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JHCL v Oxfordshire @  Kiddlington







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Sun 08-Aug JHCL v Hampshire @ Malden Manor 10:30      
Sun 15-Aug JHCL v Sussex @ Malden Manor BC 10:30      









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The 2019 finals will be played at TBC.

Junior Home Counties League

Surrey County Bowling Association Under 25’s 54 Shots, Kent Under 25’s 48 Shots - Match Result Surrey 6 Points Kent 4 Points.


Another fine and pleasant morning welcomed all to Malden Manor BC for the finale of the Junior Home Counties League Season. Both teams arrived with a chance of winning the League albeit Kent’s very slim.

Surrey needed a big win, with the hope that Berkshire would come unstuck against Bucks. Kent needed a near miracle.


My thanks to County President Peter Marshall, SVP Joe Cable, County Secretary Derek Harvey and not forgetting stalwart and Chief Flag Bearer - JVP Martin Harbottle for their attendance today. It was very much appreciated.


Kent looking immaculate in their newly sponsored kit were the quickest out of the starting blocks, chalking up a rapid 16 shot lead after 5 ends. This was the first time this Season Surrey had started slowly.


Across the Rinks,


Rink 3 were seven down after 5. It was one of those games where it never seemed to quite happen. Make no mistake, all played superbly well, but the rub of the green was never quite on their side and their efforts were deserving of more success. At 18 ends the scores were tied 15-15 and going in to the last end at 16-16, Surrey were holding 4 shots until the Kent skip drew the shot with his last bowl, culminating in a one shot deficit.


Rink 2 was 4 v 3 and once more a game of if’s and buts. In truth the Kent front end took advantage of the extra bowl and we're getting more woods in the head than Surrey. Once more a slow start was crawled back to parity after 10 ends. The second half belonged to Kent and after subtracting the Maths to deduct the 25 per cent shot loss, Surrey were once more looking at a very narrow 1 shot deficit.


So it was all down to that man Street and his quartet to save the day. Mirroring his Berkshire form, the Rink found themselves once more 5 Shots down after 3 ends. A couple of good 3 shot counts brought about parity after 9 ends. All were playing well and a superb second half performance provided a Match Winning Rink score of 25-17.


So, Six Points to Four seemed unlikely to get Surrey the title.

And so it proved as late afternoon I received confirmation that Berks Had narrowly beaten Bucks 52.5 to 50, securing a 8 points to 2 victory, thus securing them first place with Surrey finishing a very credible second.


In conclusion, this has been an excellent season. What I have learnt and learnt quickly is that there are no easy games. Going back to our only defeat of the Season back in May against Bucks where we narrowly lost by only 1 shot. I tipped Bucks to win the league, so impressed was I by their play. They came bottom!!

Hence my point, and furthermore to this, how in Surrey, we have so many good young players who can compete at this highest level of Competition.


 This has been a Season of very fine margins, having played 4, won 3 and narrowly losing the other, who knows, with a bit more luck, the outcome may have been so much different.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who has played in the Home Counties League this Season, you have been a credit and a pleasure to manage.


My thanks also to all the parents who have been in attendance, both home and away.



Rink 1 - George Hopper, Adam Boarer, Andrew Orme, Graham Street- 25-17


Rink 2 - Will Vizer-Allen, Hugo Manuel, Ryan Bickley, Charlie Souter- 13-14


Rink 3 - Jamie Houle, Kieran Pankhania, Aaron Harding, Eoghan Harding - 16-17

Junior Home Counties League

Surrey County Bowling Association Under 25’s 67 Shots, Berkshire Under 25’s 59 Shots - Match Result Surrey 8 Points Berkshire 2 Points.


Post mini heatwave, a warm and pleasant West Berkshire morning greeted all to Thatcham Bowls Club. Initial thoughts were a large crowd had gathered to attend, however on closer inspection it transpired that a rather large Car Boot Sale was going on next door to the club.


Second place Surrey versus table topping Berkshire. Berkshire had played two, won two gaining maximum points from there first two outings. Berkshire unbeaten in two years!!

Yes, this was the magnitude of the task for this young Surrey side. A side that has grown together and play together as one team.

Proof of this being that SIX players today received there Junior County Badge.

Will Vizer-Allen, Daniel Mullen, Ryan Bickley, George Clarke, Hugo Manuel and Kieran Pankhania congratulations to you all in receiving your badge.


Six new badged players a sprinkling of Senior players against a Berkshire squad inclusive of England Internationals. A tough day at the office some might think.


Think again, this talented bunch of players equipped themselves from the off.


None more so than on Rink 3 where Jamie Houle’s quartet raced into a 15-3 lead after 9 ends.

This was mirrored across the Green. After 10 ends Surrey were winning on all Rinks,  boasting a 27 shot lead.


Rink 2 superbly skipped by Graham Street, took a bit longer to get out of the starting block. 5-0 down after 5 ends, something clicked. Superb front end play by Andrew Orme and Kieran Pankhania, complemented by the excellence of Adam Boarer and that man Street, turned the game on it’s head. Counts of threes and fours in quick succession saw the Rink 18-6 up after 10.


Rink 1 up against the excellent Byles, were always in for a tough game. This Rink was key to the overall fabric of the game. A very credible 1 shot advantage after 10 ends, slowly dissipated with some excellent Berkshire play. Credit to George Hopper exceptional at lead, George Clarke, Hugo Manuel and Luke Griffin who all played superbly well. They eventually succumbed to a 9 shot reverse, but the manner of their play and attitude to the overall picture was outstanding and potentially match winning.


This was made more significant as Surrey’s lead was gradually dwindling as the game progressed. The lead of 27 after 10 was down to 17 after 15 as Berkshire countered.


Rink 3's lead was being cut back. At 18 ends the lead was down to 4. The 2 points not looking as secure as first thought. Fear not, Houle and Co rallied winning the next 6 shots on the last three ends gaining a very credible 10 shot victory.


Less concern for the manager was events on Rink 2 as I always felt the quartet were in control of the game after gaining the advantage and this was proven by the 7 shot winning margin.


Two winning Rinks and 8 shot advantage giving Surrey a superb 8 - 2 points victory.


Make no mistake, this was an outstanding performance by all. Thank you to everyone who played today. You were a credit to be around and I am so proud of each and everyone of you.


As the table stands currently we are now 2 points behind leaders Berkshire with both teams having one game left to play.


Before signing off, I would like to convey my thanks to all of the parents in attendance today.



Next up is Kent at Malden Manor on the 21st July.



Rink 1 - George Hopper, George Clarke, Hugo Manuel, Luke Griffin- 14-23


Rink 2 - Andrew Orme, Kieran Pankhania, Adam Boarer, Graham Street- 25-18


Rink 3 - Will Vizer-Allen, Daniel Mullen, Ryan Bickley, Jamie Houle- 28-18

Junior Home Counties League

Surrey County Bowling Association Under 25’s 63 shots Oxfordshire Under 25’s 52 shots - Match Result Surrey 8 points Oxfordshire 2 points.


On a sultry warm and humid morning, Malden Manor welcomed bowlers from Surrey and Oxfordshire for this Junior Home Counties Clash.

The warm welcome from all at Malden Manor BC, matched the conditions. A lovely well run club with lots of terrific people involved.

Club Captain Graham Dawber hard at work on the green, which once more looked superb.

It had been a difficult week for both managers in finding the perfect dozen. My thanks to Freddie Rosenberg-Steele for coming in at short notice to make his Home Counties debut. By the way he had a terrific game.

Pre Match nuptials gave the new manager the pleasure of handing out his first County Badge. This was awarded to George Hopper. Overcome with emotion a watery eyed George accepted his County Badge. Emotion?? or was it the fact that he was suffering with a terrible bout of hay fever!!!!


To the game itself, which was played on Rinks 1 to 3 going away from the clubhouse.

To say this game was close throughout would be an understatement.

Three shots down at 10 ends, 4 shots up after 15, the game twisted and turned all morning.


Rink 1 skipped superbly well by Eoghan Harding, got off to a shaky start. 4 shots dropped on the first end and 12-4 down after 8 it looked grim. Then there opponents got stuck on 12 for the next 7 ends and Surrey were back in the game. Just as all was boding well, they went into the last end 3 shots down. Fear not a terrific four shots on the last end turned the game on it’s head and the Rink won by 1 shot.

A terrific performance by all.


Rink 2 was loaded with quality experience and quality lesser experienced players.

Whatever it had it worked. Some excellent early front end play from George Hopper and Kieran Pankhania gave Surrey skip Souter little to do. However when needed he was up to the job displaying some dazzling drawing shots that sent bowls sprawling across the other rinks. This was true but also some terrific touch bowls were also played. Superbly backed by Jamie Tindall at 3, the result was never in doubt and a match winning 14 shot victory was achieved.

Once more another terrific performance by all.


Rink 3 were up against some quality Oxfordshire players. In truth Oxfordshire just edged this Rink throughout. However the four Surrey players were all superb. George Clarke and Adam Boarer both did well at the front end. 10 ends won by Surrey and 11 eleven ends won by the visitors proved to be the deciding factor. Most pleasing was how the Surrey lads galvanised as a unit and played and worked as a team. Their efforts were rewarded with a very credible 8 shots to nil score over the last three ends of play. The Rink eventually losing by only four shots. Well played all.


A very well deserved and hard fought eleven shot victory being the overall outcome.


The players were rewarded with an excellent post match buffet after the game. My thanks to Lynda Padgham and her excellent team for providing this, as well as, the pre match bacon rolls. All was most welcome.

Thanks also to our umpire Wendy Dunne who was always on call when needed.

Thanks to Surrey JVP Martyn Harbottle once more in attendance, your help with the flag is invaluable and also for presenting young George with his badge.


Thanks to all of the parents in attendance today, this created a lovely atmosphere and I know full well that you witnessed an excellent game with some exceptional young talent on display.


Two games in, one win and one narrow defeat keep us still in with a chance.

Table topping Berkshire await us away at Thatcham next week.


Rink 1 - Freddie Rosenberg-Steele, Daniel Mullen, Ryan Bickley, Eoghan Harding - 19-18.


Rink 2 - George Hopper, Kieran Pankhania, Jamie Tindall, Charlie Souter - 26-12


Rink 3 - George Clarke, Adam Boarer, Frankie Quigley, Jamie Houle - 18-22.



Junior Home Counties League - Buckinghamshire Under 25’s 57 Shots Surrey County Bowling Association Under 25’s 56 shots.

Match Result - Bucks 6pts Surrey 4pts


The beautiful setting of Waddesdon Bowls Club, home of Buckinghamshire Under 25’s greeted all from Surrey. Set in the grounds of Waddesdon Manor in land purchased by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild back in 1874, this made for a picture perfect setting for today's proceedings.


My thanks firstly to JVP Martin Harbottle in attendance, the mums and dads, and all the players for their prompt arrival and commitment to play - some whom, had very early starts in order to make the 146 mile round trip for this fixture.

Those who travelled to watch were treated to one of the most entertaining and closest of encounters imaginable.

So close was this game, that in effect it came down to the last bowl of the 63rd end of play, in order to determine the outcome.


This was not the day to focus on individual performances, albeit some were outstanding. For me this was all about the team performance.

Against an outstanding Buckinghamshire side, Surrey matched them all the way.

The quality of bowling on display was exceptional.

Every player on show today played their part and on a personal level my thanks go out to you all.

As a team we now need to move on from this performance and on this showing should fear no-one.


Well done to all of you.


Rink 1 - Graham Street, Luke Griffin, Aaron Harding, Eoghan Harding 23-18

Rink 2 - George Hopper, Adam Boarer, Jamie Houle, Jamie Tindall 14-22

Rink 3 - Will Vizer-Allen, Hugo Manuel, Frankie Quigley, Andrew Orme 19-17


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