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U25 v STOKE PARK 14/09/18

Rink 1   11 - 13 Thomas Goucher, Lydia, Daniel Mullen, Adam Boarer

Rink 2   22 - 13 Hugo Manuel, Will Vizer-Allen, George Clarke, Alex Gaunt

Rink 3     5 - 22 Arron Double, Kieran Fair-Ellis, Liam Hall, Luke Griffin

This turned out to be an eventful and interesting evening. It started with Stoke Park having 10 players, then one went home, which left them with 9. Fortunately some of the Parents had their bowling gear in the car. My thanks to Angela, Andy & Paul for playing for the opposition. We finally got going 30 minutes late, so we were certainly going to get our monies worth out of the floodlights, or were we. When they turned the lights on some worked some didn't, so some club members tried to fix the problem, it took about an hour to fix, during that time the lights were coming on then going off, it was like morse code. Final they worked and a big cheer went up. Now to the bowling, everyone did very well considering the disruption. Aaron Double was playing in his first game for U25's and played well. Although we lost, when you take the 25% off of each rink, due to lack of players for oposition we actually won by 2 shots.

It was an emotional end for John as he is standing down as Team Manager, he thanked all the boys for their support, but especially thanked Andrew and Angela for all they had done, and Joe Cable for his support as JVP throughout the season. John wished the U25's and whoever the new Manager is, every success for the future.

U25 v ROSE HILL 05/08/18

Rink 1   21 -  8 George Hopper, Lydia Uzoma, Ryan Bickley, Andrew Orme

Rink 2   27 -  6 Will Vizer-Allen, Anthony Guiness, Daniel Mullen, Adam Boarer

Rink 3   27 -  9 Kieran fair-Ellis, Hugo Manuel, Alex Gaunt, Jamie Houle

Rink 4   11 -17 George Clarke, Thomas Goucher, Sam Cates, Luke Griffin

This game was played at the request of Luke Griffin, as he is member of the Club. All i can is that he must have felt sorry for them as he was the only rink to lose. Seriously though I must thank Rose Hill for their excellent hospitallity and the way they accepted the team. The team did exceptionally well, winning by a hadsome margin. Rose Hill enjoyed it so much that they would like us to return in the future. Finally my thanks go to Lydia who stood in at the very last minute and made a valued contribution to the game.

U25 v KENT JHCL 22/07/18

Rink 1   22 - 21 George Hopper, Hugo Manuel, Ryan Bickley, Eoghan Harding

Rink 2   21 - 27 Will Vizer-Allen, Daniel Mullen, Luke Bazzani, Luke Griffin

Rink 3   27 - 20 George Clarke, Thomas Goucher, Jamie Tindall, Charlie Souter

What a game and what a result. The boys never cease to amaze me. On paper we should have lost, but the desire to win that seems to be in our team is outstanding. They just do not know when they are beaten, rink 1 was 0-13 came back to win 22-21. Rink 3 were 8-17 after 14 ends came back to win 27-20. Rink 2 were drawing at 19 ends. I can only say well done to you all, you are a credit to the County.

My thanks go to Lenham B.C. for providing us with a good meal. Also to Joe Cable JVP who has been a great support this year, which I know the boys appreciate.

U25 v OXFORD JHCL 24/06/18

Rink 1   21 - 19 Hugo Manuel, Adam Boarer, Eoghan Harding, Andrew Orme

Rink 2   31 - 19 Sammy Tindall, Thomas Goucher, Jamie Tindall, Charlie Souter

Rink 3   19 - 17 George Hopper, Josh McCarthy, Ryan Bickley, Jon Wilson

We had 5 drop-outs during the week, two coming late on Saturday - Marcus and Graham Street, harry Cushen, Luke Griffin and callum Sharp.

I want to thank the 5 that came in. George Hopper, Andrew Orme, Ryan Bickley, Thomas Goucher and Hugo Manuel.

I am not going to single out any rink or player, all I want to say is well done to everyone for an excellent win.

The green was like playing on glass, it was faster than any indoor green, it needed total concentration to play on it, and the boys showed that in abundance today. It was a priviledge to there with them. Finally I want to thank the senior players for the way they encouraged the juniors and made them feel part of the team.

If you havent already guessed it, I am a very proud Manager tonight.


U25's v KENT

Rink 1   7 - 25 Harry Cushen, Eoghan Harding, Callum Sharp, Jon Wilson

Rink 2 25 - 20 Sammy Tindall, Luke Griffin, Jamie Tindall, Charlie Souter

In the group chat, JT congratulated everyone on the win in the morning but stated that they would have to up their game against Kent. Everyone watching was pleased with the way they started, Surrey were certainly up for it. After 17 ends Surrey were only 2 down. Unfortunately after two disastrous ends, at 19 ends we were 16 down. This proved to be too much and ended up losing by 13 shots. Almost but not quite, well done to all the players, my thanks go to Josh and Graham for turning up as reserves and supporting.My thanks also go to the Executive members who came to support.

U25's v OXFORD

Rink 1 20 -23 Harry Cushen, Eoghan Harding, Callum Sharp, Jon Wilson

Rink 2 27 - 23 Sammy Tindall, Luke Griffin, Jamie Tindall, Charlie Souter

This was always going to be a tough game. JVP Joe Cable gave a word of encouragement to the boys.

The game was nip and tuck until about the 10th end when Oxford started to pull away, after 16 ends Surrey were 12 down. To their credit they did not seem worried and stuck in there, everyone was playing well, so much so that they came back to win by one shot. An excellent performance.

U25's v DORKING 10/06/18

Rink 1 21 - 11 Angela Boarer, Anthony Guiness, Will Vizer-Allen, Jamie Houle

Rink 2 11 - 17 Hugo Manuel, Freddie Rosenburg-Steel, George Clarke, Adam Boarer

Rink 3 16 - 19 Thomas Goucher, Karen Houle, Bill Lang, Kieran Pankhania

Rink 4 18 - 12 George Hopper, Paul Manuel, Liam Hall, Daniel Mullen

This was a game that had too many adults playing for the U25's due to many droppouts at the last minute.

Our thanks go to Dorking B.C. for hosting this game, I must apologise for the lack of U25 players. At the end of the day the game was enjoyed by all, with the U25's coming away with the win. Special mention to Kieran Pankhania who was thrown in at the deep end as a skip.

It is imperitive that we are made aware of unavailability early, so that we can bring in substitutes.

U25's v COMBINED AREAS 3/06/18

Rink 1. 11 - 16 Area 1. Thomas Goucher, Freddie Rosenburg-Steel, Granville Spencer, Daniel Mullen.

Rink 2. 12 - 22 Area 2. Alex Gaunt, Anthony Guiness, Sam Cates, Jamie Houle

Rink 3. 13 - 14 Area 3. Kieran Pankhania, Kieran Fair-Ellis, Josh McCarthy, Ryan Bickley

Rink 4. 19 - 18 Area 4. Hugo Manuel, George Hopper, Luke Bazzani, Adam Boarer

First I would like to thank all four areas for putting out strong teams against the U25's. This was always going to be a tough game, however it turned out to be a very useful experience for the boys. Everyone played well and raised their personal level. Despite all their efforts they were unable to overhaul the Combined Areas who were always in command of the game. Special mention must be made to Rink 3 who went into the last end 1 up, they unfortunately dropped two. Also I wish to mention Granville Spencer who stepped in on the day.

U25's v HAMPSHIRE 27/05/18

Rink 1. 20 - 19 Harry Cushen, Jamie Tindall, Callum Sharp, Jon Wilson

Rink 2. 22 - 13 Sammy Tindall, Luke Griffin, Marcus Street, Charlie Souter

What a result, well done to everyone involved. Hampshire took an early lead, Surrey fought back to take the lead, after 13 ends Hampshire were back in front, but an excellent late charge by the Surrey boys saw them win by 10 shots. 

U25's v OLD DEAN B.C. 20/05/18

Rink 1. 12 - 18 George Clarke, Will Vizer-Allen, Luke Bazzani, Adam Boarer

Rink 2. 18 - 9   Kieran Pankhania, Josh Stonehill, Daniel Mullen, Callum Sharp

Rink 3. 13 - 13 George Hopper, Hugo Manuel, Josh McCarthy, Ryan Bickley

Rink 4. 20 - 13 Oliver Stonehill, Thomas Goucher, Alex Gaunt, Jamie Houle

First I must thank Old Dean for playing this game, they made us feel so welcome and everyone enjoyed the game.

Old Dean put out a very strong team, however every Surrey rink got off to a good start, in fact they stayed ahead for the whole match. Old Dean were very complimentary after the match about the standard of play by the boys which was nice to hear. We had two new boys playing their first game Oliver and Josh Stonehill. It was good to see Alex gaunt back after a 5 year absence, all 3 played well and it is good to have them as part of the U25 set up.


U25's v BUCKS JHCL 13/05/18

Rink 1. 18 - 17 Sammy Tindall, Josh McCarthy, Marcus Street, Charlie Souter

Rink 2. 15 - 23 Harry Cushen, Jamie Tindall, Callum Sharp, Jon Wilson

Rink 3. 19 - 19 Graham Street, Adam Boarer, Eoghan Harding, Luke Griffin

Surrey started the defence of their JHC title against a very strong Bucks team at Malden Manor.Surrey were very slow to start with Jon Wilson 10-3 down after 7 ends, Charlie Souter down 8-2 after 6 ends and Luke Griffin down 15-2 after 10 ends. However Surrey did not give up, in fact Jon Wilson was leading 15-13 after 16 ends, but did not score again.

Luke's rink came back to end as a draw. After such a poor start, to come back and lose by only 7 shots, is a good result.

Malden manor did us proud again with a wonderful buffet.


U25's v Malden Manor 06.05.18

Rink 1. 10 - 24 Hugo manuel, Kieran Fair-Ellis, Sam cates, Daniel Mullen.

Rink 2. 21 - 15 Scott Hall, George Clarke, Ryan Bickley, Jamie Houle.

Rink 3. 13 - 25 Thomas Goucher, Callum O'Brien, Luke Bazzani, Joseph Tindall.

Rink 4. 12 - 12 Freddie Rosenburg-Steel, Anthony Guiness, Liam Hall, Josh McCarthy.

Rink 5. 25 - 16 Sammy Tindall, Adam Boarer, Jamie Tindall, Luke Griffin v COUNTY PRESIDENT's RINK


First of all I must thank the President for putting a rink out against the U25's, this was a first and I hope it will not be the last. The boys enjoyed the game, and although they lost I think the President's team did as well.

Now to the main game, Malden Manor as usual gave us all a great welcome, and are looking forward to another season with the Juniors. M.M. certainly learnt from last year and put out a good team against us. they deserved their win, however I think Gordon Beddall ought to under go a drug test.

It was a chance for us to to see some of the Junior Juniors in action, we had 2 twelve year olds in the team, both performed well. It is too early to single out any rink, only to say that everyone tried hard, contributed to a good atmosphere and enjoyable game. My thanks go to Peter Hunt (Middleton Cup Manager) for turning up to watch.

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