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Tour Diary 2018.

Direct from the tour as it happens by our correspondent Fred!


5th October,

Having arrived safely after some delay for fog in the UK we all got suitably merry but turned up at 8:30 today for our first match, this against  Lauro Golf BC. It was a lovely setting up in the hills. The green -actually a carpet - looked really inviting and the local members gave us a wonderful welcome in their really super cool strip.

On the rinks several teams struggled just a little - did I hear a claim against us for a hot shot? Whilst others lead by part timers David Candeland and President Roger Lanham and super ace Colin Gray went on to win,  Graham and Vera Dawber on their 55th Wedding Anniversary struggled as did SVP Peter Marshall. JVP Joe Cable did not do well either.

Overall Surrey lost 71 to 102 ; Colin grey won the swiddle predicting 32 lost against the actual 31.No one has told him not to predict against the Surrey team!

But Bill Ayling gained immortal fame. He was presented by the Lauro Captain with the GIRAFFE Award  - the bowler with balls the furthest from the head!


Saturday 6thOctober,

After another hard night trying to keep the Spanish economy afloat through alcohol sales, the tour today went along the coast towards Marbella and a lovely club at Miraflores. There we were greeted by the members all lined up on 2 sides to welcome us. The green looked enormous but our opponents could not have been more friendly. On rinks 5 and 6, SVP Peter Marshall and HVP Bill Ayling respectively managed comfortable wins. Each had tremendous help from the ladies. Notable were the contributions of Linda and Gillian at the front end for Peter who had no help from Spreadsheet Dave putting down a wrong bias. Bill had Eddie, Barbara and Zoe to thank for his win. Tour organiser David Candeland with a bit of help from a Miraflores player also just managed a win with Carol leading. 

On the other hand, Colin was clearly still suffering the effects of last night although Gordon tried to bail the team out of trouble. The biggest loss was suffered by JVP Joe “Local Radio Star” Cable who will be turning everyone off their listening tonight.  So, overall Surrey lost 79 shots to 90 for the locals but it was a great game. Barbara and June predicted accurately the loss, so won today’s fiddle.


Sunday 7thOctober: Fredericka reports poetically


We met and collected

the fines master selected

his victims aplenty but innocents none

The money rolled in amid laughter by some.


Then to Benalmedena in the sun

Where Surrey was to have its fun

Radioman Joe, 

thought the green was “just so”

His win was magnificent

Everyone elses’ indifferent


Whilst Carol with an “e”

Wrong biased, chronically

Dawber with a Sue

Won by quite a few

But for 2 shades of Gray

His disappointment lay

In his shot for a win

Which dropped his team in the bin.


With Candeland saving

And Ayling failing

An overall win of seven plus 10

Gave victory to 3 Surrey Men

The carpet had been fast

But the sun was a blast

In a sky that was cloudless

We had hosts who were faultless


8th October: Rest Day: viist to Malaga Fortress for some



The last match of the tour is best forgotten quickly. Heavy rain before the match had our opponents at Santa Maria unenthusiastic about playing and the rain, thunder and lightning afterwards was of epic proportions. The gods in Valhalla were clearly not pleased with Surrey’s performance, a result predicted on the swindle sheet by the majority.


On the positive side, Barbara bowled stoically left handed and got some nice woods in. Sue, well “she puts down a lovely mat” and Zoe, looking lovely in yellow wets, put a toucher behind AND in front. Only Dawber with a guest player and Cable with some stonking bowling from Gordon, won their rinks. Elsewhere it was disaster all round, The President was accused of not turning up and lost 6 shots to 33. David C went down by 6, Colin was 4 shots to 24 against and big Bill by just 1 shot, 17:18. Overall Surrey lost by 33 shots. There were fines aplenty, notably Dawber who went through on his last wood for his team to fail getting a hot shot.

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