Area Two Division 4 - 2 Wood(cancelled)

List of Competitors for 2 Wood in Division 4 Saturday 5th May(cancelled)

Due to the Middleton Cup trail being held on the 5th May Division 4 competitors are being combined with Division 3. All competitors to assemble at Southey BS on Saturday 12th May by 9am when the draw will be held.


207 S Clarke CH

209 M Harding CH

211 M McDonagh CH

228 R Tindall ES                                                  WINNERS

236 G Clarke HS

245 R Brown SB                                                   2A R Tindall Esher  (B)

246 G Newby SB

247 A Banks WA                                                   2B R Dodds Southey  (UB)

251 Adam Clarke WY

252 C Souter WY

253 Joseph Tindall WY

254 Jamie Tindall WY

256 P Tindall WY

257 M White WY

258 M Clements WY

259 I Jenkins WY

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