Ladies and Gentlemen,

                                       What a year it has been. When we held the 2019 AGM, we had no idea what was to come, so to say it has been challenging is an understatement.

If we go back to last year’s AGM, you will recall that SCBA ended up without a Secretary. Having personally not succeeded in becoming the Male members representative on the Bowls Surrey Board, (I must congratulate Arthur Robbins for the excellent job he has done performing the role). I was therefore, available to offer my services for the role of Secretary, until such time as someone came forward, which I hoped would not be long, as I was already Match Secretary, this offer was accepted by SCBA.

Just a little bit about my background. Born in Sidmouth Devon, My Father bowled for Devon, he introduced me to bowls when I was 16, I moved to South Croydon in 1968, joined Purley Bury BC in 1969, moved to Old Coulsdon in 1971. Stopped bowling at the end of 1976, due to work and the birth of twins, re-joined Purley Bury in 1999.

So, what has happened over the past 12 months. During December & January working on the final preparations for the County & President’s matches. February trying to get my head around the Secretaries responsibilities, at this point I must thank Derek Harvey for the smooth hand-over and the support he has given since.

It was during February, that we held a joint meeting between the F&GP, SCWBA Executive & Bowls Surrey. Here we discussed what we could work on, that was common to both Associations, to try and bring them in to line. They were as follows: -

  1. Year book – This will be a joint year-book for 2021
  2. Badge Qualification – This has now been passed by both association and will commence in 2021
  3. Zone / Area restructuring – This has been agreed by both Associations and has now been reflected in the affiliation process, and Competitions entries for 2021.
  4. Online Competition program – This is currently being trialled in readiness for 2021 comps.
  5. New Website – This has been put on hold temporarily.


There are some other proposed changes in the pipeline, which over the coming weeks & months I will share with you all.

As you can appreciate the above has taken up many hours and days of my time. I must at this point thank the Executive Council, the Executive of SCWBA for the support and encouragement they have given throughout this difficult and challenging process.

It would be very remiss of me not to thank Sheron Mitchell SCWBA Secretary, without her co-operation and valuable input, the above would have been a great deal harder to achieve.

Where there were major differences, we compromised. I would like to think we have built up a good working relationship, that hopefully has brought the two associations closer, and will stand us in good stead going forward.

The decision to cancel all County and Presidents Matches, was taken very quickly after we had entered the COVID 19 lock-down, in addition the decision to repay affiliation fees etc, was taken at the same time. These decisions obviously meant that the Presidential Team, in particular The President Joe Cable, would not be able to enjoy their year, as they should. The SCBA were very pleased, when the Presidential team agreed to carry forward their duties to 2021.

On 22nd August The President Joe Cable, SVP Martin Harbottle, JVP Brian Shellard and myself had the pleasure of attending a Leopard award presentation for Derek Redgwell, of Castle Green B.C. What a wonderful setting for a club. Obviously, we had to maintain our social distancing, a good time was had by all.

As you will have seen, there are changes taking place in 2021, some are major. I am aware that some of you will not be too happy and others will be. I would ask that you all support the changes and give them a chance.

There are four Councillors that are standing down, Arthur Robins, Robin Fudge, Colin Homes, Mick Gray, I want to thank them all for their commitment, input and service to the Association.

This brings me on nicely to the current vacancies, and I would be grateful if you could search your hearts and see if you could help your County out. We have vacancies for; -

SCBA - Match Secretary, please don’t ask me do two jobs again next year.

SCBA - Four Executive Councillors – To attend four Council meetings during the course of a year, and possibly serve on committees

SCBA - Assistant County Secretary.

County Chandler – Responsible for all County attire both Male and Female. (This could be a couple).

Last, but by no means least, I must mention the Clubs and their members. I have mentioned how difficult it has been for the County, but that is nothing compared to Clubs and individuals. I am sure a number of us have heard of someone who has passed away in the bowling fraternity, that we knew, loved, or played against, I am sure our thoughts and prayers are with all the families at this time.

I want to thank all the officers in the Clubs for all they have done during this period of uncertainty, I was pleased to hear of so many clubs that were able to re-open and provide some form of bowling for their members. During the early stages of the “Lock-down” the two President and the two Secretaries between them contacted all 126 clubs, assuring them, that we were there to help, should they need advice or assistance, the four Officers found this very informative and rewarding.

SCBA and the Clubs, now have to put things in place for 2021, in the hope that we will be able to play next year. If we are able to, it will be a very busy year for the County President, as all the matches have been rolled over, and there are additional Anniversary matches. Your President Joe Cable, would appreciate any support you are able to give, in terms of playing in matches.

I know that your club also needs you. My stance is, your family comes first, club comes second, the County third, National & County Competitions fourth. Without the Clubs, there is no County, without the County there are no County Competitions, Without the Clubs and County there is no Bowls England.

Finally, I speak on behalf of the Executive, when I say, our desire for 2021, is that you all stay safe and healthy, and are able to enjoy the game we all love.

Kind regards.

John Tucker (Secretary)


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