Yes read that bit back again.  Over the last 5 ends Rink 6 went from 6-18 down to draw 19 all with a score of 13-1 from the 17th end and were disappointed not to win.  But lets not get carried away.  This group was always going to be a hard 5 team group with everyone capable of beating each other.  It is however very satisfying to have this somewhat unexpected but very deserved win under our belts.  We can now look forward to next weeks game at home to Bucks.  A big thank you again to Barry O'Leary and all the supporters who today made such a difference. 

Well Done All.



Surrey Vs Kent 8/6/19 played away at Marden Bowls Club.

Rink 1 16-22
Terry Friday   T Bishop
Daniel Capon   M Cheeseman
Andy Bennett   G Brock
Matt White   S McCaughan
Rink 2 26-11
Sean Gingell   D King
Connor Hayes   C Smith
Callum Sharp   M Arnold
Ian Jenkins   G Charlton
Rink 3 18-12
Jamie Tindall   J Avery
Andrew Richardson   C Burnham
Mark Bishopp   T Monk
Charlie Souter   P Martin
Rink 4 20-25
Myles Clements   K Moss
Paul Bennett   D Sterne
Jon Wilson   A Rodger
Simon Clarke   D Hanmore
Rink 23-19
Harry Cushen   M Fisher
Jeff O'Leary   D Weyland
Craig Baker   J Kelly
Dennis Hennessy   R Kendrick
Rink 6 19-19
Alkesh Vadher   S Marrett
Richard Cushen   G Allen
Eamon O'Flynn   K Weyland
Nathan Beeson   M Sekjer
Reserve - Gary Clarke



Middleton Cup Vs Berkshire 1st June 2019


Imagine the scene, our first game of the 2019 MC season at a sunny Croydon against Berkshire.  We have picked what I still consider to be a team to compete with in this competition.  After a tentative start we fought back, the 10 ends score was 51-53 with 3 rinks each.  At 17 ends things were still ok at 88-90 down.  It would be easy to say that as usual we didn't turn up for the last 5 ends but this is a different team with different players, so why this should continue to happen is baffling.  With a score of 17-44 from the 17th end to the completion of the match we lost the game 105-134 and 4-18 in points.  Please don't forget, though it would have been nice to have started with a win, this game saw several players make their debut in the MC and we are rebuilding for the future.  But one thing we need to do is finish the game in a more competitive and certainly a noisier manner.  Massive thanks to Barry O'Leary who filled 2 large cool boxes with goodies and drinks to keep the players refreshed.  Our next MC match is on Saturday against Kent at Marden BC All noisy supporters are welcome.


RINK  1 - 28-13

Jamie Tindall

Andy Piper

Andrew Richardson

Derek Parsonson

Mark Bishopp

Trevor Broad

Charlie Souter

Mark Hancock


RINK 2 - 14-24

Alkesh Vadher

Scott Winskill

Richard Cushen

Kevin Scrace

Eamon O'Flynn

Kyle Mallandain

Nathan Beeson

Andrew Knapper


RINK 3 17-23

Terry Friday

Tim Curren

Daniel Capon

Steve Ford

Andy Bennett

Darren Holder

Matt White

Robert Neman


RINK 4 18-16

Charles Bruder

Gareth Colebrook

Paul Bennett

Chris Cadman

Jon Wilson

Ray Nash

Simon Clarke

Chris Hitt


RINK 5 15-37

Sean Gingell

Craig Shaw

Connor Hayes

Alan Symondson

Callum Sharp

Chris Holliday

Ian Jenkins

Patrick Hulbert


RINK 6 13-21

Harry Cushen

Tom Moore

Jeff O'Leary

Mitchel Cooper

Craig Baker * Gary Clarke

BJ Byles

Dennis Hennessy

Lloyd Sabatini

* Gary came into the 3 position at 9 ends and Craig went up to Skip - Dennis came off ill.



Balcombe Match Report vs Kent @Marden 26/5/19

So we journeyed to Marden BC in Kent for a 10.30 morning start in the National Double Rink.  We have so far in the HCL experienced changes in the conditions which occur in these morning matches, but probably none so much as here in Marden.  By the end of the game, played in bright sunshine, the green had quickened probably by a couple of yards in pace and the amount of green to be taken had widened considerably and some of the best players that both County sides could field either found length or line or were made to look a little silly it was such a fine line.  But having said that this was a top quality game as you would expect played in a highly competitive manner with the scores mostly even all the way through.  With 2 ends left on each rink we led overall by 3 shots but some very good turnaround of heads by both Kent skips meant that they won all four ends to win the match by 6 shots.  Again it was gutting to have got so close to winning a match which either side could have won.  It wasn't our turn again but I thank all of the players for their efforts.  Next Saturday we start our Middleton Cup campaign with a home game at Croydon vs Berks starting at 11 o'clock. Lets hope we are rewarded with the result our efforts deserve.


Charles Bruder


Tom Bishop

Ian Jenkins


Andrew Rodger

Mark Bishopp


Joe Kelly

Charlie Souter


Shaun McCaughan


Terry Friday


Kieran Moss

Paul Bennett


Taylor Monk

Jon Wilson


Roger Kendrick

Simon Clarke


Perry Martin

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