Bert Bowler Reports

President v English Civil Service 4th September @ Pystock BC 145-99

Rink 1: Tom Rolfe, John Tucker, Dorothy Roberts, Jan Pedersen 18-31

Rink 2: Sheila Seddon, Jean Colvin, John Southwell, Joe Cable 34-6

Rink 3: Penny Bruno, Sheila Cable, Andrew Boarer, Peter Marshall 22-20

Rink 4: Ken Chesson, Ian Frisby Carolyn Stevens, Charlotte Emanuel 26-11

Rink 5: Carol Harding, Inger Newman, John Warren, Martin Harbottle 26-11

Rink 6: Neil Cooper, Terry Hoye, Ann Rapley, Pam Garden 19-20

Surrey said goodbye to the season at Pystock yesterday, with a harsh wind blowing across the green. This was particularly noticeable on Rink 1 which was a bu**er of a rink without the wind!! Things improved slightly for Surrey when Derek Harvey went off and John Tucker took his place. One has to be honest though to say that the opposition played the rink much better than the Surrey four. No succh problem for Joe Cable's team who mastered both Rink 2 and their opposition to come out Top Rink. It seemed from my vantage point that the further away from Rink 1 the betteer the green played. Rinks 4 and 5 both came away with identical scores whilst the Presidents' Rink 3 managed to scrape home by 2 shots. A tight game on Rink 6 for Pam Garden and her four who were pipped at the final hurdle. Pystock was certainly hard to find both on the road and on the green!!

President v Epsom BC 3rd September Anniversary Match 134-105

Rink 1: Roger Rashleigh, Derek Harvey, John Southwell, Joe Cable 25-16

Rink 2: Alan Endersby, Geoff Taylor, Graham Dawber, Mick Gray 18-20

Rink 3: Tony Bourne, Dave Botting, Alan Bennet, Peter Marshall 28-10

Rink 4: Peter Gay, John Hort, Peter Rapley, Martin Harbottle 24-19

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Norman Smith, Jim Mason, Brian Cave 13-26

Rink 6: John Tucker, David Tucker, Norman Mann, Bill Ayling 26-14

Seems a long time since I last reported on a match, however we now draw to the last 2 matches of the season. Fittingly, President Peter had a good win today and came out as the Top Rink. Anniversary matches are always good fun and this was no different. Bill Ayling's Rink 6 got away to a flying start, slowed a bit in the middle and came away with a +12 win. Joe Cable on Rink 1 had a struggle for the best part of the match, partiicularly by giving shots to the opposition. The Rink came back though, to record a +9 victory. To round up the Senior Officer Trio Martin Harbottle's Rink 4 also had a win. One assumes Mick Gray on Rink 2 had his mind still in Ireland as his four could not manage to get the 2 shots that would have given them a draw. Brian Cave's lads struggled against a good opposition rink and went down by 13. Match over we were treated to a welcome dinner prepred by the local butcher, and very nice it was too!

Surrey v Middlesex 13th August @ Southey BC 122-104

Rink 1: Mike Glithero, Steve Ward, Peter Miller, Joe Cable 13-21

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Allan Pepper, Les Owen, Bill Ayling 16-14

Rink 3: Dave Candeland, Graham Coleman, Andrew Richardson, Peter Marshall 19-19

Rink 4: Derek Welch, ANO, Martin Harbottle, Peter Staples 28-17

Rink 5: John Tucker, Derek Harvey, Brian Cave, John Graham 23-16

Rink 6: Steve Parnham, Norman Mann, Eddie Hawkins, Neil Winter 23-17

Last County Match of the seasn and it was played at Southey who have a new clubhouse and Changing Rooms and some expensive new houses to look at. The weather was kind to the teams with no rain and a reasonable temperature. Rink 4 with the limping Peter Staples skipping started out of the blocks like greyhounds taking a lead of 24-4, they faltered slightly towards the midle of the tie but came out top rink. Joe Cable's four on Rink 1 were not so fortunate and were chasing all match, and were the only losing rink. Rink 5 started slowly but came from 4-12 to take command, despite some very good bowling from the opposition No.3. President Peter and his team managed to keep close to their opposition and came away with a draw. Rinks 2 and 6 completed the winning rinks. The President in his last County Match had the pleasure of awarding County Badges to Graham Coleman and Steve Ward 

President v London Scottish BA 11th August @ West End BC 134-97

Rink 1: John Tucker, John Randall, Terry Hoye, Nobby Clark 31-14

Rink 2: Peter Lines, Tony Fry, Arthur Robins, Mike Platt 21-15

Rink 3: Frank Middleton, Mark Medhurst, John Warren, Peter Marshall 19-18

Rink 4: Colin Clarke, David Ganney, Bernie Pedersen, Alan Bradshaw 25-17

Rink 5: Robin Taylor, Tony Clark, Ian Frisby, Martin Harbottle 19-18

Rink 6: Dave Loxton, Alan Reed, Martin Wood, Nigel Whiteman 19-15


Leamington National Championships 7th August.

No mention of Lunch today as I do not wish to upstage the players from their heroics during the day. The Wimbledon Park quartet walked out to face John Bell's Cumbria team and did not start well dropping a six on the first end. However things improved as the match went along and they went ahead, only to drop another six on the 16th end, that decied the tie. A gallant performance losing out 22-25. They can be proud of themselves as Surrey representatives. Next up were the Junior Pair of Aaron and Eoghan Harding from Cheam/West Wimbledon. They had a super game against a pair from Wiltshire and took the game 16-14. Their second match in the afternoon was a different story. They played Cornwall whose lead was playing very well and try as they might they were never really in a position to win running out 13-20. In these matches too the players gave of their best and were excellent ambassadors for Surrey

President v Bolingbroke BC 100th Anniversary 7th August 77-35

Rink 1: John Morton, Keith Roberts, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 25-15

Rink 2: John Tucker, Geoff Taylor, Howard Quinnell, Jow Cable 31-7

Rink 3: Colin Clarke, Arthur Robins, John Seymour, Bill Ayling 21-13

A win for the President and a win for the Club in reaching it's centenary. 

Leamington National Championships 6th August

I thought I would have a day out at the Nationals to see Wimbledon Park BC in the Senior Fours, with my friend Derek, they were playing Isle of Wight. It was a strange day. We watched Purley Ladies narrowly lose their opening match, and Sutton and Supreme who had both been victorrious in the previous round sadly went out too. Anxious to ensure we were back for the Senior Fours the President, JVP, IPP and my friend Derek sought some refreshment at a local Turkish Restaurant. The starter was very nice and the three senior officers had ordered vegetable stew. Derek ordered Moussaka. That is where the trouble started! The vegetable stew was lovely according to those that had it. The Moussaka was inedible having the appearance of pieces of car tyre embedded in a slab of meat covered with a solid lid of cheese sauce. No lunch for Derek, I'm afraid. A short discussion on the fact that the food would not be paid for went in Derek's favour. Hungry but undaunted together with the other Officers we went to see Wimbledon Park perform. What a match!! Close all the way, with ends being exchanged all the way through. 12 all on the last end, Wimbledon Park holding two shots. The IOW skip put up a heavy wood hoping to paush his own up, but glory, glory he failed. A marvellous match and we are back tomorrow to see the next round. Hopefully with a better lunch!!

President v Combined Areas 6th August @ Stoke Park BC 90-142

Rink 1: Roger Rashkeigh, John Hannon, Gary Wisdom, Peter Hunt 18-23

Rink 2: Colin Clarke, Paul Eales, Tony Clark, Joe Cable 15-21

Rink 3: Allen Banks, Don Davies, Keith Roberts, Robin Fudge 15-21

Rink 4: Neil Dimmock, Ken Shopland, Dave Aburn, Nobby Clark 11-26

Rink 5: John Tucker, Dave Walters, Terry Hoye, Alan Bennet 18-32

Rink 6: Andrew Turnbull, Brian Rogers, Edward Dear, Normann 13-19

President V Carshalton Beeches BC 31st July  104-93

Rink 1: Dave Aburrn, Colin Clarke, Luke Griffin, Peter Marshall 14-21

Rink 3: Dave Bridger, Ken Shopland, Arthur Robins, Dave Candeland 18-19

Rink 4: Mike Glithero, Steve Parnham, Robin Fudge, Martin Harbottle 28-12

Rink 5: Alan Shearing, Butch Manning, John Cocoracchio, Bill Ayling 15-21

Rink 6: Martin Bevan, Alf Medlin, Dave Warrington, Joe Cable 29-20

Much better day at the Beeches for the President. Joe Cable had a better day too. Top Rink to JVP Martin Harbottle and his men, keeping just ahead of SVP Joe to take the prize. 

Surrey v Bedfordshire 30th July @ Purley BC 100-107

Rink 1: Sean Dempsey, Neil Winter, Graham Dawber, Colin Wilkins 30-4

Rink 2: Kevin Clarke, John Hort, John Warren, Brian Cave 16-22

Rink 3: Peter Gay, Bob Stockwell, Martin Harbottle, Peter Marshall 18-17

Rink 4: Neil Cooper, Steve Parnham, Les Owen, Colin Gray 16-15

Rink 5: Stefan Tomm, Dave Botting, Peter Miller, Nobby Clark 14-17

Rink 6: Mike Glithero, Steve Dodd, Norman Mann, Joe Cable 6-32

What an afternoon at Purley with terrible weather, Bedford's 3 men getting lost when they went to Purley Bury and SVP Joe Cable turning up with only one shoe!! No wonder Surrey found it hard going, even with the usual and beloved Bread Pudding available at half time. To cap it all Joe's Rink 6 just could not fathom the complexity of the rink in question. This was certainly one of the heaviest defeats for Joe and his men. I doubt Steve Dodd playing to receive his badge thought it was a good afternoon either. Compare the other side of the green,  Rink 1, where Colin Wilkins and his crew easily saw off the opposition. President Peter managed to scrape home a win on Rink 3 giving Bob Stockwell another newly badged player a slightly better experience. Colin Gray on Rink 4 could not keep his top rink 3 win streak going but still managed a narrow win. Rink 5 with Nobby Clark skipping went down by 3 shots, Peter Miller thought I wrote unfairly about his performance at Yeovil, but my advice obviously paid off as he diid not re-offend today. This was a really hard match for both Counties as the weather was very poor, but there again, what do you expect when it's an English summer

President v SCMPPBA 24th July @ Croydon BC 87-100

Rink 1: Peter Lines, Dave Loxton, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 15-17

Rink 2: Ken Chesson, Dave Ganney, Andrew Turnbull, Brian Cave 11-22

Rink 3: Peter Gay, Tony Plater, Robin Gordon, Joe Cable 12-22

Rink 4: John Tucker, Arthur Robins, Brian Rogers, Mike Platt 11-13

Rink 5: Keith Roberts, Vic Hemmett, Steve Sanderson, Nigel Whiteman 18-13

Rink 6: Mike Glithero, Neil Dimmock, Edward Dear, Martin Harbottle 20-13

A bit like the England Cricket Team. Glory one match, defeat the next.

Surrey v Devon 22nd July @ Yeovil BC 115-100

Rink 1: Tony Bourne, Roger Lanham, Edward Dear, Colin Gray 29-4

Rink 2: David Humphreys, Allan Pepper, Howard Quinnell, Peter Rapley 21-14

Rink 3: Pat Buckley, Steve Sanderson, Dave Sowdon, Martin Harbottle 18-24

Rink 4: Mike Rejman, Ray Heaney, Mick Gray, Peter Marshall 18-17

Rink 5: John Tucker, Kevin Clarke, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 14-17

Rink 6: Geoff Taylor, Vic Hemmett, Roger Mallett, Peter Miller 15-24

We were promised a very hot day by the weathermen, so I thought I would accompany my friend to Yeovil today to watch Surrey play Devon, a 5 year old fixture that has become  fixted in the calendar. Well not so much a very hot day but muggy there was no doubt. We took our seats alongside Rink 1 and as for muggy, well the opposition felt mugged as Colin Gray and his three fellows took no pity on them. 10-0 up after just 4 ends they continued to dominate all through the match with some excellent bowls from all four members. Colin Gray was thundering to his third top rink in as many matches, and could certainly have zeroed the opposition had he not given away a silly shot near the end and allowed them the opportunity to score three more. Switch attention to the other side of the green where on Rink 6 Peter Miller bowled a wrong bias on the second end forgetting the old advice that "the little ring goes on the inside". His team never really recovered and although they picked up shots during the match they were always chasing with the Devon Skip drawing some good shots. Also suffering in the middle of the green was JVP Martin Harbottle's men, who were again always at a disadvantage. There was some really great bowling from both teams on the 16th end, when on a very long jack there were 4 touchers two of which, the oppositions unfortunately, scoring in the ditch. Rink 5 with SVP Joe Cable skipping was as one has come to expect a noisy affair on ocassion. Lovely bowls from Kevin Clarke peppered the match but the team just went down by 3 shots. President Peter Marshall on Rink 4 had a hard fought game but kept in the thick of it to win by the odd shot. Unluckiest Rink was Rink 2, where Peter Raply's four made hard work of the initial exchanges. All four put up some good bowls but were always up against it, until finding some good bowls from the middle ends, they went on to score a very good 7 shot win. Definitely a match winning contribution. We did eventually see the sun, it appeared as it normally does on match days....once we were on the coach coming home.

Surrey v Northampton 18th July @ Kislingbury BC 112-109

Rink 1: Dave Aldam, Terry Foote, Robin Taylor, Peter Rapley 20-16

Rink 2: Colin Popple, Vic Hemmett, Steve Cooke, Joe Cable 18-21

Rink 3: Pat Buckley, John Round, Martin Morris, Nobby Clark 17-15

Rink 4: Freddie Clarke, Alistair Cochrane, Roger Lanham, Peter Marshall 11-30

Rink 5: Bob Daintree, Steve Sanderson, Jim Mason, Colin Gray 26-9

Rink 6: Tony Bourne, Geoff Taylor, Peter Miller, Bill Ayling 20-18

A close call for President Peter at Kislingbury today. Saved one might say from the reborn Colin Gray and his trio, who appeared to have it easy. There must certainly be some truth in the theory that a change of trousers can improve ones bowling! A good win too for Peter Rapley's Rink 1, Bill Ayling's Rink 6 and Nobby Clark's lads on Rink 3. My friend is now back home from hospital and hopes to be at the next match with me. 

President v SCIBA (Crawford Cup) 11th July @ Old Coulsdon BC 103-121 (2-4)

Rink 1: Stefan Tomm, Terry Hoye, Alan Shearing, Colin Gray 13-24

Rink 2: Andrew Turnbull, Dave Aldam, Jim Mason, Nobby Clark 23-19

Rink 3: Allen Banks, Brian Rogers, Andrew Boarer, Peter Marshall 23-16

Rink 4: Robin Taylor, Robin Fudge, Dave Sowdon, Graham D Robinson 18-21

Rink 5: Alan Bradshaw, Butch Manning, Maartin Harbottle, Joe Cable 15-18

Rink 6: Frank Middleton, David Tucker, John Cocoracchio, Peter Rapley 11-23

Not the best of results for the President in this two-leg contest. Better luck with the indoor match.

Surrey v Leicestershire 9th July @ Egham BC 101-170

Rink 1: Alistair Cochrane, Allan Pepper, Edward Dear, Joe Cable 24-16

Rink 2: Peter Lines, Roger Lanham, Peter Miller, Peter Marshall 11-36

Rink 3: Terry Osgood, Bill Hudson, Mike Platt, Nigel Whitemen 30-19

Rink 4: Alex Neil, Stefan Tomm, Martin Harbottle, Dave Candeland 9-35

Rink 5: Dave Aldam, Roger Rashleigh, Normann, Colin Gray 12-33

Rink 6: Martin Morris, Peter Duncan, Howard Quinnell, Brian Cave 15-31

Very unfortunate to hear of Surrey going down to one of its heaviest defeats for some while. 

President v Lower Bourne Sports Club 7th July 91-54  85th Anniversary

 Rink: Colin Clarke, Derek Martin, Derek Harvey, Howard Quinnell 19-11

Rink: Mike Rejman, Richard Edwards, Martin Harbottle, Joe Cable 19-14

Rink: Bob Archer, John Tucker, Norman Mann, Nobby Clark 22-19

Rink: Tony Bourne, Tom Rolfe, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 31-10

It only seems like 5 years when we were at Bourne for their 80th. Very kittle has changed, no longer attached to the RBL the club thrives on its own. This was a celebration match and as is the norm inthese situations much laughter and banter permeated the whole afternoon. Most rinks were slightly heavy and tricky, but were manageable. Here at Bourne were a great set of people, there were also some youngsters, well younr as far as the writer was concerned. President Peter had the best of the day and donated the top rink prizes to the opponents. I am happy to report that the three on Howard Quinnell's rink had a toucher on the last end!!

Presidents' v Malden Manor BC 5th July 125-123

Rink: Sheila Cable, Di Hannon, Steve Parnham, Peter Marshall 18-19

Rink: Pat Chapple, Pearl Macdonald, Andrew Boarer, Martin Harbottle 15-25

Rink: Peter Duncan, Colin Clarke, Gill Platt, Jan Pedersen 28-15

Rink: Geraldine Tucker, Dorothy Roberts, ANO, Joe Cable 15-18

Rink: John Tucker, Robin Fudge, Marion Beach, Charlotte Emanuel 31-17

Rink: Dave Loxton, Butch Manning, Marion Walsh-Hope, Jean Colvin 18-29

A very, very close match for the Presidents.

President v East Surrey League 3rd July @ Horley BC 136-110

Rink 1: Peter Gay, Terry Foote, Don Davies, Alan Bradshaw 21-17

Rink 2: Tom Rolfe, Gerry Vincent, Terry Hoye, John Cocoracchio 20-18

Rink 3: Allen Banks, Derek Harvey, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 17-20

Rink 4: Colin Clarke, Neil Dimmock, Steve Sanderson, Jim Mason 30-20

Rink 5: Dave Loxton, Arthur Robins, John Warren, Brian Cave 21-15

Rink 6: Peter Lines, Paul Eales, Edward Dear, Joe Cable 27-20

A frustrating day for some saw President Peter's team win a rare victory against the League. Rink 4 skipped by Jim Mason had the best of it taking the Top Rink prize. The 1.30 start fooled Colin Clarke but did not deter him from playing well. Compare this with the President's rink who were, one has to say very unlucky on two counts. Firstly they had Derek Harvey at 2 and secondly the opposition had so much luck it was unbelieveable. 

Good wins for Joe Cable on Rink 6, Brian Cave on 5 Alan Bradshaw on 1 and John Cocoracchio on 2 ensured the President would have a win. As always when this fixture is played there was plenty of cross green banter and friendly rivalry. Long may it continue.

Surrey v Buckinghamshire 2nd July @ High Wycombe BC 132-112

Rink 1: Roger Rashleigh, Kevin McNamee, Dave Candeland, Joe Cable 36-14

Rink 2: David Tucker, David Fifield, Derek Harvey, Colin Gray 17-17

Rink 3: John Tucker, Peter Hunt, Martin Harbottle, Peter Marshall 24-21

Rink 4: Ken Chesson, Tony Plater, Norman Mann, Nobby Clark 11-23

Rink 5: Colin Popple, Vic Hemmett, John Warren, Mick Gray 13-22

Rink 6: Bob Daintree, Graham Dawber, Peter Rapley, Dave Sowdon 31-15

Warned previously that there would not be any food prior to the match, a group of the players strode off to Sheila's Cafe to enjoy freshly made sandwiches, Vic Hemmett on the other hand caught a bus and went to McDonals! It obviously did him no good as he was on a losing rink. The green looked lovely, that did not mean it played so. Those that won will say it was a delight, those that lost will point out that there were runs and definitely a two paced rink. Rink 1 had a fairly easy time of it going into a 16-0 lead where everything went their way, but there was a wobble half way through until they stepped on the gas again to come away 22 shots up. Rink 6 at the other end of the green, after sorting out who was going to play where also paced themselves to a good win. President Peter's Rink 3 had a great tussle with their opponents until the penultimate end saw 21 all. A great last end resulted in a 3 shot win to the President. What does one say about Rink 2? Colin Gray and his team were in control until the 20th end when they dropped a 6 to fall 1 behind. A last end single saw a draw. This was hard work all the way through for Colin who was in his second day of a non Guinness month!. Rinks 4 and 5 seemed to find it very hard to get into their games, but the scores of the two outside rinks saw Surrey to a comfortable win.

Surrey v Oxford 25th June @ South Oxford BC 103-110


Rink : Roger Rashleigh, ANOther, Derek Harvey, Martin Morris 25-16

Rink 2: Colin Popple, David Tucker, Norman Mann, Peter Marshall 8-28

Rink 3: John Wilkins, Eddie Adamson, Dave Sowdon, Bob Campbell 19-16

Rink 4: Mark Medhurst, John Tucker, Howard Quinnell, Alan Bennet 16-17

Rink 5: Kevin McNamee, Geoff Taylor, John Warren, Mick Gray 19-19

Rink 6: Tony Bourne, John Hort, Martin Harbottle, Joe Cable 16-14

We ventured off on the 80 mile journey to South Oxford BC, hampered by a few gridlocks on the way whilst on the M25. No matter we were confident we would arrive in time for a welcoming cuppa and something to eat. Coffee/Tea and a packet of crisps did not do it!.  All Surrey players were grateful that John Tucker went off to Sainsburys for 26 packs of sandwiches!! Fuelled up, the players went into battle on what was a rather overcast afternoon. Early ends were mixed although President Peter's lads on Rink 2 came up against a strong opposition President's rink. Top of the shop in this match was a rearranged Rink 1 who were joined by Barry, a sub from Oxford. They were aways close in early exchanges and pulled away with some good bowling on longer jacks as the closing ends passed. Apart from Rink 2, Rinks 3, 4, 5 and 6 were all very close affairs with Rink 3 skipped by Bob Campbell winning by 3 shots. SVP Joe Cable on Rink 6 managed a 2 shot victory although a very quiet one today. Rink 5 with Mick Gray skipping managed a draw and Alan Bennet's men on Rink 4 just failing by 1 shot. The match appeared to be played in a friendly manner and despite the loss all were in good spirits. We departed to face the 80 mile trip home!!

Surrey v Kent 20th June @ Purley BC 116-90

Rink 1: Steve Parnham, Derek Harvey, Andrew Boarer, Joe Cable 22-10

Rink 2: Roger Rashleigh, Bill Hudson, Martin Harbottle, Mick Gray 21-15

Rink 3: Peter Lines, Barry Swannie, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 14-16

Rink 4: Sean Dempsey, Vic Hemmett, Colin Wilkins, Colin Gray 29-15

Rink 5: Tony Bourne, Kevin Clarke, Les Owen, Alan Bennet 13-17

Rink 6: Colin Popple, Edward Dear, James Mason, Peter Miller 17-17

Surrey arrived to play the old enemy at the home of the legendary Bread Pudding here at Purley on an overcast afternoon, to find a green slower than usual due to the heavy rain overnight. The early ends were quite tight although Rink 1 skipped by Joe Cable had the game under control with some very good bowling by the lead and three, backed of course in his usual way by Joe. They were however pipped for Top Rink by Colin Gray and his men on Rink 4 who scored a couple on the last end. President Peter on Rink 3 continued his return to the fray with a narrow loss. Rink 6 on the right day can be a joy to bowl on, and taking the slightly heavy conditions Peter Miller and company did well to force a draw. A nicely played game from Rink 2 saw a comfortable win for Mick Gray. The change of fortune, in what was until then a close match came with the arrival of the Bread Pudding after which Surrey took control. A good afternoon for all concerned both on the green and off.

Surrey v Berkshire 19th June @ Windlesham BC 117-109

Rink 1: Bob Archer, Derek Harvey, Howard Quinnell, Martin Harbottle 17-23

Rink 2: Mike Rejman, Mark Medhurst, Peter Hunt, Mike Platt 23-16

Rink 3: Dave Humphreys, John Warren, Bernie Pedersen, John Meningen 26-17

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, Bob Daintree, Dave Candeland, Peter Marshall 15-16

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Tony Fry, Andrew Boarer, Joe Cable 16-16

Rink 6: Alex Neil, John Hort, Gordon Beddall, Peter Rapley 20-21

Under leaden skies President Peter Marshall ventured back onto the green since his injury. He should have stayed in the clubhouse, for the players all got wet!! Seriously though it was a pleasure to see him out playing again. The rink could no quite muster a win however. This turned into a tight match particularly after the heaviest rainfall at about 8 ends. Rink 1 with JVP Martin skipping were in control with some good bowling. Howard Quinnell asked me to mention his name as playing well during these ends. Went to pot after! Rink 3 skipped by John Meningen took top spot and seemed to have their opponents well under control. They were chased for top by Mike Platt's Rink 2 who also pulled away after the heaviest of the rain. SVP Joe Cable and his four scrambled a draw nd Rink 6 were unlucky to lose by the odd shot. Altogether a good result as it's always nice to beat the Royal County.

Surrey v Hertfordshire 12th June @ Herts BC 111-84

Rink 1: John Tucker, Dave Lokkerbol, Martin Morris, Colin Gray12-17

Rink 2: Freddie Clarke, John Randall, Robin Gordon, Martin Wood 16-11

Rink 3: Ken Chesson, David Tucker, Ray Heaney, Joe Cable 16-16

Rink 4: Colin Popple, Alan Reed, Geoff Taylor, Alan Bennet 30-10

Rink 5: Stefan Tomm, Mike Glithero, Alan Bradshaw, Martin Harbottle 15-12

Rink 6: Alick Boobyer, Bill Hudson, Howard Quinnell, Graham Dawber 22-18

Bit of a wet one today for the Surrey team, but they continued the run of success for President Peter. Rink 4 ensured a good win for both themselves and the President. Just one rink off the pace today, the magic launcher not good in the rain.

Surrey v Norfolk 11th June @ Purley Bury BC 141-91

Rink 1: Ray Heaney, Edward Dear, Peter Quaintance, Peter Miller 21-20

Rink 2: Peter Lines, Derek Welch, Martin Harbottle, Joe Cable 22-16

Rink 3: Peter Gay, Derek Fifield, Norman Mann, Dave Candeland 31-14

Rink 4: Roger Rashleigh, Gerry Vincent, Les Owen, Mick Gray 22-17

Rink 5: Sean Dempsey, Bob Daintree, Joe Cornelius, Peter Rapley 31-7

Rink 6: Trevor Capes, Vic Hemmett John Warren, Brian Cave 14-17

The President's team keeps it going in the right direction. Rink 4 had a good win. Nice to see the No. 3 on a winning rink for a change! Obviously bowled better than he can fix electrical equipment. They were pipped to top spot by Peter Rapley's Rink 5. Well done to them.

Presidents v Wimbledon Park BC 9th June 65-64

Rink 2: Colin Clarke, John Tucker, Sylvia Russell, Linda Pillman 15-16

Rink 3: Penny Bruno, Barbara Clarke, Howard Quinnell, Joe Cable 15-22

Rink 5: Sue Lokkerbol, Dorothy Roberts, Robin Fudge, Martin Harbottle 20-15

Rink 6: Colin Homes, David Lokkerbol, Ronnie Pickering, Shan Maylin 15-11

Tight match for the Presidents at the Park!

President v London Parks BA 6th June @ Shirley Park BC

Rink 1: Neil Dimmock, Ken Shopland, Alan Shearing, John Southwell 23-16

Rink 2: Neil Cooper, Barry Swannie, Geoff Taylor, Jim Scott 12-16

Rink 3: Keith Roberts, David Lokkerbol, Colin Homes, Nobby Clark 25-9

Rink 4: John Morton Freddie Clarke, Brian Rogers, Joe Cable 28-13

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Allen Banks, Robin Taylor, Martin Harbottle 22-13

Another good win for the Presidents team at Shirley Par. Rink 3 were clear top rink with a thumping win. A clean sweep was missed as Jim Scott's Rink 2 went down to a small 4 shot defeat. SVP Jow Cable and JVP Martin Harbottle both had good victories.

President v Purley BC 3rd June 166-85

Rink 1: Colin Clarke, Treey Hoye, Robin Fudge, Brian Cave 34-11

Rink 2: David Tucker, Roger Lanham, Derek Harvey, John Southwell 25-19

Rink 3: Mike Glithero, John Tucker, Luke Griffin. Joe Cable 32-12

Rink 4: Dave Loxton, Guest, Mike Platt, Nigel Whitemen 16-15

Rink 5: Dave Walters, Arthur Robins, Martin Harbottle, John Meningen 29-15

Rink 6: Ray Heaney, Steve Sanderson, Colin Homes, Alan Bennet 30-13

On a sunny afternoon the President came along to play a team from his own club. The score irrelevant, this was a match of celebration for both the Club and Peter. Like any reporter I must of course detail the events of the afternoon, which andwith tea and bread pudding at half way was welcomed by all. Top of the shop was Rink 1 with Brian Cave skipping his rink in that oh, so casual manner of his. Never really in trouble they pulled away after the pudding break! Rink 2 was a much closer affair. David Tucker played some brilliant bowls but following the pudding lost his way. Good work from Lanham and Harvey helped to rally as John Southwell was obviously still feeling the effects of confronting Frankie Detori in the Weighing Room at the Derby!! Joe Cable's Rink 3 started slowly but with some good bowls from Luke Griffin, given the afternoon off from the cooking at Croydon playing well and the bionic launcher working well they scooted away. A narrow escape from a loss for Nigel Whitemen and his crew which had a guest player as they scraped home. Rink 5 had an entertaining game especially when 23-1 up. They obviously ran out of steam and the home side took advantage to score a few. Rink 6, is my friend's favorite rink when in from the ditch and a fast green, and Alan Bennet's four took advantage and at one time threatened to be top rink. 

The pleasantries after the match were of significance to President Peter who was presented with an enscribed decanter by the club. I doubt it was engraved with the words "don't bowl until your fully fit".

Surrey vs Sussex 30th May @ Cranleigh BC 117-117

Rink 1: Roger Rashleigh, Tony Clark, Tony Plater, Nigel Whiteman 14-18

Rink 2: Barry Swannie, Michael Carpenter, Martin Harbottle, Nobby Clark 21-18

Rink 3: Alex Neil, Martin Bevan, Andrew Boarer, Joe Cable 15-24

Rink 4: Andrew Salvador, Derek Harvey, Dave Sowdon, Eamon O'Flynn 28-11

Rink 5: Robin Taylor, Robert Edwards, Edward Dear, Alan Bennet 25-17

Rink 6: Colin Popple, John Tucker, Graham Spencer, Peter Miller 14-29

Seems many days since I put finger to keyboard to write about the exploits of Surrey on the green. The President continues his recupperation from injury but his team continue to keep him happy, on this occasion it was a draw but a very competitiive one to report upon. Top of the shop was Rink 4 skipped by home rink boy Eamon O'Flynn, and what a game he played, supported one must add by the rest of the rink. It was a close thing between this rink and Alan Bennet's Rink 5 and was going to the wire until they dropped a 5 on the last end. Nobby Clark also cut it fine with a 2 shot win which was nip and tuck right through. Turning to the unsuccessful rinks Rink 1 skipped by Nigel Whiteman had a tussle with their opponents but went down by 4. A 9 shot defeat for Rink 3 where Joe Cable and his lads could not seem to break out of the grip of the Sussex four. A revised Rink 6 was never really in the hunt despite John Tucker using his magic launcher. This was a match played in great spirit and I am sure all players enjoyed both the green and the company.

Surrey v Isle of Wight 21st May @ Milford BC 138-88

Rink 1: Alex Neil, Alistair Cochrane, Martin Harbottle, Peter Rapley 31-6

Rink 2: Alndrew Salvador, Steve Sanderson, Alan Bennet, Bill Ayling 26-15

Rink 3: Terry Osgood, Robert Wilson, Peter Miller, Peter Staples 30-12

Rink 4: Bob Archer, Terry Foote, Dave Candeland, Joe Cable 17-16

Rink 5: Barry Swannie, Tony Frey, Les Owen, Gordon Beddall 15-16

Rink 6: Roger Rashleigh, Allan Pepper, Howard Quinnell, Mick Gray 19-23

President v SCWBA 19th May @ Knaphill 108-137

Rink 1: John Tucker, David Tucker, Robin Taylor, Bill Ayling 24-17

Rink 2: Frank Middleton, David Lokkerbol, Ray Heaney, Howard Quinnell 16-20

Rink 3: Alan Endersby, Butch Manning, Peter Rapley, Joe Cable 14-30

Rink 4: Alf Medlin, Arthure Robins, Derek Harvey, Dave Harding 8-39

Rink 5: David Loxton, Robin Fudge, Bernie Pedersen, Nobby Clark 22-20

Rink 6: Colin Clarke, Norman Crawley, Alan Bennet, Barrie Emanuel 24-11

A day with dark clouds floating above the green threatening disappointment for the match. President Peter still injured, strolled around the green looking for good bowling; he found it on Rink 4, unfortunately it came from the Ladies! The score is not actually as bad as it looks, if it had not been for the three 5s and all the luck they had, they could have been sweating on a win! The overall winning margin for SCWBA came from this rink. During the early part of the match the only President's rink on the up was Rink 6, all of whom seemed to have mastered the green. On Rink 1 it was a pleasure to see John Tucker back on the green playing with his rake, and playing well too. The rink trailed for three quarters of the match but pulled ahead in the closing ends. Howard Quinnell on Rink 2 gave the spectators the opportunity of seeing that he actually wears a shirt under his Jacket, a rare sight indeed. Joe Cable as one would expect was his normal voluble self but could not urge his team to a victory. Rink 5 with Nobby Clark skipping had a very close match and was able to grab a victory on the last ends. This match should be viewed from the point of view that SCBA has to allow the SCWBA to win ocassionally.


Surrey vs Essex 16th May @ Loughton BC 108-113

Rink 1: Robin Taylor, Geoff Taylor, Colin Gray, Nobby Clark 15-13

Rink 2: John Tucker, Kevin McNamee, David Sowdon, Nigel Whitemen 19-19

Rink 3: Steve Parnham, John Hort, John Warren, Joe Cable 20-18

Rink 4: Neil Cooper, Aga Hassan, Martin Harbottle, Dave Candeland 16-26

Rink 5: Stefan Tomm, Kevin Clarke, Norman Mann, Mike Platt 26-12

Rink 6: Alan Bradshaw, Bob Daintree, Dave Warrington, Mick Gray 12-25

President Peter Marshall was an onlooker during this match as he had suffered the President's curse of an injury. Losing to Essex has becaome a regular event whether played home or away and this match proved to maintain that record. 

Surrey vs Cambridgeshire 8th May @ Steeple Morden BC 118-88

Rink 2: Kevin McNamee, Simon Squires, Martin Harbottle, Joe Cable 24-12

Rink 3: Martin Morris, Martin Rice, Graham Dawber, Peter Marshall 12-32

Rink 4: Dave Aldam, Derek Harvey, Dave Candeland, Howard Quinnell 25-15

Rink 5: Alan Bradshaw, Robin Gordon, Barry Swannie, Mick Gray 21-14

Rink 6: Colin Popple, David Lokkerbol, Gordon Beddall, Jim Scott 36-15

Well, a trip to Cambridgeshire proved to be the end of the fine weather, but for the President it continued his winning run. Not personally, for this was a day to forget. Under pressure from a very well schooled opposition Rink 4 had no answer. This was not the case with Rink 6 with those lovely Scottish tones of Jim Scott drifting down the rink to inspire his fellow bowlers. They came out as top rink, never challenged during the 21 ends. Rink 5 with Mick Gray skipping had an up and down match, and from my viewpoint under the canopy it appeared that veteran Barry Swannie had a good game at 3 in the rink. Rink 4 had an easier match until they achieved 16 shots and then allowed the opposition to score 8 shots over 3 ends in reply. Bowling as a three against a four with only 6 woods is difficult, for Derek Harvey seemed to think the match was a short match affair, and played no part until ends 20 and 21. Joe cable continues to afford the opponents every opportunity of scoring shots, and due to form was their 5th man during this match. It was a good day for Heathfield BC with Martin Rice and Simon Squires both receiving their County Badge from the President.

Surrey vs Dorset 2nd May @Gillingham BC 138-116

Rink 1: Trevor Capes, John Round, Howard Quinnell, Nobby Clark 21-25

Rink 2: Allan Pepper, Vic Hemmett, Peter Rapley, Graham D Robinson 24-11

Rink 3: Colin Popple, David Tucker, Peter Miller, Peter Marshall 21-18

Rink 4: Jim Mason, Freddie Clarke, Edward Dear, Peter Hunt 22-17

Rink 5: Tony Bourne, David Humphreys, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 26-27

Rink 6: Stefan Tomm, Derek Harvey, Martin Harbottle, Bill Ayling 24-18


Just 2 days into the season and another coach trip this time to the pleasant surroundings of Poole Park, but no! We are off to Gillingham BC, nowhere near the sea! Not to worry, it was a cert that Kevin the coach driver would know where it was. 

This turned into another good win for President Peter, although in the first few ends it looked a hard match with Peter Miller having a middle finger with a raincoat attached! David Tucker played his badge match and from what I could see aquited himself well. Nobby Clake's four had a very hard match on Rink 1 and went into the last end all square only to drop a 4. Graham Robinson's Rink 2 started as if their opponents had failed to turn up going 21-1 at 12 ends. They relented to let the Dorset four gain a few shots. They triumphed as the top rink.

Rink 4 skipped by Peter Hunt were good value for their 5 shot win. David Humphreys played for his badge on SVP Joe Cable's Rink 5. Hard work this one, with lead Tony Bourne preferring to put the jack in the ditch on a regular basis and Joe for the second match running helping the opposition to add to their score. Bill Ayling was back on his normal Rink 6 and despite some really good bowling from the rink, scoring a 4 on the first end, failed to overcome the luck of their opponents each time up to the 14th end. The front end then took charge with the opposition getting more frustrated as the match progressed. A good result for the County.

I felt that the after match comments being made in the changing room were unnecessary with the majority of them being aimed at Joe and Tony, but then again.....

Surrey vs Warwickshire 30th April @ Leamington 125-87

Rink 1: Dave Aldam, Alan Byrd, Martin Harbottle, Brian Cave 16-18

Rink 2: Robin Taylor, Paul Hopkins, Norman Mann Joe Cable 20-13

Rink 3: Kevin McNamee, Steve Parnham, Dave Candeland, Peter Marshall 21-16

Rink 4: Bob Daintree, Derek Harvey, Dave Sowdon, Nobby Clark 20-12

Rink 5: Pat Buckley, Martin Morris, Howard Quinnell, John Meningen 22-11

Rink 6: David Lokkerbol, Bill Hudson, Steve Sanderson, Peter Hunt 26-17


A winning start for the President on Rink 3. Steve Parnham played his first match, to gain his badge and had a good afternoon to go with it. The four struggled at first but took control as the ends passed to record a nice win. Paul Hopkins played on SVP Joe Cable's Rink 2 for his badge game and aquitted himself well. Joe as his normal noisy self did his best to assist the Warks four to a better shot total. His job wasn't made that much easier as he had Norman Mann as three. 

The third newly badged player was Alan Byrd who despite his Rink 1 going down by a couple of shots enjoyed the experience of a County match. Rink 5 came out as top rink although they tussled with Rink 6 for the honour. Howard Quinnell on Rink 5 was in very good form as was David Lokkerbol the New County Secretary playing his first match. All in all a good start to Peter's campaign.

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