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County v Isle of Wight @ Plessey BC 30th August 157-104


Apologies for the late dispatch, my notes were unavoidably mislaid as we crossed the channel. I was just going through the papers when a seagull swooped from above and obviously thought they were an ice cream, and whisked them away. 

The Rink numbers are not necessarily the rink the teams played on.

Rink 1: Alan Bradshaw, Dave Sowdon, Peter Rapley, Joe Cable 30-17

Rink 2: Dave Botting, barry Swannie, John Warren, Martin Harbottle 16-21

Rink 3: Mike Rejman, Brian Shellard, Graeme Cupit, Peter Staples 17-16

Rink 4: Sean Dempsey, Allen Kellaway, Graham Dawber, Peter Miller 39-12

Rink 5: Dave Aldam, Derek Harvey, Norman Mann, Bill Ayling 32-18

Rink 6: Bob Daintree, Gary Wisdom, Colin Gray, Mick Gray 23-20

Rink 7: Vic Hemmett, John Tucker, Tony Bourne, Jim Mason, Peter Marshall 13-15


R1: President Joe had spoken to his rink mates, informing them he wanted a good score for his last County game. He got it with good bowling by all. A nice finish to the season for him.

R.2: A cstruggle here for 'Chalky' Martin, although to be fair he did have Dave B leading, a position he not often plays. Leading may not be his best point but he limped very well at change of ends!

R3: What an unlucky finish. A good game here with good bowls on both sides, Surrey however just oippef at the end.

R4: With three experienced and log in the tooth bowlers in the rink it really was the pick of the team, or was it the opposition quality? Good bowls from Peter and his three lads, set up by Sean proved the old adage 'you can't keep old dogs down'.

R5: Based upon the first ten ends and leading 32-4, this rink was set to create history...then some really nice ladies served a cup of tea, and Surrey never scored another shot!! It wasn't that the bowling was poor, the heads were close and IOW decide to start playing!

R6: Not the quietest of rinks with Colin included, although close the lads managed to concentrate od he job in hand to present the President with a win.

R7: Players were so keen to play that this rink decided to field 5 players. I think the opposition noticed!! Poor Vic was sad to see the game finish for that's the end of his grumbling about, well most things. They had a good game with their opposition just getting to the post in front. 


That's me finished for the season, if I have offended anyone I apologise, but it's all in fun and they probably deserved it! If I don't see you. Take care of yourselves and those near and dear to you. Enjoy Christmas, gifts to me should be addressed c/o the County Secretary.



COUNTY v WARWICKSHIRE @ Old Coulsdon 116- 93  7th Sept

Rink 1. 24-11 Steve Parnham, Scott WilsonDavid Candeland, Peter Miller

Rink 2. 19-17 David Williams, David Botting, Martin Bevan, Peter Marshall

Rink 3. 25-14 Sean Dempsey, Dave Pullen, James Cooper, Joe Cable

Rink 4. 18-12 Roger Rashleigh, Aga Hassan, Peter Quaintance, Andrew Barclay

Rink 5. 15-23 Gary Clark, Brian Shellard, Colin Gray, Martin Harbottle

Rink 6. 15-16 Kevin Crane, Gerry Vincent, Norman Mann, Les Owen


What a glorious day for a bowls match. To be honest it was a pleasure to be out of the direct sunshine for the heat was, if anything slightly too fierce. I thought the match was played in a good spirit with Surrey just having the edge. This was not, unfortunately everyone's opinion, for on the 12th end a member of the public on the adjacent golf course decide to launch the contents of his dog's poo bag over the fence onto Rink 1. I would not suggest he/she was a Warwick supporter!

R1. In the early stages this was a nip and tuck game. Scott came in for the absentee which added some home advantage. Surrey gradually eased into a comfortabe lead with all four players giving a good account. Peter was pleased as it was his first taste this season of being top rink.

R2. This was a hard fought victory, with the opponents playing as well as the Surrey lads. Peter put up some fine bowls and was ably supported by the others.

R3. Dave was playing his badge game and things gave him a good experience not only of County bowls but of playing with President Joe, The Surrey boys early on struggled and thought the rink slightly heavy but as the game proceeded found the pace easier. James was the home club representatve her and with Sean leading with some good woods the four put in a good performance. Following the match the President presented Dave with his County badge. 

R4. A game that should have been won more easily with Aga, PQ and Andrew on their own green. Roger had some very nice drawing woods and this was backed up by the rest of the rink.

R5. Up went the cry "here comes Chalky" as Martin led his men to the chalk, widely predicted before the game had even started. Gary's introduction to County bowls was not as comfortable as Dave's on Rink 3, but then one could say things can only get better. Following the match the President presented Gary with his County Badge.

R6. A very unlucky Surrey four here with some good bowls by both teams.  Les was adament I should mention his two good woods (I think that's what he meant). Les did bowl well and he was ably supported by Kevin, Gerry and Norman.


All in all a good afternoon.


County v Middlesex @ Staines 147-107 17th August

Rink 1: Alick Boobyer, Graham Dawber, Norman Mann, Martin Sampson 29-10

Rink 2: David Tucker, John Hort, Martin Wood, Peter Miller 21-11

Rink 3: Roger Rashleigh, Chris Jones, Joe Cable, Jeff O'Leary 24-19

Rink 4: Alan Reed, Kevin Clarke, Steve Parnham, Trevor Prentice 26-18

Rink 5: Stefan Tonm, Derek Harvey, Brian Shellard, Martin Harbottle 15-27


R1: Martin had his four tuned in right from the start of this game. Alick and Graham giving a lively display of front end bowling and the supportive bowling of Norman (for a change) being finished off with some good bowls from Martin. 

R2: This end of the green in the early stages was obviously to rinks 1 and 2 just the job, for on this rink too the front two David and John laid the foundations for Martin and Peter to ensure the advantage was always with Surrey.

R3: With newly badged Chris (15 and settled at last) in the team it could only be a win for the President's rink. Close thing though with a battle that swung to and fro. Joe playing in an unusual three spot supported Jeff, with some good bowling. This went to the last couple of ends and thankfully in Surrey's favour. It has taken Chris 15 attempts to hear a President say" Chris here is your badge "well done". But his doggedness must be admired.

Rink 4: There was no close battle on this rink. Alan and Kevin played very well, and yesterday's winning rink skip Steve gave full support to an excellent game for Trevor, A very well earned victory.

R5: For 10 ends or so this was a good game to watch with shots going equally to each four. Then in the time honoured phrase "the wheels fell off". Stefan seemed to lose his weight and as for Derek, who yesterday was in the top rink, his deliveries were very erratic with attempted blockers being the bowls of choice. Brian had a solid game in support, Martin however was playing some good shots but was tempted into driving with quite a few woods, many of which were successful in removing woods from the head......unfortunately ours!!The legend of 'Chalky' continues.

County v Norfolk @ Wymondham Dell 116-71 16th August

Rink 1: Sean Dempsey, Barry Swannie, John Warren, Peter Rapley 22-16

Rink 2: George Hopper, Brian Shellard, David Candeland, Rob Dodds 23-20

Rink 3: Dave Aldam, Tom Rolfe, Allen Kellaway, Joe Cable 17-11

Rink 4: Bob Blaker, Rod Morrison, Gary Wisdom, Martin Harbottle 24-15

Rink 5: Peter Hamilton, Derek Harvey, Graeme Cupit, Steve Parnham 30-9


First coach Trip of the season for the Surrey Lads. I am always pleased to return to Norfolk and especially Wyndom Dell as its near to Old Buckenham where my wife was born (in a chicken shed) but we 'll gloss over that fact and get down to reporting the match. 

R1: Always a pleasure to report on a rink skipped by Peter. Usually due to the mishaps that occur. This time a fairly unevenful outing with a close game with good bowling, .....on ocassion. 

R2: What a see-saw of a game. New to the quartet George, apparantly the youngest player to gain his badge had a hard game against his opponent (must have been his hair in his eyes!). Dave actually could have done with some of his hair! Their game was a to and fro affair with the Surrey four just losing out. We did'nt have a losing rink but these lads qualified as lowest winners to receive the 'chalk'. George was told by the President that he could impress his teacher with a present when he returns to school. The President presented George with his badge after the match.

R3: It was refreshing to here Joe's voice on the green once again, he's been a bit quiet lately. This was a slow starting quartet, who slept through the first few ends but improved as the game progressed. Dave A and newly badged Tom had good games setting things up for Allen and Joe to round things up. The President presented Tom with his badge following the match. 

R4: The usual thoughts crossed my mind as Martin's team stepped on to the green. Would Chalky continue his tradition of being the lowest rink. Not today, a 9 shot win ensurred the chalk went elsewhere this match. I must admit my view of the action here was not perfect but from what I saw all had a steady game. 

R5: What does one write about a triple winning with such ease. I say triple for Derek on his return had a game (well he didn't have a game!) to see the back of. It has to be said though that his use of the blocking bowl was very handy on ocassion! Peter leading had a nice steady game, Graeme and Steve both had exceptional bowls with some great take outs and dead draws. Well done to the lads.

County v Essex @ Purley 88-87 11th August

Rink 1: Alan Bradshaw, Bill Hudson, Pater Quaintance, Mick Gray 11-21

Rink 2: Graham Dawber, Martin Morris, Martin Harbottle, Colin Wilkins 14-20

Rink 3: Brian Shellard, Martin Bevan, Dave Candeland, Joe Cable 31-14

Rink 4: Brian Rogers, Steve Parnham, Robin Gordon, Peter Marshall


Rink 5: Mike Rejman, Vic Hemmett, Norman Mann, Peter Miller 14-19


What a day, what a contest! Weatherwise, no one could ask for better, on ocassion very warm, other times a cool afternoon perfect for playing bowls. Essex, always a hard County to overcome, and early on, I must admit I thought a drubbing was on the cards, but there is always some secret formulae that drives bowlers of Surrey. Here at Purley that secret is June Marshall's 'bread pudding'. Commence end 10 and tea is served with the marvellous addition. Some Surrey men understand the importance of the delicacy, whilst those who have never trod the green of the Club were not fully aware of its power and effect.

R1: Goodness this rink took a pasting early on with all Surrey players struggling with line and length. A spectator jokingly told Mick that it was okay to use the top space of the scoreboard. Cometh the pudding and they realised its potential and scored shots that helped the overall score.

R2: Graham commented that the rink was difficult going toward the tennis courts, and struggled with weight. Martin H who readers will recall is nicknamed 'chalky' looked at one stage as if he would be part of the losing rink, but with the help of Martin M and Colin they were another rink finding some salvation in the bread pudding.

Rink 3: Early on this rink was in a tight game, with scoring changing on a regular basis. Joe and Dave are old hands when it comes to the formulae and soon passed the knowledge on to Brian and Martin. A really great result for President Joe and his men.

Rink 4: Two men with home advantage in this rink, surely a big score here, But no! Early on it seemed a loss was on the cards. Perhaps it was Steve's 5.30 am start to the day to get to the club from Broadstairs, who knows! Brian had a good tussle with his opposite number Robin and skip Peter were needed to keep the Surrey lads in close attendance to their opponents. It came right in the end, as it should, Peter being married to the provider of the bread pudding.

Rink 5: Another rink that was involved in a close match for the majority of their game, but were pipped over the last few ends. It could not be blamed on Norman in this match, for the rink was certainly heavy in that corner of the green. Perhaps they had smaller portions, who knows, but their 14 shots could have been the ones that gave Surrey a well earned victory. 

County v Bedfordshire @ Wilstead 106-70 3rd August

Triple 1: Sean Dempsey, Peter Miller, Elbio Gomez 15-12

Triple 2: Brian Shellard, Norman Mann, Colin Gray 13-11

Triple 3: Steve sanderson, Trevor Prentice, Martn Sampson 21-11

Triple 4: Josh McCarthy, Graham, Dawber, Joe Cable 18-14

Triple 5: Tony Bourne, Chris Jones, Peter Marshall 17-10

Triple 6: Peter amilton, Steve Parnham, Martin Harbottle 22-11


I thought this would be a useful match to get the ink flowing or rather the keys rattling on the computer, a nice 6 rinker to start off a new reporting season. Gosh...what happened, the numbers fell until the President was left with 6 Triples, however this ended producing some nice bowling on what can be described as a very tricky green, Surprisingly all rinks played in an identical fashion with a wide line away from the pavilion and a narrow homeward hand. The green was heavy due to a heavy thunderstorm during the night. 

T1: What does one comment upon for this triple. Well, Elbio had a nice hat, Sean found a few good woods although struggled on a few ends. Peter directed play quite well, and importantly they won. 

T2: Colin felt that I would not write anything good about him. That is not entirely true. He had a few good ends, He scored a couple of shots and came across to invite me to come and see some good bowling on the next end. I thought he meant by Surrey but they immediately dropped a 4! Brian found the rink testing but did get shot on the 16th end, and Norman, well enough written there.

T3: At last some good bowling to discuss with all three players putting up an excellent show, Steve had a steady game between visits to the bar. Trevor who, living nearest was late suggesting that someone had set fire to Watford, his opponent thought that was fine as he was a Luton supporter. Martin having given his wife the credit card for retail therapy showed no discomfort at the thought and played a good game.

T4: Here was a really tight game with new man Josh bowling very well for the President. This game swung one way then the other, Graham delivering wonderful bowls on ocassion. President Joe was not as loud as usual but got exceited when the scores were level at 14 across. The triple pulled its socks up and ran out winners by 4. The President presented Josh with his County Badge following the match.

T5: Tony, on what for him, was a heavy rink did a good job with blocking woods, CJ had a steady game and was regularly returning to the head having pinched the shot, Peter had a steady game but again was another to suffer with the heavy rink, but found scoring shots on a regular basis.

T6: I was informed prior to the game that martin had aquired a nickname of 'Chalky' taking into account the number of lowest rinks he had aquired during the season. It was also pointed out that usually, following a defeat he responded with top rink, although not quite managing that today. This was in good part due to another new lad, I say lad although its quite a few years since Peter was of that age, who bowled very well on debut. Steve was in and out but again supported Martin well. The President presented Peter with his County badge following the match.

And so my first match report is filed, back to the cut and thrust of competitive fiendly bowls. I am afraid the tomatoes, marrows and cucumbers may have to take a back seat!

Finals Day 1st August

The results have been published on the Home Page. My reports add some colour to the results.

Pairs - Mytchett -Alick Boobyer, Peter Padginton 12 - Sutton -Tony Wood, Steve Shanley 19

A nice game to watch with both teams adapting to the green quickly. Steve Shanley continues his appearances at the finals and he was just too good for Peter Padgingto when it mattered. Peter was presented with his County badge by the President at the end of the game.

Triples - Camberley -Tony Woolf, Martin Sampsom, Dave McCallum 13 - Wallington  Terry Franklin, Richard Tingley, Ray Heaney 17 

Another excellent game for the spectator. The newer lads on the green managed to better the old hands. This is a triple that could go far if they continue to play togethrt. Richard was presented with his County badge by the President at the end of the game.

Fours- Cranleigh - Andrew Salvador, Trevor Wheeler, Eamon O'Flynn, Mark Overington 15 Wandilea -Paul Jenkins, Griff Jenkins, Stewart Eaton, Dennis Hennessey 7

One would be surprised at the experience on show from members of both teams. A look through past Year Books at winners would see their names printed often. This was Cranleigh's day with some very good heads on the whole favouring them. A match played in good spirited. Stewart was presented with his County Badge by the President at the end of the game. 

Junior Pairs - North Sheen Harry & Archie Cushen 11 - Hook & Southborough George Clarke & Jamie Houle 15.There was certainly no quarter given in this match. Tempers tended on ocassion to run high, but overall the bowling from both teams was terrific. The photos should prove interesting with George standing high above the President.

2 Wood Singles - Old Coulsdon Paul Bennett 4 - Stoke Park Rodney Morrison 15. Rodney was superb, in what is considered to be a hard discipline. He gave Paul very little opportunity to score in a game in which the score did not reflect the quality of bowls from both men.

Junior Singles - Camberley Josh McCarthy 21 - Hook & Southborough Jamie Houle 12

Both these young men have experience within the upper echelons of the Junior County scene. Both played well with Josh playing some telling woods when it mattered. A Good example of bowls played by our talented Juniors.

Championship 4 Wood Singles - Old Coulsdon Andrew Barclay 2 - Knaphill Mark Jones 21

Mark was simply just superb and too good on the day for Andrew. He admitted that he had a very good game and Andrew admitted that he had no answer to Mark's control of weight and length. 

Unbadged Singles - Egham Dave Ayton 21- Weybridge Josepk Tindall 11

A game played in good spirits with dave holding the upper hand on most ocassions. Both players were presented with their County Badge by the President at the end of the game. 

Champion of Champions - Old Coulsdon Simon Clarke 21 - Mitcham Martin Bevan 12

The change of club by Simon seems to have had a dampening effect on what used to be known as ocassional outbursts of dissatisfaction. This was a new man. I remember in the past trying to calm him down after his matches, but not necessary now. The game was a treat, Martin fought well but tended to lose the line on ocassion, with Simon taking full advantage. 

Officer's Bowl - Wallington Peter Staples 21 - Mayford Hall Andrew Boarer 19

What a nail biter to finish the day! I won't say the rain spoiled the finish, for we never know what might have bee, but niether player deserved to lose. Both played some brilliant bowls, and the last few ends when the rain arrived were played better by Peter.

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