A heartfelt Goodbye

Well that's the end of the reporting season and indeed time for me to say it's been a pleasure over the years to report on the matches played by you all. It's time for me to return to my home in the garden shed and contemplate my navel. When you are doubled up in a small case it's the only thing you can do! Thanks a lot for your comments and feed back and who knows we may meet again sometime.

President v English Civil Service @ Sutton BC 5.9.18  128-112

Rink 7: Roger Lanham, June Hope, George Hope, John Cocoracchio 24-23

Rink 8: Robin Taylor, Dorothy Roberts, Marilyn Walsh-Hoye, Bill Ayling 19-22

Rink 9: Barbara Clarke, Marianne Ward, Joe Cable, Peter Marshall 18-22

Rink 10: Mary Cathcart, Terry Foote, Graham Dawber, Jean Colvin 31- 10

Rink 11: Linda Aburn, Sheila Seddon, Shan Maylin, Charlotte Emanuel 19-11

Rink 12: Terry Hoye, Freddie Clarke, Ronnie Pickering, Sylvia Russell 17-24

Past Presidents v Hertfordshire 16.8.18 @ Sutton BC 146-84

Rink 1: Roger Rashleigh, Pat Buckley, Gordon Beddall, Jim Scott 19-12

Rink 2: Colin Clarke, Dennis Williams, John Southwell, Bill Ayling 23-11

Rink 3: Tony Bourne, Freddie Clarke, Roger Lanham, Joe Cable/Luke Griffin 21-21

Rink 4: Keith Atkins, Dave Miller, Geoff Taylor, Peter Rapley 38-9

Rink 5: Dave Aburn, Alf Medlin, Martin Harbottle, Derek Pearce 20-19

Rink 6: Peter Duncan, Bill Hudson, Den Francis, Trevor Pocock 25-12

This match was played indoors due to the very wet weather and to say it poured with rain would be an understatement. It also poured with shots particularly for President Grahams team. It was a starange game all round as Surrey supplied 6 players for Herts. The green with it’s new underlay was a great improvement, many woods at first ended in the ditch , but Surrey found the pace, especially Rink 4 ,Skipped by Peter Rapley with a whopping score of 38 shots to 9 a great finish for President Graham’s season winning  146 shots to 84 shots


Surrey v Middlesex 14.8.18 @ Brentham BC 102-114

Rink 1: Neil Cooper, John Hort, Peter Rapley, Joe Cable 10-25

Rink 2: Dave Aldam, Norman Smith, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 14-27

Rink 3: Martin Morris, Terry Foote, Roger Lanham, Mick Gray 13-26

Rink 4: Peter Duncan, Dennis Williams, Martin Harbottle, Bill Ayling 22-10

Rink 5: Dave Hussey, Alistair Hussey, Normann Mann, Peter Hunt 15-14

Rink 6: Colin Popple, Freddie Clarke, Den Francis, Gordon Beddall 23-12

Past Presidents v Borough of Croydon BA 15.8.18 @ Croydon BC 98-138

Rink 1: Peter Duncan, Bill Hudson, Edward Dear, Dave Blackburn 24-12

Rink 2: Dave Aburn, Barry Swannie, Graham Spencer, Eamon O'Flynn 16-25

Rink 3: Rudi Weekes, Brian Shellard, Bob Daintree, Joe Cable 8-30

Rink 4: Colin Clarke, Dennis Williams, Luke Griffin, Kevin Perry 14-25

Rink 5: Alan Bradshaw, Dave Smith, Robin Taylor, Bill Ayling 15-22

Rink 6: Tony Bouren, Alf Medlin, John Hannon, Peter Marshall 21-24

Not a happy day for President Graham Dawber who injured his back and had to withdraw. With 5 players from the BofC the PPs could still not conjour a win. All in all not a good day, let's hope the President recovers soon.

President v London Scottish 12.8.18 @ Egham BC 129-92

Rink 1: Roger Lanham, Bill Hudson, John Hort, Nigel Whiteman 29-10

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, John Randall, Alan Reed, Gordon Beddall 26-15

Rink 3: Frank Middleton, Colin Clarke, Barry Swannie, Edward Dear 19-21

Rink 4: Robin Taylor, Alf Medlin, Geoff Taylor, Peter Marshall 27-10

Rink 5: Brian Collis, Don Davies, Robin Fudge, Graham Robinson 15-18

Rink 6: Colin Popple, E Beaumont, Mike Platt, Bill Ayling 13-18

HCL v Berkshire 11.8.18 @ Bracknell BC  110-122 (4-18)

Rink 1: Alex Neil, Graham Dawber, Peter Miller, Peter Staples 18-21

Rink 2: Mike Glithero, Andrew Salvador, Roger Mallett, John Sinnott 25-21

Rink 3: Barry Swannie, Robin Fudge, Terry Friday, Simon Greenwood 10-27

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, Norman Mann, Peter Marshall, Jeff O'Leary 14-21

Rink 5: Ray Heaney, Paul manuel, Terry Berry, Joe Cable 28-13

Rink 6: Chris Jones, Dave Aldam, Elbio Gomez, Mick Gray 15-19

This match mattered to Berkshire, and considering that Surrey were forced to reorganise rinks on the day they did a very good job in keeping the score to a reasonable conclusion. Coming along for a quiet afternoon watching bowls Barry Swannie found himself thrown into his first HCL game for quite a while. The Rink had to be adjusted and in the circumstances did not let the squad down. There were some very good bowls played by Rink 5 where all four players contributed to the Top Rink score. Mention must be made of Ray Heaney who had a wonderful game. Rink 6 deserves a mention for the excellent way they kept the oppositions Knapper busy throughout the game and were in with a chance right through. Ever reliable this season has been John Sinnottand he skipped his rink 2 to a well deserved win. 

Following the match the President thanked all players for their support during the season. 

Past Presidents v Sussex VP 9.8.18 @ Popes Mead BC 118-112

Rink 1: Peter Duncan, Terry Sweeney, Alan Rice, Joe Cable 19-15

Rink 2: Dave Aburn, Bill Hudson, Peter Rapley, Bill Ayling 20-21

Rink 3: Roger Lanaham, Graham Dawber, Den Francis, Trevor Pocock 30-12

Rink 4: Norman Mann, Dennis Williams, Alan Shearing,Peter Marshall 14-25

Rink 5: Colin Popple, Terry Foote, Howard Quinnell, Eamon O'Flynn 22-19

Rink 6: Vic Hemmett, Geoff Taylor, John Hannon, Mick Gray 13-20

An excellent match for the Chairman Graham and also for the County President Roger who at last manages a Top Rink spot. Played in the usual good spirit despite the weather another good win for the PPs.

President v Combined Areas 7.8. 18 @ Croydon BC 114-95

 Rink 1: Keith Roberts, Freddie Clarke, Robin Fudge, Bill Ayling 25-18

Rink 2: Alan Bradshaw, George Hope, Gordon Beddall, Nigel Chapman 16-18

Rink 3: Peter Duncan, Ken Shopland, Ray Heaney, Peter Marshall 14-21

Rink 4: David Lokkerbaol, Martin Bevan, Graham Dawber, Edward Dear 26-6

Rink 5: Peter Gay, Dennis Williams, John Cocoracchio, Colin Wilkins 12-18

Rink 6: Roger Rashleigh, Brian Shellard, Graham Spencer, Peter Hunt 21-14

I managed to get to this match and view some good bowling, actually I must confess to falliing asleep on several occasions, obviously a result of the hot weather and not the performance of those on the green. Edward Dear's four on Rink 4 were very kind to their opposition in allowing them to score six shots at the latter end of the match. A good result for the President and a game played in excellent spirit.

Past Presidents v Oxford PPBA 6.8.18 @ Thame BC  87-97

Rink 2: Colin Clarke, Terry Foote, Alan Bradshaw, John Southwell 13-22

Rink 3: David Holland (Guest), Geoff Taylor, Bill Giles (Guest), Alan Shearing 21-14

Rink 4: Peter Duncan, Graham Dawber, Bob Daintree, Peter Rapley 12-28

Rink 5: Dennis Knight, Dennis Williams, Barry Baker, Bill Ayling 18-23

Rink 6: Roger Rashleigh, Brian Shellard, Colin Homes, Joe Cable 23-10

Past Presidents v Sutton & District BA @ Wallington BC 1.8.18  98-82

Rink 1: Colin Clarke, Vic Hemmett, Colin Homes, Den Francis 18-15

Rink 2: Denis Knight, Bill Hudson, Robin Taylor, Peter Rapley 21-14

Rink 3: Peter Duncan, Dennis Williams, Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling 23-17

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, Geoff Iles, Terry Foote, Dave Staples 22-17

Rink 5: Norman Winford, Martin Morris, Graham Spencer, Joe Cable 14-19

Another good win for Chairman Graham played in a good spirit ....as always.

Past Presidents v Warwickshire VPBA 31.7.18 @ Purley Bury BC 150-90

Rink 1: Tony Bourne, Dennis Williams, Terry Foote, Peter Rapley 22-14

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Bill Hudson, Geoff Taylor, Trevor Pocock 17-16

Rink 3: Colin Clarke, Colin Popple, Graham Dawber, Eamon O'Flynn 21-19

Rink 4: Norman Winford, Ray Merritt, Colin Homes, Edward Dear 19-16

Rink 5: Dave Aburn, Bob Daintree, John Southwell, Gordon Beddall 41-11

Rink 6: Roger Rashleigh, Alf Medlin, David Miller, Alan Bradshaw 30-14

Strange match here toay with Warks turning up with 17 players plus 2 Ladies. Purley Bury obliged by making up the Warks team. Gordon Beddall on Rink 5 stormed away and included a hot shot!Star of Rink 6 was Alf Medlin who was superb. 

Good day for Chairman Graham.

Surrey v Bedfordshire 31.7.18 @ Barton le Clay BC  122-97

Rink 1: Stefan Tomm, Howard Quinnell, Norman Mann, Jim Scott 27-17

Rink 2: Eddie Adamson, John Hort, Robert Campbell, Bill Ayling 17-17

Rink 3: John Wilkins, Pat Buckleey, Alan Bennett, Graham Naish 20-16

Rink 4: Roger Lanham, Mick Gray, Dave Candeland, Joe Cable 23-8

Rink 5: Alistair Cochrane, John Warren, John Meningen, Peter Marshall 18-20

Rink 6: Dave Hussey, Martin Harbottle, Barry Swannie, Peter Hunt 12-19

President v Epsom Park BC 30.7.18  69-54

Rink 3: Robin Taylor, Barry O'Leary, Ray Heaney, Brian Cave 26-7

Rink 4: Peter Donnachie, Terry Foote, Alan Shearing, Joe Cable 16-11

Rink 5: Graham Morris, David Lokkerbol, Howard Quinnell, John Southwell 15-10

Rink 6: Keith Roberts, Roger Lanham/Peter Duncan, Graham Dawber, Peter Marshall 12-17

President v SCMPPBA 26.7.18 @ Croydon MO 99-110

Rink 1: John Morton, George Hope, John Cocoracchio, Mick Gray 11-17

Rink 2: Ken Chesson, Dave Staples, Alan Bennet, Peter Hunt 19-14

Rink 3: Neil Cooper, Bob Daintree, Joe Cable 26-19

Rink 4: David Tucker, Norman Smith, John Hort, Peter Marshall 13-21

Rink 5: Don Davies, Ted Exall, Steve sanderson, Bill Ayling 8-20

Rink 6: Keith Roberts, John Hannon, Brian Rogers, Robin Fudge 22-19

President v Sprring Park BC 80th Anniversary 26.7.18  85-38

Rink 1: Dee Moores, Shan Maylin, Bernie Pedersen, Joe Cable 19-9

Rink 2: Barbara Clarke, Dorothy Roberts, Roger Lanham, John Cocoracchio 27-6

Rink 4: Robin Taylor, Bill Ayling, Zoe Hollins, Jan Pedersen 16-13

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Freddie Clarke, Sylvia Russell, Pam Garden 23-10

President v Horley BC (Ladies Anniversary) 24.7.18  105-66

Rink 1: Jean Bailey, Dorothy Roberts, Alf Medlin, Trevor Pocock 14-15

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Butch Manning, Zoe Hollins, Shan Maylin 13-14

Rink 3: Paul Eales, David Staples, Val Hobart, Pam Garden 27-12

Rink 4: Linda Aburn, Mary Cathcart, Sylvia Russell, Peter Marshall 24-11

Rink 5: Bill Ayling, Howard Quinnell, Ronnie Pickering, Jean Colvin 27-14

Past Presidents v West Surrey BA @ West End BC 23.7.18  95-101

Rink 1: Bob Archer, Dennis Williams, Mark Medhurst, Peter Rapley 14-19

Rink 2: Roger Rashleigh, Terry Foote, Ken Shopland, Mick Gray 21-22

Rink 3: Peter Duncan, Martin Morris, Graham Dawber (10 ends), John Southwell 13025

Rink 4: David Miller, (10 ends) Graham Dawber (11ends), John Hannon, Joe Cable 23-17

Rink 5: Bob Daintree, Colin Homes, Peter Marshall 24-18

Wow, what an afternoon to play a match, temperature high enough to melt one's nylon cap! It was a pity that 2 players failed to turn up as this put pressure on the President to switch rinks during the game. All was going reasonablably well until the 10 end tea break which proved the undoing of the PPs. Rink 2 was happily chuging away at 16-3 only to lose by 1 shot at the finish. A good game this to play indoors!!

Surrey v Northamptonshire 17.7.18 @ Purley BC 111-111

Rink 1: Martin Harbottle, Roger Lanham, Mike Dutton, Peter Marshall 25-13

Rink 2: Mike Rejman, Geoff Taylor, Graham Dawber, Nigel Whiteman 16-19

Rink 3: Terry Buckland, Bill Hudson, Graham Spencer, Colin Gray 20-18

Rink 4: Trevor Capes, Martin Wood, Alan Reed, Joe Cable 18-24

Rink 5: Alan Bradshaw, John Randall, John Meningen, Jim Scott 22-15

Rink 6: Derek Pearce, Peter Gay, Peter Hunt, Bill Ayling 10-22

Surrey v Hampshire 16.7.18 @ Newdigate BC 151-90

Rink 1: Stefan Tomm, Robert Wilson, Peter Rapley, Dave Sowdon 25-24

Rink 2: Derek Pearce, Roger Mallett, Dave Candeland, Peter Marshall 37-8

Rink 3: Barry Bowler, Roger Lanham, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 25-16

Rink 4: Paul Manuel, Bill Hudson, Jim Mason, Peter Hunt 24-12

Rink 5: Alex Neil, Martin Harbottle, Dave Botting, Edward Dear 16-19

Rink 6: Andrew Orme, Neil Winter, Steve Sanderson, Bill Ayling 24-11

Past Presidents v Malden Manor BC 16.7.18 104-142

Rink 1: Norman Winford, Brian Palmer, David Miller, Jim Scott 18-24

Rink 2: Colin Clarke, Graham Dawber, John Southwell, Joe Cable 17-25

Rink 3: Chas Smith, Ken Shopland, Alan Shearing, David Staples 13-19

Rink 4: Tony Bourne, Bob Archer, Butch Manning, Peter Rapley 25-20

Rink 5: Robn Taylor, Dennis Williams, Terry Foote, Bill Ayling 18-24

Rink 6: Peter Duncan, Alf Medlin, Edward Dear, Alan Rice 12-23

This match played against President Graham Dawber's own club was a difficult affair. The score showing exactly the problem with only a single win. It has to be said the home side played their green which as far as the PPs were concerned seemed to have a slope! Giving two different speeds there and back. Nethertheless a great afternoon was enjoyed by all and with a very enjoyable meal and JVP Joe Cable thanking the Club for all the support they give to the Junior U25 squad  this rounded the day off well.

President v SCIBA (Crawford Cup) 12.7.18 @ Purley BC 139-84 (5-1 = Overall win 8-6)

Rink 1: Graham Dawber, Roger Lanham, Bill Ayling, Paul Vamvacopoulos 20-22

Rink 2: Graeme Wildig, Derek Harvey, Brian Cave, Martin Sampson 15-13

Rink 3: Peter Duncan, Robin Taylor, Alan Shearing, Edward Dear 18-17

Rink 4: Roger Rashleigh, David Staples, Gordn Baddall, John Cocoracchio 25-13

Rink 5: Iam Mellis, Brian Shellard, Andrew Boarer, Joe Cable 38-4

Rink 6: Kevin McNamee, Colin Popple, Colin Homes, Peter Marshall 23-15

Inter rivalry Part 2 between the Outdoor and Indoor continued yesterday with the Outdoor needing to overcome a 3-5 defecit from the November leg indoors. Overcome they did, with a 5-1 thrashing to boot. This fixture is always popular with plenty of rivalry and good humoured banter. The President's Rink 1 skipped by Paul Vam was the only losing rink, but with such great bowling from Vammy they kept at it and only lost by 2 shots. A very even game on Rink 2 was only decided on the last end with Martin Sampson drawing his best two bowls of the day. Top of the shop Rink 5 was a little unbalanced as the Indoor only had 3 players for several ends. Edward Dear's Rink 3 managed a single shot win in what was another very close game. Easier wins for Rinks 4 and 6 ensured an easier than expected win for the President. With matches like this roll on November!

President v Home Counties 11.7.18 @ Croydon BC 112-122

Rink 1: Frank Middleton, Ken Shopland, Steve Sanderson, Bill Ayling 23-16

Rink 2: Ian Mellis, Bill Hudson, Peter RapleyJim Mason 13-19

Rink 3: Peter Duncan, Robin Taylor,Alan Shearing, David Staples 26-27

Rink 4: Keith Roberts, Geoff Taylor, Barry Swannie, Peter Marshall 22-16

Rink 5: Brian Collis, Derek Harvey, Robin Fudge, John Southwell 11-27

Rink 6: Don Davies, Roger Lanham, David Miller, Joe Cable 17-17

The President had a busy pre-match period as he is an Officer of both Associations, he had duties to both to complete. Being an important day in the world of football an attempt was made to get an early start...15 minutes was saved from the start time. This was an interesting match as each County rought along a strong side. This was in some ways a celebration match, plenty of good humoured banter with some interesting bowls thrown in too. The President chose Rink 6, as he felt the rumours about the rink could be unfounded. The rink did well to salvage a draw. Next door on Rink 5 the score indicated a heavy defeat, but in truth this was a match where the opponents had all the rubs going, and the movement of one bowl during the end could make all the difference. Rinks 2, 3 and 4 had close games although Rink 4 was just pipped for Top Rink by Rink 1. Such was the keenness to see the football that a 5.00pm dinner was completed by about 5.30pm and every one had the opportunity to get home.

Surrey v Leicestershire 10.7.18 @Leicester Banks BC 108-117

Rink 1: Vic Hemmett, Jim Roberts, Gordon Beddall, David Candeland 21-16

Rink 2: Colin Popple, Bob Daintree, Peter Rapley, Peter Marshall 15-26

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Geoff Middleton, Peter Miller, Joe (Rodney) Cable 15-18

Rink 4: Martin Morris, Martin Harbottle, Jim Mason, Mick Gray 17-20

Rink 5: Alistair Cochrane, Tony Clarke, Norman Mann, Graham Robinson 27-11

Rink 6: Dave Aldam, Derek Harvey, Edward Dear, Bill Ayling 13-26

An early morning trip to Leicester beckoned on a slightly sultry morning. Little did we realise the adventures or rather mis-adventures we would be involved in during the day. On arrival at Sutton the coach driver stepped down from the cab, and our hearts sank slightly – it was Kevin “king of the disasters”. Not to worry though lightening never strikes twice (who ever said that!!). All went well until about a mile or so from the venue when a large bang heralded a puncture on a front wheel. Kevin had struck! Joe Cable’s app. showed the club to be about 20 minutes away so 10 of the players decided to walk with a few going via a very nice Wildlife Park only to arrive as the rest of the group were decamping from the bus. The rest of us put our faith in Banstead getting a replacement coach and within a few minutes we were reloaded and on our way. It was suggested we leave those who walked to continue but we are a caring County and apart from that, we may have been short of players.

Thank goodness our troubles were over we thought. Oh no they were not!! Open mouthed we looked at the green (well what green there was). The brown bobbly tufts of grass which were implanted into what appeared to be loose brown soil did not inspire confidence, certainly on Rink 6 which appeared to have the worst of the problems. Reports indicated that Rink 2 was as bad. Don’t get me wrong no one moaned about being beaten for this unfortunately was a loser for both Counties and the venue Club. It was a shame, a long journey of 250 miles round trip to play on such a green was not a day well spent. Geoff Middleton enjoyed the day after spending out on a shirt and tie he was presented with his County Badge by the President after the match (well done Mr President, I hear). Kevin arrived back with the coach in plenty of time with the tyre replaced to speed us home.

Middleton Cup v Kent 7.7.18 @ Marden BC 99-138 (2-20)

Rink 1: Elbio Gomez, Connor Hayes, John Sinnott, Steve Tuohy 14-18

Rink 2: Jamie Tindall, Myles Clements, Joe Cable, Charlie Souter 20-18

Rink 3: Sean Gingell, Joseph Tindall, Paul Bennett, Simon Clarke 16-25

Rink 4: Terry Friday, Will Matthews, Simon Fishlock, John Graham 13-17

Rink 5: Mark Porter, Jeff O'Leary, Callum Sharp, Nathan Beeson 14-31

Rink 6: Mike Dutton, Eamon O'Flynn, Mark Bishopp, Gary Clark 22-25

A good start to the match for Surrey disappeared as the match progressed. Such a shame for there were some good bowls played. Oh well back to the drawing board!!


Past Presidents v Berkshire VPBA 2.7.18 @ Milford BC 159-87

Rink 1: Tony Bourne/Terry Foote, Dennis Williams, Barry Baker, Mick Gray 40-13

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Bob Daintree, Colin Homes, Andrew Boarer 17-18

Rink 3: Roger Rashleigh, Brian Shellard, Rowland Pollitt, Alan Rice 28-10

Rink 4: Robin Taylor, Geoff Iles, Dave Harding, Peter Marshall 14-26

Rink 5: Colin Clarke, Colin Popple, Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling 31-10

Rink 6: Roger Humphrey, John Hannon, Gordon Beddall, Joe Cable 29-10

This was a good win for President Graham Dawber resulting in only two losing rinks. It was a mystery how Rink 2 came to lose being 15-3 up after 12 they lost by one shot. It may well have been the ice cream and tea which upset them! Peter Marshall's Rink 4 played a home Milford team as the visitors were short so local knowledge won here. Rink with Mick Gray in charge strolled to Top Rink. A grand afternoon all round. 

President v Area 4 1.7.18 @ West End BC 99-150

Rink 1: Roger Rashleigh, Jim Roberts, Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling 11-40

Rink 2: David Tucker, Barry Swannie, Robin Fudge, Peter Marshall 29-18

Rink 3: Frank Middleton, John Hannon, George Hope. John Cocoracchio 26-13

Rink 4: Ken Chesson, Alf Medlin, Tony Clark, Alan Bennet 7-35

Rink 5: Don Davies, Sub (Dianne), Butcch Manning, John Southwell 7-26

Rink 6: Colin Clarke, Derek Harvey, David Staples, Joe Cable 19-18

It was a hot time at West End in terms of both the weather and the scoring by Area 4 yesterday. To say the green was challenging would I think be a mild understatement, but as the saying goes...."the opposition found it". Looking at the overall picture 3 rinks each would be considered a fair result but with the losing rinks scoring 25 against 101 it puts things in a different perspective. I am sure the President will consider this a fun match rather than a serious competitive afternoon for judging by the bnter across the rinks it certainly wasn't serious! Following the match the players had an opportunity of assessing the club's new extension and the new bar. A welcome addition to the club's facilities.

Senior HCL v Oxford 30.6.18 @ Croydon BC 146-93 (20-2)

Rink 1: Dave Aldam, Jamie Houle, Richard Cushen, John Sinnott 32-18

Rink 2: Jamie Tindall, Connor Hayes, John Graham, Callum Sharp 26-12

Rink 3: Chrris Jones, Tony Wood, Russell Smith, Nathan Beeson 24-12

Rink 4: Paul Manuel, Peter Quaintance, Elbio Gomez, Joe Cable 24-17

Rink 5: Mike Glithero, Joeseph Tindall, Colin Wilkins, Paul Bennett 27-10

Rink 6: Myles Clements, Tony Buckee, Peter Staples. Paul Vamvacopoulos 13-24

What a day to play bowls! Temperatures rising and all concerned hot but not quite bothered in the normal way. A very slow start was not indicative of what was to come. Surrey 31 shots down early seemed to infer that this was another 'nearly' match; but goodness what followed was terrific to watch. Rink 1 with John Sinnott having two newcomers found the line and length and pushed on to almost end Top Rink. Rink 6 struggled particularly and could not master the line, but in the second half came back to reduce their shortfall to 11 shots. Paul Bennett's Rink 5 claimed top spot and it must be said that Joseph Tindall had a cracking match and fully justified his selection. Paul Bennett as ever 'Mr. Smooth' was a delight to watch. The decision to play 6 Juniors paid off for they all contibuted to this victory. It's true we have played a match more than the leaders but today's performance keeps us in touch.

Surrey v Worcestershire 27.6.18 @ Chester Road BC 132-111

Rink 1: Eddie Adamson, John Wilkins, Peter Marshall, Robert Campbell 22-26

Rink 2: Vic Hemmett, Pat Buckley, Geoff Taylor, Bill Ayling 16-17

Rink 3: Tony Bourne, Roger Lanham, Graham Dawber, Nigel Whiteman 21-19

Rink 4: Pter Duncan, John Warren, Edward Dear, Mike Platt 23-18

Rink 5: Martin Harbottle, Steve Sanderson, Howard Quinnell, Mick Gray 29-12

Rink 6: Bob Daintree, Derek Harvey, Norman Mann, Joe Cable 21-17

This was the first County match versus Worcestershire on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year! Everyone on the green must have lost some weight as sweating was the order of the day. I sat alongside Rink 6 and throughout the match was not offered a single drink!! Mind you I did see some very nice bowling from that rink where Derek Harvey had a particularly good game. The rink raced away and then came to a shuddering halt on end 13 exactly as Joe Cable had told the opposing skip he would. It was, after the first few ends across the board looking as though Surrey would run away except for Rink 1 that was well behind, but as the ends went by all rinks closed up. Mick Gray's Rink 5 however proved the exception by going away after the first half to return as Top Rink. Rink 1 did make a remarkable push for a win but just pulled up 4 shots short. Repeating my opening remarks this was a very hot day and the players were pleased to come off the green. It was also a long day too, for the journey, there and back covered some 7 hours. President Roger Lanham was pleased to record a win in the first match against Worcestershire, we await 2019!!

Surrey v Oxfordshire 26.6.18 @Horley BC 150-90

Rink 1: Derek Pearce, Terry Foote, Norman Mann, Trevor Pocock 35-12

Rink 2: Dennis Knight, Norman Smith, Dave Candeland, Peter Marshall 15-16

Rink 3: Gavin Pocock, John Hort, Edward Dear, Nigel Chapman 17-19

Rink 4: Peter Gay, Roger Lanham, Brian Cave, Colin Gray 35-17

Rink 5: Andrew Orme, Jim Mason, Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling 28-9

Rink 6: Paul Manuel, Dave Botting, Peter Hunt, Joe Cable 20-17

President v Camberley BC 90th Anniversary  20.6.18  93-101

Rink 2: Roger Rashleigh, Norman Smith, Tony Clark, Graham Robinson 9-29

Rink 3: Chris Jones, Jim Roberts, Robin Fudge, Bill Ayling 16-15

Rink 4: Peter Duncan, John Hort, Dave Harding, Peter Marshall 20-19

Rink 5: Dave Bridger, Colin Clarke, Geoff Taylor, Nigel Whiteman 22-21

Rink 6: Dennis Knight, Barry Swannie, Howard Quinnell, Mike Platt 26-17

Middleton Cup v Oxfordshire 23.6.18 @ Oxford City & County 121-121 (13-9)

Rink 1: John Farrell, Jeff O'leary, Mark Bishopp, Charlie Souter 14-33

Rink 2: Mark Porter, Richard Cushen, John Graham, Nathan Beeson 16-22

Rink 3: Mike Dutton, Eamon O'Flynn, Paul Vamvacopoulos, Gary Clark 23-22

Rink 4: Phil Pugh, Connor Hayes, John Sinnott, Steve Tuohy 26-19

Rink 5: Sean Gingell, Joseph Tindall, Paul Bennett, Simon Clarke 22-14

Rink 6: Terry Friday, Will Matthews, Sinon Fishlock, Mick Sigamoney 20-11

A rather frustrating day in Oxfordshire for both Counties. There was only a slim chance of progress for either County but this draw simply ensured that neither would be anywhere near the winning post. A topsy-turvey sort of match with wide variations in scores. Rinks 4, 5 and 6 recording wins of 7, 8 and 9 respectively whilst Rinks 1 and 2 saw 19 and 6 shot defeats. The match was significant in showing Paul Bennett to be probably the most consistant player in th series so far, and the ability of Simon Clarke's rink to make Joseph Tindall quickly feel at ease has been noticeable. Steve Tuohy's Rink has gelled well, as must be said of the majority of rinks. One more round against the old adversary Kent and that will be that for this season.

Past Presidents v Kent PP 21.6.18 @ Croydon BC 102-133

Rink 7: Phil Froude, Martin Morris, John Hannon, Gordon Beddall 10-26

Rink 8: Peter Duncan, Alf Medlin, Peter Marshall, Joe Cable 25-15

Rink 9: Robin Taylor, Geoff Taylor, Graham Dawber, Edward Dear 10-24

Rink 10: Tony Bourne, Colin Popple, John Southwell, Derek Harvey 17-22

Rink 11: Colin Clarke, Dennis Williams, Dave Staples, Bill Ayling 23-23

Rink 12: Norman Winford, Brian Shellard, Terry Foote, Peter Rapley 17-26

Another encounter with close neighbours Kent, and for this season another defeat. One fact guaranteed in these tussels is that every one has a good time. There is always plenty of banter as well as good bowling. Joe Cables Rink 8 took the spoils of Top Rink making up for his defeat yesterday. Derek Harvey's Rink 10 was in control intil they reached 13 and dropped a 5. Rink 11 had a close game right through and came away with a draw. To be honest the rest of the rinks struggled but as the saying goes "Kent found it Surrey didn't"

Surrey v RS Berkshire 20.6.18 @ Wokingham BC 140-112

Rink 1: Alan Bradshaw, David Miller, David Candeland, Martin Sampson 28-14

Rink 2: Dave Hussey, Jim Roberts, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 16-28

Rink 3: Bob Archer, Norman Crawley, Martin Wood, Bill Ayling 21-11

Rink 4: Neil Cooper, Roger Lanham, Mike Platt, Peter Marshall 30-19

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Martin Morris, Alan Bennet, Andrew Boarer 26-14

Rink 6: Alex Neil, John Randall, Norman Mann, Nigel Whiteman 19-26

Presidents v Shirley Park BC 17.6.18   164-84

Rink 1: Dee Moores, Des Hanreck, Peter Marshall 16-17

Rink 2: Alan Bradshaw, Marion Beach, Bill Ayling, Charlotte Emanuel 32-19

Rink 3: Peter Duncan, David Miller, Caroline Duarte, Shan Maylin 26-15

Rink 4: Barbara Clarke, Gill Bonnell, Roger Lanham, Peter Rapley 25-17

Rink 5: Sheron Mitchell, Pat Chappell, Dave Staples. Colin Gray 38-5

Rink 6: Don Davies, Freddie Clarke, Val Hobart, Sylvia Russell 27-22

Middleton Cup 16.6.18 v Sussex @ Croydon BC 155-90 (20-2)

Rink 1: Phil Pugh, Connor Hayes, John Sinnott, Steve Tuohy 23-18

Rink 2: Mike Dutton, Eamon O'Flynn, Paul Vamvacopoulos, Gary Clark 28-12

Rink 3: Mark Porter, Richard Cushen, John Graham, Nathan Beeson 32-16

Rink 4: John Farrell, Jeff O'Leary, Mark Bishopp, Charlie Souter 33-10

Rink 5: Sean Gingell, Joseph Tindall, Paul Bennett, Simon Clarke 24-16

Rink 6: Terry Friday, Will Matthews, Simon Fishlock, Mick Sigamoney 15-18

This was a match that needed winning and the players responded with a performance almost faultess. It keeps Surrey in with an outside chance, true quite possibly far outside, but we can still see the leaders.  This was a match where one ite was o great interest, although not a welcome one.......the electronic scoreboard broke down!! There were some excellent performances especially from Joseph Tindall called in at the last moment he played a good game on Rink 5. Paul Bennett moved up to three and continued to show the top form he has produced this season. Rink 1 playing the same rink as last week all seemed to find it a better experience this time. Richard Cushen on Rink 3 had some nice shots, and continued his vocal support of all other rinks as is his normal performance. It's all on next week at Oxford so bring it on. 

Surrey v Kent 14.6.18 @ West Wickham BC 101-123

Rink 1: Geoff Farnish, Robin Taylor, Peter Miller, Mick Gray 15-19

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Bill Hudson, Norman Mann, Peter Marshall 20-19

Rink 3: Kevin McNamee, Brian Rogers, Martin Bevan, Peter Hunt 16-20

Rink 4: Dave Aldam, Roger Lanham, Steve Sanderson, Bill Ayling 23-25

Rink 5: Mike Glithero, Howard Quinnell, Peter Rapley, Joe Cable 12-18

Rink 6: Trevor Capes, Colin Popple, Derek Harvey, Gordon Beddall 15-22

We ventured today into the hazadous region which is Kent, where old maps state that "here be dragons". It was pretty obvious that their pride had been damaged by the defeats last season and they are determined not to have a repeat. Surrey only had one winning rink, but losing rinks varied only by up to 8 shots. Victorious today as Top Rink was Rink 2 where Peter Marshall fresh from hospitalization managed to hang on for a win. The rub of the green was ceratinly on the Kent team's side as time and again good Surrey woods were punished by slices which went to the opposition. It is certainly true that fixtures against Kent have that extra edge, but always played with much banter and good spirit. Such was today's match.

Surrey v Hertfordshire 13.6.18 @ Leatherhead BC 116-94

Rink 1: Alex Neil, Gerry Vincent, Gordon Beddall, Graham Robinson 16-19

Rink 2: Neil Cooper, David Lokkerbol, John Warren, Peter Rapley 22-15

Rink 3: Robert Wilson, Vic Hemmett, Andrew Boarer, Bill Ayling 18-12

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, Alistair Cochrane, Derek Harvey, Eamon O'Flynn 20-13

Rink 5: Roger Lanham, Joe Cornelius, Dave Candeland, Joe Cable 16-18

Rink 6: Tony Bourne, Bill Hudson, Mark Medhurst, Trevor Pocock 24-17

The arrival at the venue was slightly chaotic with the car park being closed. It did not help either that a visitor left his car and forgot to put the handbrake on, allowing the car to slide gently into the road and stop at an angle which prevented anyone passing! There is always a great welcome at Leatherhead and so it proved today. The green seemed to play well on all rinks and provided 3 rinks with the ame difference for Top Rink. Rink 4 with Eamon O'Flynn skipping taking it on ends won. The President on Rink 5 skipped by Joe Cable could not add another win today. However he did have the delight in overcoming Hertfordshire which Surrey have not achieved for a while. A very nice Shepherd's Pie awaited us in the clubhouse after the match and the President had the pleasure of presenting Joe Cornelius with his County Badge; as a famous games host used to say "good game, good game"

Surrey v Norfolk BA 12.6.2018 @ Norfolk BC 142-110

Rink 1:Dave Hussey, Pat Buckley, Martin Morris, Jim Mason 31-15

Rink 2: Gavin Peacock, Freddie Clarke, Gerry Vincent, Peter Hunt 14-25

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Allan Pepper, Mick Gray, Trevor Peacock 23-18

Rink 4: Roger Rashleigh, Jimmy Twells, Martin Harbottle, Joe Cable 26-8

Rink 5: Mike Glithero, Dave Aldam, Steve Sanderson, Bill Ayling 22-22

Rink 6: Bob Archer, Kevin Clarke, Derek Harvey, Edward Dear 26-22

A long journey going to the match, and an even longer one coming home. This was a hard grind of a match against a green which , looking from the bank, seemed to be as unfriendly as could be. Rink 4 seemed to come to terms with their portion of it by recording Top Rink, but it was a real challenge to others. Rink 6 with Edward Dear skipping proved to be typical of Rink 6s all over the country with more than one line to find. The other end of the green saw Jim Mason's team push along to an easy win. Bill Ayling's four came back to record a draw. Even the President leading for Trevor Pocock on Rink 3 recorded a win, giving some idea of the unusual green!

Past Presidents v Norfolk BA 12.6.2018 @ Wymondham Dell BC 81-64

Rink 2: Dave Alburn, Luke Griffin, Colin Popple, David Staples 22-13

Rink 3: Tony Bourne, Terry Foote, Geoff Taylor, John Southwell 23-12

Rink 4: Peter Duncan, Keith Atkins,Graham Dawber, Peter Rapley 17-13

Rink 5: Colin Clarke, Bill Hudson, John Austin, Derek Hunter 19-26

Presidents v Farnham 140th Anniversary 130-93

Rink 2: Marianne Ward, Doreen Hannon, John Warren, Bernie Pedersen 27-11

Rink 3: Colin Clarke, David Tucker, Jan Pedersen, Pam Garden 25-15

Rink 4: Sheron Mitchell, Dorothy Roberts, Howard Quinnell, Martin Sampson 23-13

Rink 5: Ken Chesson, Tony Clark, Marylin Walsh-Hoye, Charlotte Emanuel 22-13

Rink 6: Penny Bruno, Mary Cathcart, Bill Ayling, Dave Staples 15-25

Rink 7: David Lokkerbol, Terry Hoye, Jackie Tytherleigh, Caroline Stevens 28-16


Middleton Cup v RC Berkshire 9th June @ Croydon BC 94-114 (2-20)

Rink 1: Phil Pugh, Connor Hayes, John Sinnott, Steve Tuohy 21-22

Rink2: Terry Friday, Will Mathews, Simon Fishlock, Mick Sigamoney 13-18

Rink 3: Mike Dutton, Eamon O'Flynn, Paul Vamvacopoulos, Gary Clark 16-18

Rink 4: Mark Porter, Richard Cushen, John Graham, Nathan Beeson 17-15

Rink 5: Sean Gingell, Paul Bennett, Matt White, Simon White, Simon Clarke14-20

Rink 6: Alex Neil, Steve Shanley, Mark Bishopp, Charlie Souter 13-21

The score does not tell the story of this match. It quite easily could have been the other way round. Unfortnately the old Surrey curse of the last 4/6 ends struck. Surrey fought back to 4 shots down but dropped 20 shots over the closing ends.

Rink 4 skipped by Nathan Beeson kept Internetional Newman under control to record the win. Rink 1 had a fabulous fight back to only lose by the last shot. Rinks 2, 3 and 5 slipped away at the final ends, whilst Rink 6 was always under the cosh.  

President v London Parks BA 7th June @ Sutton BC 140-96

Rink 1: Colin Clarke, Ted Exall, Colin Wilkins, Jim Scott 19-19

Rink 2: Roger Rashleigh, Colin Popple, Brian Cave, Joe Cable 37-4

Rink 3: Dave Bridger, Brian Rogers, Geoff Taylor, Peter Marshall 17-20

Rink 4: Frank Middleton, David Tucker, Dave Staples, Alan Bennet 16-24

Rink 5: Chris Jones, John Hannon, Graham Spencer, Bill Ayling 25-10

Rink 6: Robin Taylor, David Lokkerbol, Robin Fudge, Peter Rapley 26-19

President v Leatherhead BC 110th Anniversary 3rd June 117-89

Rink 1: Peter Duncan, Butch Manning, Marily Walsh-Hope, Carolyne Atevens 21-11

Rink 2: Terry Hoye, Ian Mellis, Val Hobart, Sylvia Russell 17-14

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Terry Foote, Des Hanreck, Ann Rapley 14-19

Rink 4: Shan Maylin, Sheron Mitchell, Colin Homes, Edward Dear 20-14

Rink 5: Penny Bruno, Maranne Ward, Peter Marshall, Joe Cable 21-19

Rink 6: Jean Bailey, Gill Bonnell, Derek Harvey, John Southwell 24-12

Not feeling great yesterday, so my cub reporter sent the report. On an afternoon that sent the theromometer rising ever higher a celebratory match for such a long established club turned into a really joyful ocassion. Right across the green banter and laughter was the order of the afternoon. For some rinks it was quite tricky and needed real concentration to ensure line and length. Rink 3 where President Roger was hoping for a win to lighten his life struggled in the early ends but recovered well over the last few, unfortunately not quite enough to give him a win. Rink 6 with John Southwell skipping eased home to Top Rink chased for a while by Joe Cable's four on Rink 5 but they dropped shots in the latter ends that did not help them at all. Rink 1 with Carolyn Stevens skipping had a comfortable win as did Edward Dear on Rink 4Sylvia Russell's Rink 2 were in more of a tussle but triumphed by 3 shots. A pleasant meal followed the match bringing to a close a great afternoon of celebration. 

Surrey v Susex 31st May @ Buxted Park 113-106

Rink 1: Bob Archer, John Wilkins, Derek Harvey, Bill Ayling 13-19

Rink 2: Colin Popple, Eddie Adamson, David Candeland, Joe Cable 15-19

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Bill Hudson, Peter Rapley, Mick Gray 16-23

Rink 4: Roger Rashleigh, Terry Foote, Martin Bevan, Peter Miller 25-19

Rink 5: Robin Taylor, Bob Daintree, Mike Platt, Jim Scott 29-10

Rink 6: Peter Duncan, Freddie Clarke, Robert Campbell, Nigel Whiteman 15-16

When steam trains were in servie there used to be advertising posters suggesting one visited "Sunny Sussex". Steam trains have gone and yesterday the sun had definitely gone too. A humid, damp, rainy day greeted the team and that's how it stayed for the match. To say the green was slightly heavy would be the truth, and it was not particularly true although Jim Scott and his team on Rink 5 found it to their liking and their score ensured a victory for Surrey. Rink 4 with Peter Miller in charge also had a good win. All other rinks struggled but managed to keep in fairly close order to see Surrey home. All in all, a day best forgotten.

President v Cranleigh BC - (Award Winners 2017)  28th May 2018 135-96

Rink 1: Linda Aburn, Marion Beach, Howard Quinnell, Joe Smith 18-19

Rink 2: Derek Harvey, Bill Ayling, Zoe Hollins, Margaret Smith 18-15

Rink 3: Doreen Hankin, Dorothy Roberts, Mike Platt, Nigel Whiteman 22-19

Rink 4: Sue Lokkerbol, Sylvia Russell, Tony Banks, Peter Marshall 29-14

Rink 5: Graham Spencer, David Lokkerbol, Debbie Seward, Charlotte Emanuel 34-13

Rink 6: Barry Willingham, Dave Aburn, Bobbie Pothercary, Carolyne Stevens 14-18

I must admit I was cautious when my driver said we would have to be at the green at 8.00am! Surely the game was not to be that long? This match was the promised game by the President to play the winners of the 'Bowling Tours Award of  Excellence' which ran last season. The day turned into a Festival of Bowls and a Family Day to advertise the game of bowls. What a day it turned out to be with two England Internationals (Margaret Smith and Debbie Seward) on the green during the morning with youngsters and their parents, introducing them to our game, two bouncy castles (not on the green!), a Petanque square for those wanting to try this sport and several stalls to feed one's appetite or reduce one's weight, whatever took the fancy. Prior to the match in the afternoon the Presidents together with Ranjiv Bhalla Managing Director of 'Bowling Tours' presented cheques to Cranleigh and Runners up (Walton on Thames BC and Wimbledon Park BC). The match was one of real celebration with some very competitive bowls on all rinks. Rink 5 appeared to be 'bossed' by Charlotte Emanuel into taking no prisoners to run out top rink. An very nice evening meal was served by Cranleigh which brought to a close a very good day. Home to bed!!

SHCL v Kent 26th May @ Croydon BC 106-120  (4-18)

Rink 1: M Glithero, C Baker, S Shanley, G Clark 14-27

Rink 2: T Friday, T Berry, S Fishlock, M Sigamoney 21-21

Rink 3: M Clements, T Buckee, P Staples, P Vamvacopoulos 27-17

Rink 4: A Orme, J Houle, G Spencer, N Beeson 15-15

Rink 5: J Shillingford, M Dutton, E Gomez, J Sinnott 19-22

Rink 6: P Manuel, N Mann, S Greenwood, M Sampson 10-18

Kent certainly were out to prove that the beatings last season were not going to be repeated this. A murky early start  turned into a sunny day but unfortunately not for the home side. 26 shots down after the 3 end mark had been played did not auger well, although this was reduced to 16 down at 5 ends. Vamvacopoulos on Rink 3 then guided his team to a good lead of 10 shots at 5 and 20 shots at 15 and had a comfortable win even after dropping 10 shots over the last 6 ends. Ziggy on Rink 2 and Beeson on Rink 4 came back steadily to record draws with the two juniors Orme and Houle holding their own on Rink 4. Sinnott's four had a bad start trailing 2-9 at 10 ends but a surge over to middle ends resulted in failing only by 3 shots at the end. Poor Clark and his men on Rink 1 were under the hammer from the off and were 17 shots down at 10 ends. They never recovered and fell 13 adrift. Rink 6 on the other end of the green lost the game over the middle ends being 7-15 down at 15 ends. The match lacked atmosphere and despite some fightback was, for quite a few, not one of Surrey's best. 

President v SCWBA 20th May @ Sutton BC 138-106

Rink 1: Peter Duncan, Alf Medlin, David Staples, Bill Ayling 12-21

Rink 2: Frank Middleton, Terry Foote, Bernie Pedersen, Joe Cable 30-14

Rink 3: Dave Aburn, Dave Walters, Nigel Whiteman 17-23 (Triples)

Rink 4: Martin Morris, Derek Harvey, Graham Dawber, John Graham 33-8

Rink 5: Colin Clarke, Freddie Clarke, Robin Fudge, Peter Marshall 5-19

Rink 6: Robin Taylor, David Lokkerbol. Edward Dear, Mike Platt 31-19

A very pleasant day....as far as the weather went. There was lots of noise, as one expects when 23 Ladies are gathered together, and, looking across the green a fair amount of skuldugery. Not that I would suggest it was all from the Ladies. Top rink went to John Graham and his team with Derek Harvey at last discovering how to deliver a decent bowl! Their win was hard fought despite the score with the lead for the Ladies playing some superb drawing bowls. Rink 2 skipped by JVP Joe Cable gave chase to Rink 4 but failed in the end. Another heavy score came from Mike Platt's team on Rink 6 and this helped to balance the rink totals of 3-3. The Ladies I believe were trying to maintain that this meant the match was a draw!! All in all this was a very good match to watch and appeared to be played in the usual great spirit. 

Senior Home Counties 19th May  v Middlesex @ Ladygate BC  122-110 (14-8)

Rink 1: Paul Manuel, Craig Baker, Paul Bennett, Mark Bishopp 18-19

Rink 2: Mike Glithero, Jamie Butterworth, Will Matthews, Nathan Beeson 16-17

Rink 3: Anthony Reynolds, James Shillingford, Graham Robinson, Eamon O'Flynn 19-12

Rink 4: John Sinnott, Norman Mann, Gary Clarke, Paul Vamvacopoulos 21-22

Rink 5: Phil Pugh, Andrew Boarer, Callum Sharp, John Graham 22-27

Rink 6: Terry Friday, Tony Buckee, Connor Hayes, Mike Sigamoney 26-13

Surrey v Essex 17th May @ Purley Bury BC 122-132

Rink 1: Tony Bourne, Martin Harbottle, Roger Mallett, Colin Gray 25-15

Rink 2: Norman Smith, John Hort, Colin Wilkins, Peter Hunt 21-25

Rink 3: Kevin McNamee, Roger Lanham, Mike Platt, Nigel Chapman 8-19

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, Dave Aldam, Graham Dawber, Joe Cable 32-17

Rink 5: Terry Buckland, Steve Sanderson, Bill Aying, Nigel Whiteman 22-22

Rink 6: Dave Hussey, Mike Reed, Derek Harvey, Peter Marshall 14-34

What a very trying day! The best thing to say is the green was challenging, Very bl**dy challenging. Joe Cables Rink 4 took top honours for Surrey, just as well as this was Joe's home rink. Rink 1 skipped by Colin Gray was also well placed on Tony Bourne's favorite rink. The rest of the team struggled with what were very trying conditions. Even the President Roger Lanham changing his woods had no effect for his Rink 3. The best part of the day was the presentation of County Badges to Kevin McNamee, Dave Aldam and to the injured Andrew Aldam who attended to recieive his badge.

Surrey v Isle of Wight 16th May @ Plessey BC 118-117

Rink 1: Roger Rashleigh, John Warren, Dave Botting, John Sinnott 14-12

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Martin Bevan, Dave Harding, Joe Cable 20-17

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Robin Gordon, Dave Candeland, Peter Staples 18-33

Rink 4: Tony Bourne, Ray Heaney, Edward Dear, Peter Marshall 18-18

Rink 5: Alan Bradshaw, Peter Rapley, Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling 26-15

Rink 6: Mike Glithero, Derek Harvey, Geoff Taylor, Peter Hunt 22-22

Another long trip, this time to the IOW and a return to Plessey BC. This was a very tight match with the result not known until the very last wood when Peter Marshall's Rink 4 drew a 3 to square the match and John Sinnott's Rink 1 scraped a win. I am afraid that President Roger Lanham suffered another loss, but he felt he bowled well, or diid he say that he didn't bowl well, I'm not sure I heard correctly!. Rink 5 skipped by Bill Ayling found an extra gear over the last few ends to score a good win to take the Top Rink prize. and with the rest of the rinks keeping close to their opponents an overall win by 1 shot was a creditable result. The President was kept busy after the match presenting Ray Heaney, Robin Gordon and Martin Bevan with their County Badges. 

Surrey v Devon 14th May 2018 @ Yeovil BC 126-132

Rink 1: Tony Bourne, Martin Harbottle, Peter Miller, Peter Hunt 23-22

Rink 2: Robin Taylor, Terry Foote, Jim Mason, Gordon Beddall 15-30

Rink 3: Colin Popple, Frrd Vlarke, Derek Harvey, Peter Marshall 21-17

Rink 4: Peter Duncan, Pat Buckley, David Sowdon, Graham Robinson 28-20

Rink 5: Roger Lanham, Dave Aldam, Bill Ayling, Graham Dawber 16-29

Rink 6: Trevor Capes, ANO, Norman Mann, Joe Cable 23-14

What a day to be bowling, great weather, sunshine and a green to die for! This was like bowling indoors according to some of the Surrey team. Unfortunately it was President Roger's first defeat of the season, but by only 6 shots. JVP Joe Cable's Rink 6 took the top rink prize, but they were playing a Yeovil four because the lads from Devon seemed to have got lost on the way to the venue. It is hoped that this performance convinced Norman Mann to put his new Aeros back in the box and play with his old bowls. SVP Peter Marshall had a nice win on his Rink 3 helped I must admit by some good bowling by Derek Harvey, bad back or not! Rink 4 with Graham Robinson skipping his four had a comortable win and challenged Cable for the top rink prize. Rink 1 was unlucky to miss out by 1 shot and Rink 2 just could not handle the opposition. Luckily Rink 5 with the President once again leading with his 'Mapleleaf' bowls just missed the bottom rink prize. We were as usual treated very well by Yeovil BC and following a very nice cottage pie meal the President was pleased to present Dave Aldam with his County Badge.

Surrey Home Counties v Bucks 12th May @ Croydon BC   131-109 (18-4)

Rink 1: Joe Cable, Mike Dutton, Simon Greenwood, Martin Sampson 34-18

Rink 2: Charlie Souter, Terry Berry, Elbio Gomez, Paul Vamvacopoulos 24-18

Rink 3: Paul Manuel, Tony Wood, John Sinnot, Paul Bennett 23-17

Rink 4: Chris Jones, Norman Mann, Nigel Findlay, Simon Fishlock 8-29

Rink 5: Andrew Orme, Tony Buckee, Colin Wilkins, Will Matthews 27-8

Rink 6: Paul Foley, Craig Baker, Steve Shanley, John Graham 15-19

Surrey v Cambridgeshire 9th May @ Epsom BC 112 -80

Rink 1: Mike Glithero, Pat Buckley, Steve Sanderson, Peter Miller 19-17

Rink 2: Roger Lanham, Andrew Salvador, John Warren, Paul Bennett 16-21

Rink 3: Neil Cooper, Mick Carpenter, Dave Botting, Peter Staples 28-16

Rink 4: Peter Lines, Vic Hemmett, John Meningen, Andy Boarer 28-12

Rink 5: Stefan Tomm, Geoff Taylor, Jim Mason, Jim Scott 21-14

What a difference a year and some hard work during the closed season makes! Usually a heavy green especially early in the season Epsom appeared to play very well yesterday. It really is remarkable what a diffrence a few days sunshine makes to greens everywhere. President Roger Lanham's team had another good win although even with his new woods he could not conjure a win for his Rink 2. I was not present for the whole match so cannot comment on the majority of the play, however Andrew Boarer on Rink 4 skipped his rink to top spot, closely followed by Peter Staples's Rink 3. Rink 5 skipped by Jim Scott also scored in the 20s. It was a great day for Andrew Salvador who received his County Badge from the President following the match.

Surrey v Dorset 3rd May @ Cranleigh BC 147 - 90

Rink 1: Roger Lanham, Terry Osgood, John Sinnott, Eamon O'Flynn 31-7

Rink 2: Bob Edwards, Tony Clark, Andy Boarer, Gordon Beddall 17-18

Rink 3: Robin Taylor, Colin Popple, Mick Gray, Graham Robinson 14-27

Rink 4: Andrew Neil, Martin Morris, Dave Candeland, Bill Ayling 39-8

Rink 5: Bob Archer, Edward Dear, Bernie Pederen, Peter Marshall 13-19

Rink 6: Paul Manuel, Norman Mann, Peter Hunt, Simon Greenwood 33-11

Pity I missed this match, a resounding win for President Roger Lanham's second match. Such a shame that Dorset are going through a rough time at present, and I am sure we wish them well in finding Officers to carry the County forward. Looking at the scores it was, one could write a draw for it was three rinks apiece, but Surrey's winning rinks scored heavily with 103 shots between them. Top rink went to Rink 4 with a win by 31 shots. A bonus for Terry Osgood playing his first County match was a good win for No 1 Rink by 24 shots. Finer details of the match I cannot write of, for as I wrote at the beginning I was otherwise engaged, but the day did end well for Terry Osgood when the President presented him with his County Badge.

Surrey v Warwickshire 1st May @Purley BC  123 - 102

Rink 1: Paul Manuel, Martin Harbottle, Norman Mann, Paul Bennett 17-14

Rink 2: Robin Taylor, Steve Sanderson, Mike Dutton, Trevor Pocock 30-13

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Lee Edwards, Gordon Beddall, Bill Ayling 20-27

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, Derek Harvey, Brian Cave, Jim Scott 18-18

Rink 5: Gavin Pocock, Graham Dawber, Mick Gray, Peter Marshall 22-13

Rink 6: Peter Gay, Richard Hayward, Colin Wilkins, Colin Gray 16-17

Well here we are in 2018 with the first outdoor match report. I have emerged from my sabbatical to witness the joys of outdoor play, perhaps that lies in store for the future. This was a hard match, the amount of rain over the past few days made for hard going. Taking into account the rain of the previous day it's a wonder the green was playable. This being the first match for President Roger Lanham he can boast of a winning record so far. A heavy green obviously suited Rink 2 where Trevor Pocock and his team were big winners and took the top rink prize. Comeback of the day goes to Rink 3 with the President's new woods taking virtually half the match to get near the jack. Looking at the scoreboard reading 1-19 one wondered how many the opposition would amass. Playing his first game for the County Lee Edwards must have wondered what he had let himself in for. Howeever the onlookers were treated to a complete turnaround following a cup of tea and the delicious Bread Pudding. Rink 1 with Paul Bennett skipping started as though they would chase Rink 2 but were pulled back as the ends dropped away. Peter Marshall on Rink 5 started slowly but good woods from Graham Dawber and the luck of Mick Gray saw them creep ahead to a comfortable win. Rink 4 had a tussle right through the game, not helped by a weak performance from Derek Harvey on his home green. I must be fair however and say that all the rink found it very hard work. A draw was a suitable reflection of their efforts. A real ding-dong on Rink 6 where Colin Gray and his team were unlucky to lose by a single shot. Following the match the President had the pleasure of presenting Lee Edwards with his County Badge. Well first one under wraps, we await the rest of the season, as I wrote at the beginning, players may then experience the joy of bowls.  

President v SCIBA 29th November @ Camberley IBC 101-140 (Points 3 to 5)

Rink 1: Alan Bradshaw, Colin Popple, John Cocoracchio, Trevor Pocock 22-20

Rink 2: Robin Taylor, Howard Quinnell, Bernie Pedersen, Phil Clarke 21-16

Rink 3: Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling, Roger Lanham, Paul Vamvacopoulos 23-15

Rink 4: Frank Middleton, Colin Clarke, John Tucker, Martin Sampson 21-26

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Edward Dear, George Hope, Peter Hunt 5-29

Rink 6: Tony Bourne, Derek Harvey, Peter Marshall, Joe Cable 9-34

You may well have noticed that it's winter, which in normal circumstances means that being indoors makes sense. Well there are always occasions when that is not the case. Yesterday was one of those. Looking at the Lady spectators clad in their coats and scarves whilst players shivered, one could only hope that summer comes soon. 

This series of matches has over the past few years turned into an exciting competition; gone are the days of the Indoor trouncing the Outdoor, and although the win ratio of the latter is low the gap between the teams has reduced dramatically, providing a competitive and friendly occasion. Over the first 5 ends it looked as though this was going to revert to days of old with the Indoor striding away on most rinks but a fightback was to evolve. Top of the tree was Rink 3 where President Roger Lanham had ensured that he was going to get a result, and so it proved. All four played some lovely woods and kept ahead all through. This was obviously the warmer side of the green for Rinks 1 and 3 also triumphed. Nobby Clarke on Rink 2 pushed his team to a 5 shot win. Whilst good bowling by all members of Rink 1 also saw them stage a fightback to come out on top by 2. Whether that was due to the now trimmer John Coco we may never know. Turning to the other end of the green the Outdoor conceded 54 shots between the three rinks with a close call between Rinks 5 and 6 for dummies of the day. Rink 4 skipped by Martin Sampson had a remarkable comeback after looking completely down and out.  The final score of 3 points to 5 bodes well for the reverse fixture in the summer. Let's hope it a good bit warmer then!! 


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