AREA THREE FINALS 2018


Monday 24th June 2019.  Fours     venue  Newdigate BC


Tuesday 25th June 2019.  Triples    venue  Redhill BC


Friday 17th May 2019.  U B Singles venue  Warlingham Park BC


Thursday 27th June 2019.  Pairs  venue  Wallington BC


Friday 28TH June 2019.  Singles, Champion of Champions venue Horley BC


Sunday 30th June 2019 Two Woods  venue Div 6 Sutton BC 10am Start

                                                               Div 5 Bletchingley BC 10am Start


Friday 24TH May 2019 Over 55 Fours venue Ashtead BC


All matches will start at 6.00pm and be played in whites with white/club shirts, sticker and score cards will be provided when you report to the organiser with your game score cards.



                                        AREA FINALS DRAW 2019


                 Fours      6A v  5A      =  3A

                                5B  v  6B      =  3B


                 Triples    5A v  6B       =  3A

                                5B v  6A       =  3B


                 Pairs       5B v 6A        =  3A

                                6B v 5A        =  3B


              UB Singles  6A v 6B      =  3A

                                5A  v 5B      =  3B


                Singles   5B  v 6A       =  3A

                               5A  v 6B       =  3B


     Champion of Champions                         Secretaries


         3B v 3A         =  3A                                   3A v 3B         =3A


                                                                           Over 55 Fours

                                                                          5A v 5B          =3A

                                                                          6B v 6A          =3B




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