Bert Bowler Reports

Surrey v Isle of Wight 21st May @ Milford BC 138-88

Rink 1: Alex Neil, Alistair Cochrane, Martin Harbottle, Peter Rapley 31-6

Rink 2: Alndrew Salvador, Steve Sanderson, Alan Bennet, Bill Ayling 26-15

Rink 3: Terry Osgood, Robert Wilson, Peter Miller, Peter Staples 30-12

Rink 4: Bob Archer, Terry Foote, Dave Candeland, Joe Cable 17-16

Rink 5: Barry Swannie, Tony Frey, Les Owen, Gordon Beddall 15-16

Rink 6: Roger Rashleigh, Allan Pepper, Howard Quinnell, Mick Gray 19-23

President v SCWBA 19th May @ Knaphill 108-137

Rink 1: John Tucker, David Tucker, Robin Taylor, Bill Ayling 24-17

Rink 2: Frank Middleton, David Lokkerbol, Ray Heaney, Howard Quinnell 16-20

Rink 3: Alan Endersby, Butch Manning, Peter Rapley, Joe Cable 14-30

Rink 4: Alf Medlin, Arthure Robins, Derek Harvey, Dave Harding 8-39

Rink 5: David Loxton, Robin Fudge, Bernie Pedersen, Nobby Clark 22-20

Rink 6: Colin Clarke, Norman Crawley, Alan Bennet, Barrie Emanuel 24-11

A day with dark clouds floating above the green threatening disappointment for the match. President Peter still injured, strolled around the green looking for good bowling; he found it on Rink 4, unfortunately it came from the Ladies! The score is not actually as bad as it looks, if it had not been for the three 5s and all the luck they had, they could have been sweating on a win! The overall winning margin for SCWBA came from this rink. During the early part of the match the only President's rink on the up was Rink 6, all of whom seemed to have mastered the green. On Rink 1 it was a pleasure to see John Tucker back on the green playing with his rake, and playing well too. The rink trailed for three quarters of the match but pulled ahead in the closing ends. Howard Quinnell on Rink 2 gave the spectators the opportunity of seeing that he actually wears a shirt under his Jacket, a rare sight indeed. Joe Cable as one would expect was his normal voluble self but could not urge his team to a victory. Rink 5 with Nobby Clark skipping had a very close match and was able to grab a victory on the last ends. This match should be viewed from the point of view that SCBA has to allow the SCWBA to win ocassionally.


Surrey vs Essex 16th May @ Loughton BC 108-113

Rink 1: Robin Taylor, Geoff Taylor, Colin Gray, Nobby Clark 15-13

Rink 2: John Tucker, Kevin McNamee, David Sowdon, Nigel Whitemen 19-19

Rink 3: Steve Parnham, John Hort, John Warren, Joe Cable 20-18

Rink 4: Neil Cooper, Aga Hassan, Martin Harbottle, Dave Candeland 16-26

Rink 5: Stefan Tomm, Kevin Clarke, Norman Mann, Mike Platt 26-12

Rink 6: Alan Bradshaw, Bob Daintree, Dave Warrington, Mick Gray 12-25

President Peter Marshall was an onlooker during this match as he had suffered the President's curse of an injury. Losing to Essex has becaome a regular event whether played home or away and this match proved to maintain that record. 

Surrey vs Cambridgeshire 8th May @ Steeple Morden BC 118-88

Rink 2: Kevin McNamee, Simon Squires, Martin Harbottle, Joe Cable 24-12

Rink 3: Martin Morris, Martin Rice, Graham Dawber, Peter Marshall 12-32

Rink 4: Dave Aldam, Derek Harvey, Dave Candeland, Howard Quinnell 25-15

Rink 5: Alan Bradshaw, Robin Gordon, Barry Swannie, Mick Gray 21-14

Rink 6: Colin Popple, David Lokkerbol, Gordon Beddall, Jim Scott 36-15

Well, a trip to Cambridgeshire proved to be the end of the fine weather, but for the President it continued his winning run. Not personally, for this was a day to forget. Under pressure from a very well schooled opposition Rink 4 had no answer. This was not the case with Rink 6 with those lovely Scottish tones of Jim Scott drifting down the rink to inspire his fellow bowlers. They came out as top rink, never challenged during the 21 ends. Rink 5 with Mick Gray skipping had an up and down match, and from my viewpoint under the canopy it appeared that veteran Barry Swannie had a good game at 3 in the rink. Rink 4 had an easier match until they achieved 16 shots and then allowed the opposition to score 8 shots over 3 ends in reply. Bowling as a three against a four with only 6 woods is difficult, for Derek Harvey seemed to think the match was a short match affair, and played no part until ends 20 and 21. Joe cable continues to afford the opponents every opportunity of scoring shots, and due to form was their 5th man during this match. It was a good day for Heathfield BC with Martin Rice and Simon Squires both receiving their County Badge from the President.

Surrey vs Dorset 2nd May @Gillingham BC 138-116

Rink 1: Trevor Capes, John Round, Howard Quinnell, Nobby Clark 21-25

Rink 2: Allan Pepper, Vic Hemmett, Peter Rapley, Graham D Robinson 24-11

Rink 3: Colin Popple, David Tucker, Peter Miller, Peter Marshall 21-18

Rink 4: Jim Mason, Freddie Clarke, Edward Dear, Peter Hunt 22-17

Rink 5: Tony Bourne, David Humphreys, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 26-27

Rink 6: Stefan Tomm, Derek Harvey, Martin Harbottle, Bill Ayling 24-18


Just 2 days into the season and another coach trip this time to the pleasant surroundings of Poole Park, but no! We are off to Gillingham BC, nowhere near the sea! Not to worry, it was a cert that Kevin the coach driver would know where it was. 

This turned into another good win for President Peter, although in the first few ends it looked a hard match with Peter Miller having a middle finger with a raincoat attached! David Tucker played his badge match and from what I could see aquited himself well. Nobby Clake's four had a very hard match on Rink 1 and went into the last end all square only to drop a 4. Graham Robinson's Rink 2 started as if their opponents had failed to turn up going 21-1 at 12 ends. They relented to let the Dorset four gain a few shots. They triumphed as the top rink.

Rink 4 skipped by Peter Hunt were good value for their 5 shot win. David Humphreys played for his badge on SVP Joe Cable's Rink 5. Hard work this one, with lead Tony Bourne preferring to put the jack in the ditch on a regular basis and Joe for the second match running helping the opposition to add to their score. Bill Ayling was back on his normal Rink 6 and despite some really good bowling from the rink, scoring a 4 on the first end, failed to overcome the luck of their opponents each time up to the 14th end. The front end then took charge with the opposition getting more frustrated as the match progressed. A good result for the County.

I felt that the after match comments being made in the changing room were unnecessary with the majority of them being aimed at Joe and Tony, but then again.....

Surrey vs Warwickshire 30th April @ Leamington 125-87

Rink 1: Dave Aldam, Alan Byrd, Martin Harbottle, Brian Cave 16-18

Rink 2: Robin Taylor, Paul Hopkins, Norman Mann Joe Cable 20-13

Rink 3: Kevin McNamee, Steve Parnham, Dave Candeland, Peter Marshall 21-16

Rink 4: Bob Daintree, Derek Harvey, Dave Sowdon, Nobby Clark 20-12

Rink 5: Pat Buckley, Martin Morris, Howard Quinnell, John Meningen 22-11

Rink 6: David Lokkerbol, Bill Hudson, Steve Sanderson, Peter Hunt 26-17


A winning start for the President on Rink 3. Steve Parnham played his first match, to gain his badge and had a good afternoon to go with it. The four struggled at first but took control as the ends passed to record a nice win. Paul Hopkins played on SVP Joe Cable's Rink 2 for his badge game and aquitted himself well. Joe as his normal noisy self did his best to assist the Warks four to a better shot total. His job wasn't made that much easier as he had Norman Mann as three. 

The third newly badged player was Alan Byrd who despite his Rink 1 going down by a couple of shots enjoyed the experience of a County match. Rink 5 came out as top rink although they tussled with Rink 6 for the honour. Howard Quinnell on Rink 5 was in very good form as was David Lokkerbol the New County Secretary playing his first match. All in all a good start to Peter's campaign.

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