Bowls England Guidance on Electric Fences

In regards to the installation of Electric Fences around Bowling Greens and following a question regarding risk, the following advice was received from the Bowls England insurer (Sutton Winson) :


“Without knowing the specific risk, I can’t really comment specifically, but the Insured will have to consider the following:


  • Is their method of protection reasonable?
  • Could anyone accidentally be hurt? When considering this the client will need to make their decision based on members of the public who need to be afforded the highest duty of care – that is usually children. So, could it be reasonably foreseen that a young child could be hurt/injured by the fence? 
  • Signage is fine for adults, but no good for children under reading age
  • Where is the bowls club located – for example a completely private area where likelihood of accidental harm to public is remote, or in an area frequented by the public, such as near to/within a recreation park?


The club will need to be very careful that they are not leaving themselves vulnerable to prosecution.


Whilst not exactly the same, as far as razor wire/barbed wire/broken glass on walls etc is concerned, we actively discourage this type of perimeter protection.”

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