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SCBA v Kent 23.06.2022
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SCBA v Berkshire 22.06.2022
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SCBA v Hertfordshire 15.06.2022
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We wish him well in his retirement.

Surrey v Dorset 4th May 2022 played at Gillingham BC 135-91

Rink 1- Keith Roberts, John Warren, Norman Mann, Martin Harbottle 16-15

Rink 2- Steve Sanderson, Dave Botting, Peter Miller, Peter Staples 15-23

Rink 3- Chris Jones, Allen Kellaway, Peter Marshall, Jim Scott 23-16

Rink 4- Bob Stockwell, Dave Candeland, Bill Ayling, Trevor Prentice 23-12

Rink 5 - Stewart Eaton, Colin Gray, Steve Parnham, Robin Fudge 16-18

Rink 6- Vic Hemmett, David Humphreys, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 42-7

Bowls is back, I am released from the chains of TV serials and able to enjoy the camaraderie of the green outdoor carpet. Many of you have not weathered well, but I hope you are either back to good health or on the way. 

Today's match was in Gilingham, the town near to the cobbled streets of Shaftsbury, no Hovis today though!.

Martin's season was away with a good win. Joe and his men on R6 led the way, with that old bugger Vic showing them how it's done. A real good exhibition here. Martin skipped R1 and looked to be on a possible loss, but as the ends passed they kept in touch and a 4 on the last end sealed the win. Stand in Keith as one would expect, mainly 'standing'. R2 with Peter St, skipping found a hard rink and four hard rivals. It did not help with Peter Mi. still not back to full health together with Dave who also not in the best of health. I must say trhat Health seemed to be a major point in this early match. R5 had a very tight game but kept it close to lose by a couple. R4 had a strong rink and played well on what was a difficult rink. Trevor "we do it this way indoors" linked well with Bill to set up a good win. 

The appearance of Jim skipping R3 was pleasing to see, understand perhaps difficult but to see great. This was a strong four and proved so during the game. 

The season is go Surrey is go, lets hope good health is go for the season.

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