President v Southey BC 21.5.17  91-161

Rink 1: Sheila Ayling, Dorothy Roberts, Brian Cave, Derek Harvey 13-35

Rink 2: Jacqui Poat, Jill Huggett, Alan Shearing, Bill Ayling 22-18

Rink 3: Roger Lanham, Butch Manning Sylvia Russell 15-28

Rink 4: Robin Taylor, Colin Homes, Des Hanreck, Marion Beach 10-34

Rink 5: Graham Dawber, Roy Ward, Maureen Vandrau, Shan Maylin 12-20

Rink 6: Veronica Pickering, Pat Chappell, Neil Winter, Charlie Souter 19-26

This mixed match was supposed to be a tribute to Shan Maylin on her elevation to SCWBA President, from her club. Some celebration, for the home side at least!! It did not help that the Presidents' team turned up short handed. It has to be said that the home side also fielded more men than the Executive, but to be fair it would not have helped greatly if the Executive had had double the 23 players. I think the best I can write is that Rink 2 made a game of it against their opponents. Taking into account this was supposed to be a friendly I thought the Southey team on Rink 1 were very much up for it with their skip taking to firing shots whenever it looked like the President might have a few shots. Souter on Rink 6 was trailing badly until he picked up a 7, that helped raise his score considerably. These celebratory mixed matches are a real joy for the players (well except this one) where laughter and banter fill the air. I am sure that the best part of the day for the Presidents', was going home!

SHCL Surrey v Middlesex @ Croydon 20.5.17  136-85

Rink 1: Jonathan Winter, Bill Ayling, Charlie Souter, Pal Vamvacopoulos 17-18

Rink 2: Mark Porter, Mike Dutton, Graham Spencer, Paul Bennett 24-18

Rink 3: Jamie Tindall, Paul Manuel, Simon Greenwood, Finlay Morton 24-14

Rink 4: Myles Clements, Peter Staples, Simon Fishlock, Nathan Beeson 32-9

Rink 5: Pater Gay, Graham Dawber, Will Matthews, Mick Sigamoney 21-10

Rink 6: Paul Foley, Craig Baker, Don Leach, John Graham 18-16

After a week when weather has been, what can be described as bloody awful it was good to see the sun once again.

This SHC match was used by the MC Manager as a trial to watch some new faces go through their paces. I would think after this that he has a job on his hands to select a team, so promising were the majority of players on the green today. Leading the charge was Rink 4 with the hirsute Beeson skipping. Clements had a very good game at lead and was backed up well be Fishlock with Staples no being left out. They never gave their opposition a look in being 12-4 up at 10 ends 21-8 at 15 and running out 32-9. The ever reliable Sigamoney on Rink 5 had three players with him determined to show their worth, and I thought Mattews had a fine game. 15-3 at 10 ends was the bedrock of their game. Rink 3 skipped by Morton on his home green had Tindall and Manuel giving good service at the front to give Greenwood the opportunity of some good all round bowls. Bennet skipped Rink 2 and like me was probably singing that old song 'Oh Mr. Porter': his day was not up to his usual standard. Bennett was in excellent form , I must say, Vamvacopoulos's  Rink 1 got off to a good start to be 11-4 up after 10 but let their opposition gradually claw the game back and score the winning single on the last end. Rink 6 as we all know can be tricky and in the early stages Graham's men stumbled being 6-12 down after 15, but a good finish saw them home. This was a good start to this competition and, as I wrote previously sets a problem for MC Manager Candeland in his future selections.

Surrey v Essex @ Wanstead Central 18.5.17 115-98 

Rink 1: Neil Cooper, Roger Lanham, David Candeland, Peter Hunt 9-18

Rink 2: Martin Harbottle, Derek Pearce, Steve Sanderson, Joe Cable 24-15

Rink 3: Stefan Tomm, John Meningen, Graham Dawber, Derek Harvey 7-20

Rink 4: Peter Duncan, Colin Popple, John Tucker, Bill Ayling 23-22

Rink 5: John Mannering, John Hort, John Warren, Peter Marshall 31-14

Rink 6: Dave Hussey, Bill Hudson, Howard Quinnell, Mick Gray 21-9

What is it about the matches against Essex? Our trip to Wanstead was fine, come 1.00pm and the rain started and never relented, same as last season, although we managed to get to 18 ends this time. No wonder we struggle to get a team to play in this fixture. One rink that loved the conditions was Rink 5. Skipped by JVP Marshall they were flying although they let the opposition have a few shots over the last few ends. Gray on Rink 6 also had a good afternoon although he did describe the rink as difficult with the swing on the opposite side to the ditch, most unusual. My view of procedings was marred as I had to sit in the clubhouse but the far side of the green seemed to have the best of it. Ayling's men on Rink 4 struggled early on but managed a narrow win. One thing that can be said for President Harvey's rinks are that when he loses Surrey are sure to have won the game. Lady luck certainly was not on their side as far as Rink 3 was concerned, with wicks and knockups from the opposition going the opponent's way. I am concerned for Cable, the man has not seemed his normal self so far this season. Where are the loud comments, the cheeky cat calls? Rink 2 was quiet for quite a while today although it brightned slightly toward the closing stages as they edged away from their opponents. Hunt on Rink 1 with the Middleton Cup Manager Candeland on the rink, together with SVP Lanham should I would have thought had the Essex four for breakfast, but it proved to be them that got eaten. Common sense came at the 18 end when 48 bedraggled bowlers trooped off to the small changing rooms to dry off. The way this fixture is going it may have to be arranged for indoor!!

Surrey v Devon @ Yeovil 15.5.17  105-119

Rink 1: John Tucker, Jim Roberts, Steve Sanderson, Bill Ayling 26-10

Rink 2: Vernon Smith, Vic Hemmett, Gerry Vincent, Joe Cable 10-26

Rink 3: Martin Harbottle, Colin Popple, Peter Marshall, Peter Hunt 21-18

Rink 4: Roger Lanham, Dave Hill, Derek Harvey, Gordon Beddall 21-25

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Fred Clarke, Edward Dear, Graham Robinson 18-17

Rink 6: Ron Brookbank, Peter Harwood, Dave Sowdon, Derek Clewley 9-23


Well, so much for sunshine! We set off in cloudy, dull conditions to our destination with our coach driver promising sunshine from 1.30pm onwards. Good job he's a better driver than a weather forecaster! Rain, rain rain all day, not heavy but that thin awful rain that gets to you. I must say that the poor start to our day was componded when the President forgot the sweets and the prize for the swindle and arriving at the venue was informed it was Surrey's match. We were also informed that there would be up to ten ladies preparing the food together with two men. and the President had only brought five gifts!! This did not bode well for the match and so it proved. Our third meeting resulted in a loss. Ayling on Rink 1 which was adjacent to the smoking area was well pleased with his three fellow bowlers who set off in great style. Cries of 'oggie, oggie' were heard several times across the green from Roberts. Problem was though at the other side of the green on Rink 6 Clewley's team was being treated to similar treatment by the opposition. The President's Rink 4 had a real tussle with their opposition and if they had not dropped a 5 and 3 in the last few ends would have come away with a win. Debutant Hill had a good steady game and with his tendency to heavy bowls contributed well to the scoring. Hunt's Rink 3 looked early on to be in for a thrashing but some good bowling by all earned them a win at the finish. Rink 5 skipped by Robinson were down for a good part of the match but came back to win by the odd shot. What, oh what, happened to Cable and his men goodness knows. Gone the encouraging cries from Cable, replaced I should imagine by groans as few good things went their way. Relief came as the match finished and we repaired to the clubhouse for tea. Yeovil always put on a good meal, and to the delight of SVP Lanham we were served chicken in a smooth onion sauce!! 

Following the proceddings the President had much pleasure in presenting Dave Hill (Supreme) with his County Badge. Despite the crises a good day for all concerned.

Surrey v SCWBA @ Sutton 14.5.17 120-96

Rink 1: David Bridger, Howard Quinnell, Nigel Whiteman, Bill Ayling 16-15

Rink 2: David Loxton, David Lokkerbol, Mike Platt, Joe Cable 18-19

Rink 3: Colin Popple, Alf Medlin, Graham Dawber, Edward Dear 26-16

Rink 4: Alan Bradshaw, John Bennett, George Hope, John Cocoracchio 23-15

Rink 5: Frank Middleton, Dave walters, Peter Wenmouth, Derek Harvey 14-17

Rink 6: Robin Taylor, Peter Rapley, Bernie Pedersen, Peter Marshall 23-14


What a lovely day, and I must say I am pleased to be out in the sunshine. I am at present staying with SVP Marshall whilst my friend the President has much to do during his year. Unfortunately there is only room for me in the garage, where I am confined whist not on duty for the County, so roll on sunshine! This match certainly had a grudge to it following last season's drubbing from the Ladies, but honour was restored today. Rink 6 surged away at the start but was ggradually brought within a reasonable result by their opponents. Top rink went to Rink 3 skipped by Dear who all outplayed the Ladies four right through. The other four rinks were very close battles. A very intense match on Ayling's Rink 1 was won on the last end. Cable's Rink 2 were in a good position only to drop 9 shots in the last two ends. The President's Rink 4 was a very tight game with, as far as I could see, the Ladies having all the luck. Knock ups and wicks are not the type of shots that players of Surrey play. Theirs is a game of skill in drawing and good positional woods. My personal opinion is that morally the President's Rink took the honours. However the whole match was one where good fellowship and a laugh and a joke were utmost in players minds and to that end bowls was the winner.

Surrey v Cambridgeshire @ Newmarket Avenue 135-104

Rink 1: Bob Archer, Vic Hemmett, Edward Dear, Peter Marshall 18-18

Rink 2: Roger Lanham, Gavin Pocock, Howard Quinnell, Peter Miller 22-18

Rink 3: Dennis Knight, John Randall, Derek Harvey, Trevor Pocock 29-17

Rink 4: Martin Harbottle, Alan Reed, David Candeland, Gordon Beddall 28-9

Rink 5: Peter Duncan, Martin Morris, Steve Danderson, John Warren 13-24

Rink 6: Dave Hussey, Bill Hudson, Bernie Pedersen, Mick Gray 25-18

Oh! the glorious days of summer; the sun shining, a slight breeze and a reasonable green to play on. Such was the team's day to Newmarket. When I say a reasonable green, I might omit Rink 2 due to what appeared to be the resting place of one of the unsuccessful horses from the last race meeting, which provided a jumping off point for bowls travelling up the rink. Despite this the team led by SVP Lanham appeared to have a competitive game with their opponents, despite Skip Miller suffering the agony of a damaged thumb. Mind you a count of 6 and a 5 helped to boost their score. Early on things did not look good with Rink 1 skipped by JVP Marshall 0-12 down but with some good ends they recovered to end all square. Rink 5 skipped by Warren also suffered with a score of 0-19, however as the game moved on they pulled shots back to finish 11 down. Team of the day was Rink 4 with Beddall skipping. They were never in trouble and had a comfortable run to top rink. Hussey leadng for Gray on Rink 6 had a much improved game and some good end rink bowling from the four saw them seal a winning 7 shot advantage.The President's personal tally in the early matches has not seen a win. This match was different, with early ends for Rink 3 in which Randall was playing his first game, going their way they achieved 13 shots, unfortunately staying on that number for a few ends. Everything changed following a count of 6 and the team went on to a comfortable win. Following the match the President had the pleasure of presenting Randall with his County Badge.

Surrey v Dorset @ Poole Park 4.5.17  117- 109

Rink 1: Peter Duncan, Roger Lanham, Jim Mason, Peter Staples 16-23

Rink 2: Tony Bourne, Terry Foote, Peter Marshall, Colin Gray 22-16

Rink 3: Alex Neil, John Tucker, Gordaon Beddall, Bill Ayling 21-21

Rink 4: Roger Rashleigh, Norman Mann, Derek Harvey, Jim Scott 13-22

Rink 5: Howard Quinnell, Paul Manuel, Keith Searle, Peter Hunt 25-15

Rink 6: Roger Tarran, Martin Harbottle, John Warren, Joe Cable 20-12

One day's rest for the team and off on the road again. This time to a County that Surrey have not played for many years. Our journey took us to Poole Park, Dorset a delightful venue overlooking the lake. Venturing into the club house the team were housed in the Ladies Changing Room, where to be fair to everyone, Bourne was requested not to change until last, to allow the rest to attempt to swing the cat! The match was a far more pleasant experience than the heavy conditions experienced at Leamington. Early ends across the board seemed to favour Surrey apart from Staples's four on Rink 1 who were soon in trouble. This did not last and a really good late surge saw them pull back to finish only 7 down. Gray on Rink 2 seemed to have the best of things with Bourne putting up some good leading bowls. Similarly to Rink 1, Rink 4 skipped by Ayling suffered in the opening ends but some good bowls all round saw them finish with a well deserved draw. Rink 5 played well for virtually the whole of the game with luck going their way in tight measures. Cable, out on Rink 6 was quieter than normal, with all four playing steady bowls. Played 2 lost 2, is the President's personal record so far and with this game seemingly in their pocket the rink tripped up when reaching 13 shots. Qualifier Mann playing his first match for the County was an absolute joy to watch, with telling bowls on most ends; pity the rest couldn't emulate him. This bowler will go far, a thought I am sure that crossed Harvey's mind about where his opponents should go! The highlight for the President was to present Mann with his County Badge following the match. A quiet few days before the team venture into Cambridgeshire next Wednesday

Surrey v Warwickshire @ Leamington 2.5.17  116-114

Rink 1: Roger Lanham, Dave Harding, Dave Candeland, Peter Hunt 24-18

Rink 2: Alan Bradshaw, Jim Roberts, Peter Miller, Joe Cable 25-20

Rink 3: Neil Cooper, Roger Tarran, Mike Platt, Gordan Beddall 14-15

Rink 4: Dave Hussey, Martin Morris, Derek Harvey, Brian Cave 12-25

Rink 5: Dennis Knight, Martin Harbottle, Edward Dear, Bill Ayling 25-10

Rink 6: Robin Taylor, Steve Sanderson, Peter Marshall, Nigel Whiteman 16-26

Sense has returned and we are back to proper bowling outdoors with the normal weather for the time of year. The first match for new President Harvey, and what a match to start with. Tight right up until the last wood and a very slim win. I am pleased to be out and about again with the Surrey team following my recent trip to foreign parts. The story of the match is one of aching arms, strained backs and resignation that a hard few weeks lie in front of the team. Rinks 1 and 5 must have felt themselves very lucky to have been on the best of the six, and Rink 5 skipped by Ayling came out on top over their comrades on Rink 1. The way Hunt's rink started a huge winning margin looked on the cards but they gradually allowed their opponents into the game. Cable on Rink 2 was his usual noisy self and with Roberts and his irritating 'oggie, oggie oggie' call were heard throughout the match. Rink 3 with Cooper playing in borrowed socks were unlucky to go down on the last end. Rink 4 skipped by Cave were in their clash for 10 ends before their opponents luck and poor bowling from the President's rink turned the result. It must though be stressed that a score of 4 shots on the 18th end probably won the match for Surrey. Whiteman's Rink 6 struggled for most of the match but did have a spell where they narrowed the gap, but could not contain their opposition. The match was played on C Green and if this is any indication of the conditions to be found on the other four then I have a feeling the Nationals will produce some uncomplimentary comments. That being said the County is off to a winning start played with and against pleasant company. 

Past Presidents v Warwickshire VPBA @ Welford 2.5.17  86-101

Rink 1: Peter Duncan, Bill Hudson, John Tucker, John Southwell 20-25

Rink 3: Colin Clarke: Colin Popple, Graham Robinson, Mick Gray 15-23

Rink 4: Bob Archer, David Smith, Ken Shopland, Derek Pearce 19-20

Rink 5: Tony Bourne, Charles Smith, Dave Walters, Terry Foote 19-16

Rink 6: Keith Atkins, Aga Hassan, Terry Sweeney Howard Quinnell 13-17

Reports from this match were rather sketchy, but with Rink 5 being the only winning rink it is suggested that all players in future partake of ham and eggs before the match to improve their overall game. It was agreed that Bourne who led placed his bowls in excellent short position ready for promotion to a spot nearer the jack.  Unfortunately the biggest loss was by Rink 3, the Presidents rink although by his own admission Gray felt he saved the day for his rink. A losing start unfortunately but as we know the only way is up!

Bert Bowler's Holiday trip to Albufeira

Well the new season is upon us as I write my first report of 2017. Not really a County event but I thought you might like to know how my holiday jaunt to Portugal with members of Purley Bury, Purley, Hook & Southborough, Castle Carey (Somerset) and Worcester went.

It was a treat to have the President Derek Harvey with the group and I must admit that he provided some of the memorable events during the week! Firstly he suggested I might like to share the taxi to Gatwick on the 20th, and of course as these things go, the taxi was late. Arrival at the airport to book our cases in should have been easy with pre-booked boarding passes but oh no, that would be too simple. The President's case went through twice and he was charged £35 for an extra case!!

There is not much that can go wrong when enclosed in an aircraft and we landed safely. Travel Rep. there to meet us at Faro and away we go on the coach to our hotel. John Tucker had arranged four matches during the week, and the first was on carpet, no problem there then, except that chasing a stray wood heading for the next rink the President pulled up sharply and sustained an injury. Later that day I accompanied him to the local hospital clinic!! It could of course only happen to him that on sitting down to talk to the doctor we discovered that the man did not speak English! 3 hours later we emerge with a suspected Kidey infection, a prescription and 1 Euro poorer for the purchase of the sample pot!!

The rest of the week passed by with no major incidents and the group were successful in all four matches. The day for departure dawned wet and chilly and we were looking forward to our return home...............except, the return Boarding Passes are nowhere to be found, goodness is the President to be marooned in Portugal? Tour Rep. solves problem and we set off for Faro airport, get there too early and have to go around the check-in queue twice to kill time!

Flight called, all set for home; why are there 4 burly policemen getting on to our plane? It appears that a man on the inbound flight has pinched the bottom of a stewardess and the police have been called. Cabin crew off to the police station to make statements.

One and a half hours later we are at last on our way...............goodbye Portugal!

22nd December - President v SCIBA @ Croydon  91-132  (2-6)

Rink 1: Colin Clarke, Peter Marshall, Joe Cable, Trevor Pocock 12-23

Rink 2: Peter Duncan, Aga Hassan, Bernie Pedersen, Jim Scott 19-20

Rink 3: Tony Bourne, Derek Harvey, David Candeland, John Graham 10-27

Rink 4: Graham Dawber, Bill Ayling, Roger Lanham, Paul Vamvacopoulos 25-12

Rink 5: Robin Taylor, Terry Foote, Howard Quinnell, Peter Hunt 7-34

Rink 6: Edward Dear, Steve Sanderson, John Cocoracchio, Phil Clark 18-16

Well here we are again into a new season with the usual match v the indoor, and would you believe it, the score in points is the same as last season and there is only a 4 shot difference from then. The game was a two part affair with the gap of around 30 shots maintained for three quarters of the ends and then the indoor gradually eased away. Leading lights for the outdoor were Rink 4 with Vamvacopoulos skipping a very good four. SVP Lanham had an excellent game as the raucus cheering each time he bowled announced. Clark's men on Rink 6 had a very tight game with each side keeping the scores level for almost all of the 21 ends. It must be said that Clark, having been the last to arrive and almost late, left it late to take the win. Rink 2 skipped by Scott were unlucky to just fall short of the win going down by a single shot. Rink 3 handicapped as it was by having the President at two were in the most part outbowled by the opposition, although Graham produced some nice bowls. They did however manage to get into double figures. Rink 1 did their best to contain the opposition but finished 11 shots off the pace. Bringing up the rear was Rink 5 whose members were certainly not shown any Christmas spirit by their opposition. That's about the best I can say. 

We draw a curtain on 2016 and I take the opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and a really great New Year.

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