2018 Surrey Men's Competitions Area 4


                                  AREA FINALS RESULTS


Friday 11th May 2018

       Over 55 Four's at Stoke Park B.C.Guildford Start at 5.30 pm.

       Game 4A.

       Alan Reed Colin Hughes, Alick Boobyer, Martin Wood Mytchett B.C. 12 V

       Norman Crawley Michele Bruno Dave Harding Dave Allen Knaphil B.C.       


       Game 4B.

       Bob Killick Steve Paice Gary Cumper Tony Skinner Woodbridge 

       Hill B.C. 18 V

       Alex Neil Stuart Young Tony Clark Graham Robinson Godalming & Farncombe        

       B.C. 17


Monday 25th June 2018.  at Tongham B.C. Start 6.00pm.




      Game 4A.

       Ian Crook, Barry Jenkins, Gary Clarke, Steve Tuohy Egham B.C. 13 V  

      Anthony Reynolds,(B) Kevin Clarke,(B) Connor Hayes,(B) Callum

      Sharp (B) Old Dean B.C. 27


       Game 4B.

       Ray Merritt,(UB) Micheal Patey,(UB) Peter Dixon,(UB) Dave Allen (B)

       Knaphill B.C. 22 V  Steve Paice, Gary Cumper, Tony Skinner, Steve Kercher

       Woodbridge Hill B.C. 21 (X End)



Tuesday 26th June 2018.  at Old Dean B.C. Start 6.00pm.




       Game 4A

       Robin Street, (B) Graham Street, (B) Marcus Street (B) Knaphill B.C.

       25 V Tony Lewis, Trevor Wheller, Eamon O'Flynn Cranleigh B.C. 14


      Game 4B

      Steve Paice, Tony Skinner, Steve Kercher Woodbridge Hill B.C. 14  V Terry

      Friday, (B) Simon Greenwood (B) Gary Clark (B) Camberley B.C. 19


Wednesday 27th June 2018.  at Cranleigh B.C. Start 6.00pm.


        Unbadged Singles.


        Game 4A

        Alan Alton Old Dean B.C. 15 V Liam Mulcahy (Q) Old Dean B.C. 21


        Game 4B

        Ben Chadwick Stoke Park B.C. 19 V Alan Byrd (Q) Farnham B.C. 21


       Two Wood Singles.


         Game 4A

         Callum Sharp  (B) Old Dean B. C. 15  V  Anthony Reynolds Old Dean B.

         C. 14


         Game 4B

         Mark Jones West End B. C.4  V  Jake Clarke (B) Mytchett B. C. 17



         Eamon O'Flynn (B) Cranleigh B. C. 21 V Rodney Morrison Merrow

         Village B. C. 6


Thursday 28th June 2018.   at Knaphill B.C. Start 6.00pm




         Game 4A

         Stuart Young, Tony Clark Godalming & Farncombe B.C. 13 V Mark Jones,

         (B)Mark Dunne (B) West End B.C. 29


         Game 4B

         Terry Osgood,(B) Rob Edwards (B) Albury B.C. 24 V Tony Woolf, David

         McCallumCamberley B.C. 22


Friday 29th June 2018. Milford B.C. Start 6.00pm.




         Game 4A

         Matt Short (B) Old Dean B.C. 22 V Graham Street Knaphill B.C. 20


         Game 4B

         Eamon O'Flynn (B) Cranleigh B.C.21  V Neil Callingham Wonersh B.C.



Friday 6th July 2018. at Milford B.C. Start 6.00pm


         Champion of Champions.        

         Graham Street Knaphill B. C. 21 V Bob Killick Woodbridge Hill B.C. 16


Results Reporting Procedure:


By phone to 01428 684855 by 10.00pm.

Text and Email results are no longer exceptable.

Failure to follow results procedure will result in disqualification.


Please note: Results for the Area Top Fours Competition go to Howard Quinnell 01483 480709


Note: Competitiors in team competitions must retain there signed score cards while in the competition as these MUST be handed in at Area Finals


                            Draw for Area Finals.




               Game 4A                7B     v    7A

               Game 4B                8B     v    8A


Unbadged Singles:


               Game 4A                 7A    v     7B

               Game 4B                 8B    v     8A




               Game 4A                  8B   v    7B

               Game 4B                  8A   v    7A




              Game 4A                   7A    v    8B

              Game 4B                   8A    v    7B


Competitions Secretary: Arthur Robins.

phone to 01428 684855

Address: 11 Woodberry Close, Chiddingfold GU8 4SF

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