AREA THREE FINALS 2020


Monday 29th June 2020.  Fours     venue   BC


Tuesday 30th June 2019.  Triples    venue  l BC


Wednesday 17th June 2020.  U B Singles venue   BC


Thursday 2nd July 2020.  Pairs  venue   BC


Friday 3rd July 2020.  Singles, Champion of Champions venue  BC


Sunday 14th June 2020 Two Woods  venue Div 5/6 BC 9 am Start

                                                               Div 5/6  BC 9 am Start


Sunday 12th July 2020 Two Woods Q/F, S/F, Area Final venue 10am Start


Friday 22nd May 2020 Over 55 Fours venue  BC


All matches will start at 6.00pm and be played in whites with white/club shirts, sticker and score cards will be provided when you report to the organiser with your game score cards.



                                        AREA FINALS DRAW 2019


                 Fours      5A v 6A       =  3A

                                5B  v  6B      =  3B


                 Triples    5A v  6B       =  3A

                                5B v  6A       =  3B


                 Pairs       5B v 6A        =  3A

                                6B v 5A        =  3B


              UB Singles  6A v 6B      =  3A

                                5A  v 5B      =  3B


                Singles   5B  v 6A       =  3A

                               5A  v 6B       =  3B


     Champion of Champions                         Secretaries


         3B v 3A         =  3A                                   3A v 3B         =3A


                                                                           Over 55 Fours

                                                                          5A v 5B          =3A

                                                                          6B v 6A          =3B




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