It has been a challenging year for the Association, as it has been for all the clubs, having to deal with the Covid situation. I would like to thank all the clubs and their committees for the work they have done throughout the year to provide bowling to their members.

Members Handbook

After the last AGM, which if you recall was via ZOOM, we began work on the first Joint “members handbook”, I would like to say a big thank you to Sheron Mitchell at this point, she and I have worked together on a number of things throughout the year, which hopefully has brought the two associations closer together. There will be another joint member’s handbook in 2022.


At the 2020 AGM we did not have a Match Secretary, but shortly after, Tony Bourne made himself available, for which we are very grateful. We talk about being thrown in at the deep-end, well this was certainly the case with Tony. Matches had been put in place assuming that things would be back to normal by the start of the season, how wrong could we be. Matches had to be re-arranged for later in the season, we can honestly say that Surrey did not cancel any matches, it was other counties that cancelled.

We managed to play:

11 County Matches: Won = 10, lost = 1, Cancelled = 7

12 President Matches: Won = 6, Lost = 5, Drawn = 1, Cancelled = 1

11 Celebration Matches: Won = 8, Lost = 3, Cancelled = 1


As with matches, arranging the rounds of competitions was also challenging, thanks must go to all the Competition Secretaries for the work they put in. The two-wood competition unfortunately had to be “play by” dates this year as we could not fit in a “one day” competition, this will return to “one day” in 2022.

As you know we introduced the new online system for competitions, which has been warmly received by competitors, we are very grateful for the support and  patience you have shown to us. In previous years 100% of the results had to be reported to the competition secretaries, this year only 20% went through them 80% were done online by the competitors.

There were 23 players who qualified for their County badge, congratulations go to them all.

A number of players experienced Leamington for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and said they want to do it again. Unfortunately, we were not very successful at the National Championships.

Not only did we have to deal with Covid, we had to deal with the new format from Bowls England, which was not well received. In fact, Bowls England have accepted that it was a mistake, and have amended the format for 2022.

Singles – Unchanged

Pairs = 18 ends 4 bowls

Triples = 18 ends 3 bowls

Fours = 18 ends 2 bowls

Inter-counties competitions.

This year the Middleton Cup was run on a knockout basis, it was a thrilling game going down to the final bowl, unfortunately we lost to Sussex by one shot.

In the Balcomb we won the first match against Berkshire, who conceded with five ends still to play, but lost in the Regional Semi-Final to Hampshire by 12 shots.

In the Home Counties we won the first match against Buckinghamshire by 14 shots, but lost to Hampshire in the next round by 14 shots.

Under 25’s

Unfortunately, due to Covid, it has been a very disappointing year for the Juniors, with many games being cancelled, including some of the Home Counties matches. It is hoped that things will return to some normality in 2022. Due to personal circumstances both Paul Manual and Norman Mann have stood down as Junior Team Manager. At this time, we do not have anyone to replace them.

Leopard Awards

The President Joe Cable had the privilege and honour of presenting Leopard Awards to the following recipients, other Senior Officers were in attendance.

17.05.21 Peter Tapper – Woking Park

21.05.21 Dave Popejoy – Purley Bury

25.06.21 Brian Hart – Chipstead

03.07.21 Richard Turner – Shirley Park

23.07.21 Charlie Rayfield – Wallington

28.07.21 Andrew Boarer – Mayfield Hall

28.07.21 John Everest – Milford

09.09.21 Jake Absolon – Temple (posthumously)

I am sure there are Club members who have contributed an enormous amount to their Club over many years, that have not had the recognition they deserve. If you have someone in your club that deserves to be recognised, please consider putting them forward for this prestigious award.

Presidential Team

The President Joe Cable was looking forward to his year in 2020, but then Covid hit, and he had to wait another year, which was most frustrating at the time, but when you think of what has taken place in our country since then, that frustration pales in to insignificance.

When we looked at the final calendar for the Presidential Team for 2021, we wondered how they were going to get through it all.

The President Joe Cable of course was obliged to attend all matches, Middleton Cup, Balcomb Trophy, Home Counties, Walter Cross, competitions quarter / semi and Finals, two weeks at Leamington, Awards, meetings and more. You may be interested to know that from the 17th May – 12th September Joe only had eight free days, and on those days, he was either playing for his Club Purley Bury or spiking the green.

Joe will be the first to say he had a good team around him, was very well supported, which enabled him to enjoy his Presidential year.

The SCBA would like to commend him for his total commitment and contribution to the association since becoming part of the Presidential team in 2018. We wish him well as he now moves on to be President of the Surrey County Men’s Past Presidents Association.


Once again, on behalf of all the Officers, I want to thank all the members of the Association for their support, and to wish you all a very peaceful, enjoyable and healthy Christmas, and a successful 2022.

John Tucker


Surrey County Bowling Association.


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