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MAY 14 U25 v Bucks JHCL @ Waddesden 10:00 LOST 56 61



U25 White Rose v Berkshire @ Thatcham BC







U25 v Mayford Hall BC







U25 v Combined Areas @ Malden Manor BC







U25 v Purley Bury BC







U25 White Rose Regional Finals @





JUNE 25 U25 v Oxford JHCL @ Malden Manor BC 10:00 WON 58


JULY 2 U25 v Berkshire JHCL @ Thatcham BC 10:00      
JULY 9 U25 v Sussex JHCL @ Popes Mead 10:00      



U25 Singles/Pairs Qtr & Semi-Finals @ Purley Bury





JULY 23 U25 v Kent JHCL @ Malden Manor 10:00      



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U25 v Leatherhead BC (Floodlights)







25th June 2017

U25's V Oxford JHCL

Rink 1. 16 - 18 Sammy Tindall, Ben Granat, Jack Sanderson, Andrew Orme

Rink 2. 24 - 13 Jamie Houle, Ryan Bickley, Luke Griffin, Charlie Souter

Rink 3  18 - 16 Callum Sharp, Adam Boarer, Connor Hayes, Jamie Tindall

Rink 4  13 - 16 (Friendly Rink). Thomas Goucher, Freddie Rosenburg-Steel, Luke Bazzani, Daniel Mullen

What a brilliant performance and result.

To put this performance into perspective, I need to tell you who dropped out of the original team,

Graham & Marcus Steet, Harry Cushen, Aaron & Eoghan Harding, Jonathan Winter and Jake Ladd.

The boys that came in really stepped up to the plate and played against a very strong Oxford team.

Before the game started JVP Peter Marshall handed out two Junior County Badges to Callum Sharp & Connor Hayes.

In our huddle before the game, it was stressed that it was important to keep the game tight, to think about every shot, if one of our rinks got ahead it was down to the others to keep the shots against to a minimum. Everyone took this on board

and this was exactly how the game panned out. Charlie's rink managed to get ahead, the other two rinks did their job, we almost won on 3 rinks. I am so proud of all the players including those who played in the friendly rink. I also want to thank Freddie who came in at the last minute to make up the numbers and played very well.


11th June 2017

U25's v Purley Bury

Rink 1. 13 - 21 Kieran Pankhania, Thomas Goucher, Jamie Houle, Adam Boarer

Rink 2. 13 - 17 Liam Hall, Sam Cates, James Rabson, Eoghan Harding

Rink 3. 17 - 14 Scott Hall, Ryan Bickley, Daniel Mullen, Jack Sanderson


We had two new Under 25's playing today Kieran & Sam, everyone gave them a warm welcome & they both put up a good show. Speaking of welcomes Purley Bury put out a strong team, they one by nine shots, but made us most welcome.

The boys did very well, at one stage they were over 20 shots down, but they kept going and reduced it to 9 in the end.

At one stage Jack Sanderson's rink was 5 12 down, but came back to win 17 - 14. great performance.

We now look forward to the JHCL match against Oxford on 25th June.


4th June 2017

U25's v Combined Areas

Rink 1. 16 - 23 Thomas Goucher, Jamie Houle, Daniel Mullen, Luke Griffin

      Area 4        N. Barber, J. Twells, P. Brown, P.Twells

Rink 2. 11 - 23 George Clarke, Scott Hall, Eoghan Harding, Adam Boarer

      Area 1        N. Winford, J. Allen, R. Corne, N. Findley

Rink 3  15 - 14  Ryan Bickley, Luke Bazzani, Jack Sanderson, Andrew Orme

      Area 3        C. Jones, D Aburn, J. O'Leary, J. Stevens

Rink 4  13 - 18  Hugo Manuel, Liam Hall, Ben Granat, Jake Ladd

      Area 2        C. Clarke, G. Beddall, N. Clarke, S. Wessier


I have to first thank all the Areas for putting out strong teams against the U25's it shows the U25's a lot of respect. So we

knew it was going to be a tough day, it meant that the boys were going to have to step up to the plate. 9 out of 16

U25's had not played in this game before, or at this level. 

Everyone got off to a good start except those playing Area 1, Norman Winford was on form and setting up the end time after time. You will see from the scores above the games were very close. It would be very remiss of me not to mention 

Andrew Orme's rink, they got off to a good start everyone contributing, the lead changed four times. The boys went into

the last end one down and managed to get two shots to win.

I am sure all the players from the Areas will want to join me and say well done to every U25 who played today.

My thanks also go to Malden Manor for their hospitality and to all the parents who come and support.


28th May 2017

U25's v Mayford Hall

Rink 1. 17 - 20 Jamie Houle, Thomas Goucher, Daniel Mullen, Graham Street

Rink 2. 23 - 10 Luke Bazzani, Ryan Bickley, Andrew Orme, Luke Griffin

Rink 3. 22 - 14 Hugo Manuel, George Clarke, Ben Granat, Adam Boarer


What a lovely club & such nice people. This was the first time they had hosted an U25's game. All the boys played well,

and played as a team, there was a good atmosphere on the green. The closest game was on rink 1, it was nip & tuck all the way, in the end Mayford won, their rink was skipped by Angela Boarer. Hugo Manuel played in his first under 25 game.

The Mayford players were complimentary as to the standard of bowls played, their attitude & manners. They would very

much like to play them agains.


21st May 2017

U25's White Rose v Berkshire

Rink 1. 14 - 28 Harry Cushen, Aaron Harding, Jonathan Winter, Marcus Street.

Rink 2. 17 - 15 Callum Sharp, Joseph Tindall, Connor Hayes, Jake Ladd


This turned out to be a very disappointing day. We started well & were in front until the 12th End, at 8 - 8 rink 1 dropped a six which turned out to be a game changer, this gave Berks a lift which spread to rink 2 they picked up 3 shots, which for the first time put them in front overall. Rink 1 struggled from that point on, chasing the game on a tricky rink. Rink 2 played very well & managed to hold on to win by 2 shots. This was the first White Rose for a number of players, it will not be their last.


14th May 2017

U25's v Bucks JHCL

Rink 1. 18 - 25 Eoghan Harding, Sammy Tindall, Jamie Tindall, Marcus Street.

Rink 2. 21 - 16 Callum Sharp, Joseph Tindall, Connor Hayes, Jake Ladd.

Rink 3. 17 - 20 Harry Cushen, Graham Street, Jonathan Winter, Andrew Orme.


What a game. We were playing last years worthy Champions. We got off to a slow start after 10 ends it was 30 -  30

after 20 ends it was 56 - 55. On the 21st end rink one was holding 6 shots, rink 2 was holding 2 shots, rink 3 was one down. All the Surrey bowls had been bowled, each of the Bucks skips had one bowl left. Rink one skip drew the shot and

made two of it. that still left us winning by 1, rink 2 skip fired trailed the jack and scored 3, this now put Bucks in front, so rink 3 did not bowl.

Everyone who had been watching from both sides said what a great game it had been. Well done to you all.


7th May 2017

U25's v Malden Manor

RINK 1. 21 - 20 Ryan Bickley, Angela Boarer, Daniel Mullen, Andrew Orme.

RINK 2. 23 - 15 George Clarke, Ben Granat, Jack Sanderson, Luke Griffin.

RINK 3. 14 - 16 Thomas Goucher, John Tucker, Luke Bazzani, Adam Boarer.


This was our first game of the season at the new home of the U25's. Thanks go to Malden Manor for making us so welcome.

This match proved to be both enjoyable and challenging. Malden Manor put out a strong team and in the early stages had the better of us, to their credit the boys dug deep, pulled back the deficit and built up a healthy lead, only to see it dwindle towards the end, however with some very good bowling held on to take the win.

An excellent start by all.<< New text box >>

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