2021 Greens Guidance for County Comps updated 28th Nov 2020
A Guide to the requirements of a bowling green to be used for County Competitions.
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  • Ties shall be played only upon greens with a suitable playing surface which shall be level and of at least 31metres in length, exclusive of banks and ditches. The Council/ Executive Committee shall have power to inspect any green to ensure suitability.
  • Where the green chosen by the challenger, as drawn, does not conform with Rule 7.1, and where the green of the opponent, as drawn, does conform with the said Rule, the tie shall be played on the opponent's green and he/she shall become the challenger, for the purpose of the tie.
  • Where the greens of both competitors do not conform with Rule 7.1, the tie shall be played on a neutral green by mutual arrangement.
  • Outdoor synthetic surfaces are acceptable.
  • All protests about the condition and fitness of a green must be made before the commencement of the sixth end of a tie. The playing of the tie must cease and the nearest Green Ranger contacted immediately either directly by telephone or through the appropriate Competition Secretary. The Guidelines for Greens Rangers (Appendix A) will come into operation to determine the outcome.
  • Competitors may not smoke on or within 1 metre of the green whilst playing a County Championship or Competition. (This includes electronic cigarettes).
  • Mobile phones MUST be switched off during play and should not be taken on the green.
  • (SCWBA ONLY) Each Competitor is responsible for paying her own green fees, if required.



Guidelines for Green Rangers on receipt of a complaint of an unfit rink

These guidelines are solely concerned with a tie in progress.

Under Rule 7.5 of the Competition Rules Policy

All protests about the condition and fitness of a green must be made before the commencement of the sixth end of a tie.  The playing of the tie must cease and the nearest Green Ranger contacted immediately, either directly by phone or through the appropriate Hon. Competition Secretary.  The Green Ranger will inspect the green within 24 hours.  If the Green Ranger certifies that the green is unfit for play the home club will be informed immediately and arrangements will be made for the tie to be played on the opponent’s green at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.  Should the Green Ranger certify the green fit to play, the tie must be resumed from the point it ceased.  Should play continue other than on the original day, trial ends will be permitted.  The decision of the Green Ranger relating to all protests under this rule shall be final and binding on all competitors concerned.


Actions to be taken by the attending Ranger

  1.  On receiving a complaint either directly from a player or the Area Competition Secretary the Ranger must attend the venue as soon as possible or if unable to attend arrange for a replacement to attend.
  2. The Ranger shall familiarise himself with the details of the complaint and after visually assessing the rink, bowl to a short, medium and long jack on both hands.
  3. He should note the consistency of the draw or lack thereof, at least two bowls on each hand to the stated lengths shall be bowled.
  4. If in the opinion of the Ranger the rink is of a standard to permit fair competition, play will continue as dictated in the rule (see above).   The matter will then be closed:  no appeal will be allowed.
  5. If the opinion is that the rink is not fit, the rules in 7.5 (see above) will operate.
  6. If the tie cannot be decided as set out above, then arrangements must be made for the tie to be completed before the date of the following round.
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