Area Four - 2 Wood



The Area Four 2 Wood Singles competition will take place at West End B.C. on Sunday 30th June.


Players must arrive by 9:00am and the draw will only include the competitors that have arrived by that time.


List of players:


Andy Palmer (BM)                Roy Spencer (EG)                Robin Street (KN)

                                         Johnathan Latter (EG)           Howard Quinnell (KN)

Nick Hardy (CM)                  Wade Marshall (EG)              Nigel Whiteman (ML)

Gary Clark (CM)                   Sean Gingell (EG)                 Charlie Spear (ML)

John Steer (CM)                  Jamie Butterworth (FN)         Charles Pearson (MY)

                                         Nick Falla (FN)                     John Randall (MY)

Steve Higginbotham (CM)     Nathan Beeson (FN)             Matt Short (OD)

Peter Boot (CM)                                                            Anthony Reynolds (OD)

Mike Dray (CM)                   Barry Fairhurst (FN)             Ross Christie (OD)

Terry Friday (CM)                Mark Fyfield (FN)                 Connor Hayes (OD)

Keith Wilson (CM)                Ben Chadwick (FN)               Kieren Kavanagh (OD)

Richard Worrall (CM)            Alan Byrd (FN)                     Chris Dick (OD)

David Andrews (CR)             Marc Gorman (FN)               Kev Clarke (OD)

James Freemantle (CR)         Graham Robinson (GD)        Don Walsh (OD)

David Freemantle (CR)          Peter Brown (GD)                Liam Mulcahy (OD)

Allan Davies (EG)                 Stuart Young (GD)               Callum Sharp (OD)

David Ayton (EG)                 Alex Neil (GD)                     Mark Jones (WE)

Jake Clarke (EG)                  Bernie Gray (GD)                 Alan Lowe (WP)

Gary Clarke (EG)                  Maurice MacFarlane (HH)     Ian Jones (WH)








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